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"Victory Channel One (4.5 star rating)"

THE SECOND E.P. by Ottawa's Channel One is a skillful and heartfelt offering of alternative rock. Victory easily stacks up against- if not surpasses- the recorded work of just about any other rock band on the scene.

The music created by bassist Chris Ferris, guitarist Matt Cook and drummer Dan Stadnicki skillfully contrasts quieter passages with louder ones throughout the four songs, and they have an exceptional singer in Corey Norris. It's refreshing to hear a vocalist for whom "emo" doesn't mean "out of tune"

The appropriately named Victory is definitely a winner from start to finish.

Channel One will be appearing at Lansdowne Park Aug. 19 as part of the Ex's musical program.
- Andrew Carver - The Ottawa Sun

"Okay. Awsome"

Right off the bat, this got me. Awesome. I have only heard the intro up to this point. Im a huge fan of this kinda music, and you guys got some awesome riffs goin on here. And how you switch things up from chorus back into verse is kill. Awesome melodies and just great sound, emotional, everything is crazy good about this song. Id like to see you guys live. My friend is rockin with right now.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Production, Melody, Originality.

- Adamant
Langley, British Columbia, Canada
August 26th, 2003 -

"Best song I've reviewed yet."

First off, the first thing I liked about this song is that it's the first song I've reviewed that I like. They do sound close to Mad at Gravity, but not many bands sound like that so these guys can get away with it. They have a simple order to the song, but can still make it sound good. Overall, I would have to say that this band has a whole lot going for them. Cheers.

Extra Credit: Mood.

- shaneg018
Hudson, North Carolina
October 17th, 2004 -

"It ain't over til it's over!!!"

Vocals set the mood immediately, smooth melodious, reminds me of fuel. Yes, the chorus just kicked in, full sounding. The beat is driving and the guitars are plentiful, nice tones on the chorus guitars. The only thing I would suggest to improve on is the sound quality, maybe the higher frequencies got lost in the compression conversion. Sounds great otherwise, I'd pay to go see this show live. Hope this review helped, the ethics.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Melody, Beat, Mood, Most Rocking Track.

- TheEthics
El Paso, Texas
September 17th, 2004 -

"Rock Band Promotes Album Online"



What did independent bands do before the Internet?

It's a question Corey Norris, Chris Ferris and Matt Cook - collectively known as the Ottawa rock band Channel One - contemplated recently prior to the launch of their first full-length album Living Through Battles.

It's an album they're trying to promote and sell solely through their MySpace page at And as singer Norris explains, it's a simple - if not entirely fruitful way to get an album out there.

"We're thankful for the power of the Internet, and it's great when we get hits and comments from people in Australia and Japan, but we're actively shopping our record to distributors and labels too because we just want it to be a success," says Norris.

Like many unsigned bands, the local group has had its share of challenges since forming in the spring of 2002, not the least of which has been an inability to keep a drummer.

Since October, the band has tried working as a trio. And despite the added challenge of not having the full-band sound in rehearsal, things have been going smoothly.

"It was tough not having a drummer for six months, but it gave us the chance to start over fresh," says Ferris, the band's bassist.

To record their album they recruited friend Ryan Barkwell, drummer for recently defunct
Toronto band Idle Sons. And though Barkwell certainly fits in, Norris says he's not yet sure if he will become the band's full-time drummer.

"When we write a song I know what Matt's going to play or what Chris is going to play because we have it down to a science and maybe that's why drummers don't work for us because the three of us are so connected that way," explains Norris.

Barkwell will also join the threesome for their ongoing tour with Gilby Clarke, former Guns N' Roses guitarist and current member of the TV show turned musical outfit Rock Star Supernova. Norris says the band is thrilled to have the opportunity.

“Touring independently can be rough but when you’re touring with an artist who has that established name to bank on there’s less sleeping in our van, and more chances to get our music out there.”
- Ottawa Metro



Ottawa band fought through lineup changes, lawsuits and studio closures

Surviving member changes, lawsuits and studio closures all in the same year would cause enough stress for most bands to call it quits.

Ottawa’s alternative rock band Channel One, however have preserved and rather than dwell on the past, they choose to make songs. Having toured with Rock Star: Supernova guitarist/ex-Guns N’ Roses member Gilby Clarke in the Spring, Channel One have hit the Canadian road again with Storm Large and The Balls. This time they are also playing the smaller cities and towns, including Thunder Bay.

Channel One open for Storm and The Balls on July 16 at Kilroy’s with locals Andrew Edwards Band, Fireside Seminar and Twist of Fate in an all-ages show. Vocalist/guitarist Corey Norris says, “I’m excited to see your city”.

SPOT: What is your personal definition of the word music?

COREY NORRIS: It’s life. I can’t imagine myself not doing it. It’s a part of my everyday life. It’s so emotional you can touch anyone with it even if they speak a different language. People can relate to it.

SPOT: Why Channel One?

COREY NORRIS: I’m so used to the band name, and when we write songs it just feels like Channel One. It’s really not the name of the band,it’s the music that defines the name. We’ve been Channel One since 2002.

SPOT: Hailing from Ottawa, how do you view the local scene?

COREY NORRIS: It's improving. There's a local radio station that's helping local bands out. They embrace Channel One. For hometown shows we get our friends out and we've amassed a bit of a following. It's difficult to playa show in your hometown, you feel more vulnerable. You can let your hair down in other cities.

SPOT: How did you recruit drummer Ryan Barkwell, formerly of Idle Sons, who's played Thunder Bay several times?

COREY NORRIS: We played shows with Idle Sons and we got to know them. Ryan was actually the member we got to know the least. We needed to find someone to do the drums for the album_ He was free and now we're on tour.

SPOT: "Living Through Battles" is your debut album. What can you tell me about the title?


2007- "Lost Inside You/August" Single
2007-"Living Through Battles"
2003-"Victory EP"
2002-"Channel One EP"



Living Through Battles, a phrase quite deservingly owned by Channel One. The band has undergone line-up changes, lawsuits, studio closures and yet remained focused on the one thing that kept them driving forward - music. Staring in the eye of defeat, Channel One has soldiered on.

Channel One was formed by song-writing duo Corey Norris(Vocals/Guitar) and Matt Cook(Guitar), in the spring of 2002. The duo were joined by bassist and back-up vocalist; Chris Ferris and thus Channel One was born. Channel One's music has always been classified as emotional music with a heavy edge. Corey's unmistakable vocal power and Matt's haunting melodies combined with a thunderous rhythm section that has always captivated audiences throughout Canada and abroad.

In 2003, Channel One completed work in Los Angeles on the band's first release, the Victory EP. The EP brought the band across Canada, and garnered critical acclaim as well as widespread industry attention. Channel One's music has been featured on American extreme sports DVD's and received praise from such radio stations as 102.1 The Edge in Toronto. But in 2005, the band found itself without a drummer. In early 2006 Channel One found a replacement, only to have the studio where the band was working to close. The band was forced to halt production on their debut album.

In the summer of 2006, Channel One was introduced to Producer Murray Daigle (Sum 41/Not By Choice/Cauterize), and the band instantly developed an amazing working relationship. The tracks for the album were chosen and the trio set off to Toronto to complete the recording, with Idle Sons alumni Ryan Barkwell on the drums.

Living Through Battles was released in April of 2007, since then Channel One toured across Canada with Storm Large from Rock Star: Supernova and Gilby Clarke converting many new fans along the way. The album has gotten many positive reviews from the media and fans alike as well as modest plays on radio stations across Canada. "Lost Inside You" has made it to the Top 5 on college radio, while "August" has just cracked the Top 20.

In the past Channel One has played with Priestess, Idle Sons, State of Shock, David Usher, Ill Scarlet, Dilana, Brown Brigade, Magni, The Salads, Social Code, Ryan Star, Wil, Greg Neufeld and most recently Storm Large, Lukas Rossi & Gilby Clarke's Canadian Tour. The band continues the Living Through Battles campaign with a stop at the MTV VMA After-Party, a U.S. tour, and another leg of Lukas Rossi's Canadian Tour.