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Chantal Hackett

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Chantal Hackett is a singer/songrwitter specializing in Adult Contemporary/Popular music. Her sound is a mix between Kelly Clarkson and Adele. Her goal in 2013 is to release her third album featuring heartfelt lyrics acoustic melodies.


Chantal Hackett is a multi-talented singer/songwriter of incredible versatility.

The soul of this young artist can be heard in each song that she sings, and her complete mastery of singing is remarkable. Her charm, poise and astonishing talent, just gets stronger with each and every performance.

Chantal has enjoyed classical training in voice, piano and guitar and has spent her life immersed in the exciting world of pop, hip-hop and funk.

In 2006 she released her first CD, a six-song Christmas collection featuring the incredibly beautiful original, My City at Christmas. She went to release her second album “Decision” in 2009 and is currently putting the finishing touches on her upcoming CD, scheduled for release in summer 2013. Her new single is called “Still Breathing Without You.”


Still Breathing Without You

Written By: Alex Lacasse & Chantal Hackett

Still Breathing Without You

Verse 1:
It's been a while since I felt this alone,
I'm screaming for help but nobody's ever home,
Tell me why, why did you leave me alone like this?

So many promises you said that you'd keep,
Said you'd always be there waiting for me,
I'm so hurt, is this what I deserve?
I put my heart on the line and watch you throw it in the dirt.

Don't hold your breath,
I'm never coming back,
We all gotta live with the choices were makin,
You made your bed,
Now you gotta sleep in it.
Cuz without you I'm starting to see that,

Since you walked away I'm better off without you,
No matter what you say there's nothing you can undo,
Maybe I should be thanking you for what you've done to me,
I can't believe,
I'm still breathing without you.
I can hear my heart still beating now it's set free,
Even though I'm hurt there's still some love inside me,
I couldn't breathe with you,
You had me turning blue,
I can't believe,
I'm still breathing without you.

Verse 2:
Never imagined you could hurt me this bad,
Thought your love was something I deserved to have,
You're not worth it, oh you're not worth it
And someday I'll find somebody better than you.


I'm still breathing without you


2006: My City At Christmas
2009: Decision