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"Hot Press - Live Review"

“They create a beautiful tumult, all scrawling synth, insistent rhythms, corrosive guitar and narcotised vocal: Channel One are tuned to the strangest frequencies”
- Hot Press - Feb '07

" - Permissions EP Review"

“their debut single "Accelerate ; Brake" was one of the Secret Tips of 2006. Now the "permissions EP" emerges as the successor, echoing shoegazing titans such as My Bloody Valentine, only to transform them into sleek, silver sci-fi sound and create five new, slick, brilliant songs. Awesome!” - (Germany) - Feb 07

"Hot Press - EP review"

“considering this is their debut EP, Channel One are looking pretty clever to me right now. 'Rhythm and Purpose' may be Permissions' out-right winner, but all five tracks are of a very high calibre”
- Hot Press - Feb ‘07

"Culture Mag - EP Review"

“Heavy, angular synths, splintered kraut-rock guitars and modulated vocals are all weaved into the cyber-chewing soundscapes of Dublin’s Channel One. Their sci-fi lullabies are infused with a raw punk spirit, music which manages to sound simultaneously filmic and familiar whilst remaining disturbingly alien”

"Connected Mag - EP review"

“Channel One do rock/electronica on an epic level…Their music is sublime and the new EP is a masterclass of the genre”
- Connected Magazine - Feb ‘07

" - EP Review"

“a cracking collection of overwhelming melodies layered tastefully over pounding beats… this is quality electronic-infused rock music - think M83 jamming with Depeche Mode. Or something.. Whatever, just download the tunes, they’re bloody good”
- (Best Music Blog, Irish Blog Awards ’07) - Feb 07

"The Star - Single Review"

“A delightful electro-pop epic from the hot Dublin band… melancholic and uplifting at the same time, it has soaring synths above minimal drum machine patterns and funky bass. Equally irresistible instrumental b-side, Fun Radio, adds caustic guitars to the mix”
- The Star April ’06

"Road Records - Permissions EP Review"

“The EP opens up with a rush of electro tinged new wave like some hybrid of kraftwerk and gang of four… there is also some very fine shoegazing sounds with huge blasts of layered guitars taking over in a similar style to mogwai… There is plenty of pure originality here… its damn fine stuff” - Road Records - Feb ‘07


Channel One CDs and Vinyl/Records are available on the Channel One shop
SFR 009
Permissions EP
SFR - 2007
1. Rhythm and Purpose
2. Beneath a Field of Steel
3. These Roads
4. Pushing

SFR 006
Accelerate; Brake
SFR - 2006

A: Accelerate;Brake
B: Fun Radio

SFR 003
Violation EP
SFR - 2006

The Things - Demon Stomp
Channel One - Not For The Last Time
Humanzi - Fix The Cracks (Channel One Remix)



Formed in 2002 and launched on the live circuit in 2004 Channel One have steadily churned out live show after live show of intense, dramatic and emotive electro-rock. Purveyors of a sound fusing the energy and rawness of punk and the complexity and fragility of modern electronic music, Channel One have already built a strong reputation as a tight and imposing live act. With songs that range from the startlingly poignant to those built upon unabashed dance beats, Channel One have already amassed an impressive following and respect throughout the Dublin Underground music scene from music fans and fellow performers akin.

The band build on an impressive wall of noise; Fusing live guitars, bass and drums with samples, synths,drum machines and deep vocals. For those who still believe that any electronic music lacks emotion, Channel One proves otherwise.

Channel One follow on from their two previous vinyl only releases of "Not for the Last Time" and "Accelerate:Brake/Fun Radio" with their debut EP "Permissions" this February. The self financed release was written, recorded and produced by the band in the Autumn of 2006, it will be distributed through Sound Foundation Recordings.