Chantal Ranger

Chantal Ranger


Chantal Ranger: Urban Acoustic / Groove Jazz


A sultry voice, musing lyrics, combined with a chic flair and original panache for music have made Chantal Ranger a vibrant presence in the Montreal music scene.

Her very personal urban acoustic sound, layered with an ever-present modern lounge, jazz, cabaret feel to both French and English songs, all blend to portray who Chantal Ranger is: A bilingual cultural fusion of theatre, poetry and music.

Chantal's roots and formal training started with the Latin jazz ensemble, 20 First Century Modern, as a back vocalist before making her debut as lead vocalist in musical acts such as Sun Freezing Cold, Big Bad Band and Insteady, all of which she contributed to and collaborated with as a writer. Over the years, she has explored many musical genres ranging from rock to funk, or pop to jazz, allowing her to discover and appreciate each genre for its distinctiveness.

After years of writing, recording, and performing in various clubs and music venues in Montreal and beyond, she decided to further her musical education by studying sound design at Musitechnic, followed by Jazz Singing at the McGill Conservatory of Music. She also studied two vital instruments: the guitar and percussions. As a outcome of all this diversity, Chantal has fused her experience & education to not only shape and enhance her music compositions and writing, but has allowed her to develop her unique style to the genre of modern jazz lounge that is sharp, refined, and oh so original.

Chantal is currently writing and collaborating with Montreal-based musician Sari Dajani who will also be producing her debut album. She has acquired distribution with Bros. Productions and is planning to launch the album in Spring of 2007.

Her performance at ’les Nuits de Montréal, which is part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, started in 2001 and was a success. It has since followed through with a 2004 and 2006 performance, giving her a strong position within the Montreal jazz music scene.

“Fitting strong lyrical poise into a well-constructed musical framework, while also creating an ambiance that makes each song significant, is my musical mission. My ongoing objective leads me to experiment with different styles without prejudice, in search of the perfect musical ‘fit’ to my lyrics.”

Set List

Original Material + Jazz Standards
2 sets of 1hr15 min or 3 sets of 45 min.