Burbank, California, USA
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My roommates in college were White, Black, Latino. We looked like a US Army brochure and I was The Asian. Its not about size, its about surprise! We start small and then bam! We do math. QUICK! People think Asians are born smart at math, as if we come out of the womb, "Calculus is so easy!"


Stand up
PK has performed for ten years at The World Famous Laugh Factory, Improv, Comedy Store, Icehouse, and Flappers. He has performed stand up comedy in over 100 universities across the United States.

Showing Up
He was the Grand Prize Winner of The Uncle Clyde's Comedy Cup at The Pasadena Icehouse sponsored by H2F Productions, which featured 100 comedians and he took first place.

Following Up
He is the founder and Exec. Director of a non profit organization and annual talent show called Kollaboration, which now in its 14th year, draws over 16,000 people annually in fourteen cities.

He is also the Co-founder of LiNK, Liberty in North Korea, a non profit organization dedicated to bring awareness to the needs of North Korean refugees.

In 2012, He was invited to The White House as a Champion of Change for his contributions to the community.

Growing up
PK stands for Paul Kim and Preacher's Kid. (Preacher's Kids = Problem Kids) He was born and raised in the rough streets of south central Burbank, California. Burbank is Johnny Carson's hood, his earliest inspiration in comedy.


1. Prokreating Ideas - Comedy Album
2. Guiltfree - Comedy Album

Set List

60 min. set. Hard hitting, witty, self deprecating, inspirational, and comical.