Changingnames is a female fronted rock band from San Diego that prides itself on writing and producing all of their own work in the classic DIY fashion.


Changingnames is a local San Diego rock band that has been pushing the limits of their own abilities since 1998. A definite family affair, the band consists of husband and wife Shannon and Todd, along with their brother Geoff and very close friend Ryan. The band draws on many artists and genres for influence and inspiration, but perhaps the most on melodic hard rock acts such as Tilt, Tracy Bonham, Evanescence and the like. The mission of Changingnames has been the same since inception...... to create music free from the confines of commercial music structures and genre sterotypes. The band has played countless shows in many of San Diego's fine venues including The Casbah, Canes Bar & Grill, and Dreamstreet. Changingnames has also produced 2 full length cd's on thier own independent label called Fort Records, a name arising from the band's very peculiar method of tracking instruments inside of a "tent-like" structure in the comforts of their home studio. The band has been working tirelessly on their 3rd full length cd which is due out in December of 2005. Be on the lookout



Written By: Shannon Dulawan

The chill from your shoulder
The ice cold of your stare
it's been a one year winter
I wonder if you care
This house should have become
the comfort of our home
both sitting here together
so close but all alone

I'm too old to pretend
You're too young to understand

If I would have made the sacrafice
and played along
would my current guilt subside

So it seems to come down to this
Battle of property
"that's mine!" "This is yours!"
Can we share my misery?
These magic words you wanna hear
Leave a lonely echo in my ear
If I call them out to you
Would it make you stay?

I only want for you to stay!

(Extended chorus)
If I would have made the sacrafice
and played along
Would my current guilt subside?

I let you walk right out of my life
it could have been
Easier to watch you die....


Written By: Shannon Dulawan

What ever happened to the days of old when the worst thing kids ever did in school was pass notes and chew gum?


...and now they bring their guns!
See their classmates run!
And now they bring their guns!
To execute authority!


Bumpy Road - 1st full length cd released in 2000. 16 tracks all available at

Duplicity - 2nd full length cd released in 2002. 10 tracks also available at

Set List

Most of the time, our set is tactfully arranged to be as close to 40 minutes as possible. On average, we play from 8 to 11 songs total depending on the constraints of the given show and venue. We are as flexible as can be though. We have enough material to play for hours, but are also ok with reducing our set to 30 minutes or less in a jam packed show with lots of bands pressed for time. We have been known to play a cover song on occasion. We have done highly altered versions of Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper, Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boing, and Message In A Bottle by The Police. At times, we also string together a handful of small segments of various covers to form a single song medly. Our emphasis is on original songs.