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Manhattan Beach, California, United States | SELF
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"Australian singer and actress, Chantelle Barry releases her new Cd "Songbird" on itunes"

Singer and Actress, Chantelle Barry from Australia has just released her amazing new cd "Songbird", featuring the hits "You" and "Simple Things". Produced by Scott Whyte, "Songbird" showcases the amazing songwriting and vocal abilities of Chantelle Barry, who recently had her Cd launch at The Mint in Los Angeles. Chantelle rose to fame on the Australian TV show "Popstars" alongside Sophie Monk back in 2000 and relocated to Los Angeles to further her music and acting career and has appeared on such shows as "90210", "How I Met Your Mother", "Entourage" and the box office smash "Couples Retreat", starring Vince Vaughn. Chantelle is receiving rave reviews for her music including from her friend and mentor, Lionel Richie, who says she is "The Best Kept Secret".

Since being in LA, Chantelle has performed to sold out crowds at venues such as Hotel Cafe, Genghis Cohen, The Cat Club and more. She has also won several awards for her songwriting skills and her songs "Love Someone" and "Take a walk with me" will feature in several movies this year. When back in Australia, Chantelle enjoys spending time with her family in Perth and appears onl Australian TV shows "Sunrise" and "Good Morning Australia". Acting wise, Chantelle can be seen next, starring alongside Casper VanDien in the new Kevin VanHook film "Jason and the Necronauts", playing Queen Medea.

Her new cd Songbird is a definite must have to add to your collection and can be purchased via itunes at:

Chantelle continues to perform with her band on the LA circuit promoting her new Cd and her music can be heard on several radio shows in the US. Not bad for a girl that came all the way from Australia!
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"Chantelle Barry’s “Songbird” Brings Us Sunshine!"

Morning the World! Spring is practically over and everyone is waiting for sunny summer – enthusiastic as never before! But, of course, we don’t forget our best friend-music-so I’m writing about “Songbird”, the new album release from Chantelle Barry. This new release is light and “transparent” for listeners – ideal music for those who want to find their zen and melt in the spirit of spring and freedom. The “Songbird” album brings smiles and a positive mood. I strongly recommend this CD for travelers wanting to enjoy the vibes from summer weather and calm music.
Chantelle is an Australian singer-songwriter and actress. She started her career in music, and since, has (in addition to her music) been very involved in television and film. She has won numerous awards and earned fame in across media. She won POPSTARS Australia in 2000, got 1st Place in the UK Songwriting Contest for her song “You”, Top 5 Finalist in Songwriting Universe “Song Of The Month” contest, a 1st and 3rd place in the Song of the Year songwriting contest and Top 10 in the Music Nation online music competition. More than that, she received a “best song” nomination in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for “Love Someone”!

Her career as an actress is successful, but her heart belongs to music. She released her first solo album “Simple Things” in 2009. Its popularity inspired Chantelle to record “Songbird”, written in Pop-Folk style. The thirteen track album is a mix of brand new, and well-known songs. It starts with “Better in Twos” a song that sets apart the personality of singer and delivers a strong message to listeners of the albums’ spirit and ideas. “Better in Twos” is followed by very light song called “Fly Away” inspiring us to think less about everyday chores and problems in order to follow adventures. One of the highlights of this album is the track “Love Someone”. It’s full of emotions and feelings. This song has been praised by both listeners and critics.
“None of Yours” and “Take a Walk With Me” are very different from each other, but the combination of the two brings about a sense of being complete. The positive wave shifts to the slow, melodic and simply pleasant “Day by Day”. I was surprised by “ Like You Do”. It’s a track that brings a bit of the Pacific islands to mind with sound elements of island guitar and ukulele to spread the spirit of holidays and peace that I personally like a lot. Another track delivering some of the same uplift is “You”- the reggae-style chorus helps us feel the sun even while we’re in our flats and offices!
“Drive” differs from all the other tracks. It is a song with fantastic energy and very melodic sound. Chantelle’s mild voice brings sensitivity and feminine mildness. The last track on the album is “I Remember”. It will melt you to the end. Totally peaceful and harmonious, the song leaves a pleasant footprint in our hearts.
I strongly recommend this album, as well as earlier recordings from this talented musician. For everyone who is looking for summer-style songs with meaning and true quality, “Songbird” is the CD. These songs bring the sun and smiles supporting the holidays. And not to worry, when the time comes, the music will warm you up on a cold winter evening! Enjoy Chantelle Barry’s “Songbird” and if you can catch her live – go for it!
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"Australia’s Chantelle Barry releases new CD “Songbird”"

Chantelle Barry is a singer and actress from Australia, who has been performing since she was 7 years old. Her big break came in 2000, when she was chosen to be in the Australian TV series Popstars in an all girl group, alongside Sophie Monk, who also gained notable success from the show.

Chantelle was offered several opportunities from being on Popstars, including being chosen to model in FHM Magazine- a famous Australian men’s magazine. After working in Australia, Chantelle decided to pack her bags and head to the bright lights of LA to further her career in music and acting and hasn’t looked back since.

To date, Chantelle has appeared in: “How I met Your Mother ”, “Entourage”, “90210”, the “Paul Reiser Show”, appeared in the feature film, “Couples Retreat” starring Vince Vaughn, and Kanye West‘s music video “Jesus Walks”.

Staying in shape is also a major part of Chantelle’s life as she lives in Manhattan Beach and attributes jogging on the beach to helping with her vocal performances and stress levels. Being in the entertainment industry can be very demanding and that is why Chantelle keeps a level head and her close friends and family in her life, to help keep her grounded.

Chantelle has just released her new album “Songbird” on itunes, which includes the hits “Simple Things”, “You” and many other catchy and melodic songs. The album showcases Chantelle’s amazing voice and songwriting abilities, which could be compared to the likes of Shania Twain or Natalie Imbruglia. “Songbird” was co-written and produced by Actor/Musician Scott Whyte, who is also a member of Chantelle’s band. Most recently Chantelle had her official album release at The Mint in LA, which received amazing reviews and a huge turnout. Growing up in Australia, some of Chantelle’s biggest influences in music have been Sade, Doris Day, Elvis Presley, Tina Arena and John Farnham. Chantelle counts friend Lionel Richie as one of her biggest inspirations and mentors in the industry and he has been quoted as saying “Chantelle is the world’s best kept secret- long overdue”.

When back in Australia, Chantelle has appeared on “Good Morning Australia”, as well as “Sunrise” and has toured with her band in several cities. Chantelle has performed in LA, in venues such as Hotel Cafe, The Cat Club, Ghengis Cohen and more. Chantelle’s songwriting skills have earned her in 1st Place at the UK Songwriting Contest for her song “You” which is currently being played on the radio in the mid west, a Top 5 Finalist in the Songwriters Universe “Song Of The Month” contest, a 1st & 3rd place in the Song of the Year songwriting contest and a Top 10 spot in the Music Nation online music competition. Chantelle was also nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for best song for “Love Someone” & “Take a walk with me” which have both been placed in several films this year.

Acting wise, Chantelle was recently cast in the new Kevin VanHook movie”Jason and the Necronauts” playing the role of Queen Medea opposite Casper VanDien, which is set to be released in the near future. For Chantelle, the highlight of her career so far, was her role in the independent movie “Thunder Geniuses”, where she formed a special friendship with a lot of the cast members from the film and has remained close friends with them including meeting her creative partner, Scott Whyte, who also appeared in the film. The most wonderful attributes that stand out about Chantelle is her kind heart, passion for helping others and her down to earth Australian attitude that has helped her to be in the position she is in today. You can also find Chantelle as a featured artist on the well known music site “RealMagicTV”, alongside the likes of Lady Gaga and Maroon 5.

Chantelle’s amazing new album “Songbird” is available to purchase through itunes at: - LA's The Place

"Songbird- Chantelle Barry"

“Songbird” has has the sultriness of a Sheryl Crow and Shania Twain yet professes the contemporary sensibilities of a Christina Perri while sung in the most mellifluent of vocals that take your heart and mind to places no where short of amazing. All in all an amazing body work with songs repeat ready for anytime of time of day or mood that you’re in. - Why Blue Matters

"Chantelle Barry- The Next Reason Why Blue Matters"

Chantelle Barry- The Next Reason Why Blue Matters
A.L. Roberts

Now while experience is just as unique as the individual though whose life it happens to, as long as there exists a means to express these happenings, art will continue to tell stories that capture time. This in itself is quite remarkable especially because of the multitude of mediums that art encapsulates.

Capturing both her dreams and the attention of all who come in contact with her art, singer, songwriter and also actress, Chantelle Barry leaves her mark on the world. And as she sets forth in pursuit of her passions, she tells of stories that touch the soul.

Allow Chantelle to move you just as she has moved us.

A WBM First Look: Chantelle Barry

Who is Chantelle Barry?

CB: I love this question! Almost makes me want to speak about myself in the 3rd person,…almost. Well aside from the obvious, singer/songwriter/actress, I'm a lot of other things. I'm a great friend, a sister, a daughter, a lover, an activist, a clown (according to my mum), definitely an animal lover (I love dogs).

Where are you from?

CB: I was born & raised in Perth Western Australia. Although it's quite an isolated city I feel like I had quite the opposite of a small town upbringing. My parents were imports, Mum from Italy and Dad from Burma, both very forward thinking and open minded people, so the regular night for me was more than eating meat pies and bbq'ing in the backyard. Though I'm proud to say I had my fair share of that too.


CB: I love to sew and cook. I think the C in my name really stands for creative. I also have a jewelry company with my co-writer/producer Scott Whyte called White Elephant Designs. We design and hand make a lot of cool pieces, mostly made with gemstones. I like to believe that semi-precious stones have a lot of healing power so our catch phrase for the company is "vitamins for the soul". I'm proud of it.

How did you get involved in music?

CB: My Dad was a musician and my big sister started singing when I was about 5 and I just followed in her footsteps. Shortly after my parents enrolled me in a singing and dancing school and bought me my own microphone and it all spiraled upward from there.

When did you know this was something you wanted to pursue?

CB: Music's always felt like a natural career choice for me. When I was 12 I decided I wanted to venture into acting as well so I auditioned for the performing arts scholarship program at the best high school in the city and got accepted. The next 5 years of training was awesome and I think I knew then that being on stage was something I definitely thrived on.

What does it mean to be an artist in 2011?

CB: It's certainly a different ball game than it was years ago when all that mattered was being able to sing and having a hit song. When I first started out I had a major deal with Warner Australia and major label deals were the be all and end all in terms of being a pop star. Now with the decline of organic music on the radio coupled with the incline of do-it-yourself artists, not to mention the amount of twitter fans you have defining your legitimacy (more like popularity) it seems so much better to be an indie artist. So pursuing festivals, college tours & radio stations and of course sync licenses…anything it takes to get you and your music out there.

Describe your style of music.

CB: I don't really know how to put my music into one genre- I'd like to say singer/songwriter pop,..does that genre even exist? But really I have so many influences and pull from all of them. In a perfect world I'd be pop/rock/folk/blues/island/world… a bit of everything would suit me fine.

Do you have a particular message you would like to convey?

CB: Yes! I care so much about spreading awareness, love and self empowerment and I think music presents a key to that door.

Word has it you're working on the follow up to your first LP. How has that process been?

CB: It's been long. Fun, but long. Scott (Whyte) and I spent a big part of last year doing a whole album with great musicians and songs and by the end of it I felt a little burnt out and decided to throw it all away and take a break. This year has been a different story. I've been taking it slower, writing a lot of songs, experimenting with different sounds and styles and working on producing one song at a time as opposed to trying to get an entire album done in one hit, and it's been a lot more gratifying. I also started working with another producer (Michael 'Smidi Smith) so the album will have a nice well rounded sound. I'm finally at a place where I'm loving every song.

Is music your only form of expression?

CB: No, I think being an actress provides me with another outlet for expression. Also I really like to bake when I'm feeling in a rut. A good batch of scones has more healing power than you know!

How do you balance music with what you have going on in the acting world?

CB: I really think they go hand in hand. When things are slow in the music world I usually have a lot going on acting wise and visa versa.

What are some of the things that inspire you?

CB: I do a lot of reading. Self help books (bet ya didn't see that coming, ha), Wayne Dyer, Paulo Coelho, Louise Hay, all great writers who provide a lot of insight and inspiration. I also surround myself with amazing people and they're a constant inspiration. Of course there's the root of it all, my Mum. She's an amazing person who's taught me some invaluable life lessons just by way of example.

Why does what you do matter?

CB: It makes me happy, really happy,… and I believe that happiness is truly the key to a successful and fulfilled life.

What keeps you motivated after all this time?

CB: My stubborn will.

Define success

CB: The meaning has definitely evolved from when I first started. Every time I finish writing or recording a new song, it's success. Getting off stage after a show is success. I just received 2 song placements in films last week, that's success. Waking up every day and deciding to make that day count, that's definitely success. For me, success is about being able to do the things I love while being able to support myself and the people I love.

Biggest Accomplishment?

CB: Not giving up. Even through my lowest times.

What's one thing that many don't know about you?

CB: I make a mean chicken and eggplant curry.

What's next?

CB: Finish the album, release it and work on my live show for the 2012 Canadian Music Festival- I've just been told that I'm an official showcasing and featured artist so I'm pretty excited about going to Toronto and killing it! Plus I've been dying to check out the scene in Canada.

Any advice for those looking to pursue their goals and dreams?

CB: Don't let others influence the things you want. Know what you will and won't do, don't compromise.

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"A Personal Chat With the Very Talented Singer/Songwriter- Chantelle Barry"

Commenting on singer/songwriter and actress Chantelle Barry, Lionel Richie comments ”long overdue,..the best kept secret on the planet”. We couldn’t agree more. We first came to know her through her music – “You” and “Like You Do” (Elvis-like).
She’s intelligent, talented and strikingly pretty. If that isn’t enough, talking with her is just…fun. You come away from meeting her feeling like you have a real new friend. A native of Perth Western Australia, Chantelle Barry won Australia’s version of POPSTARS, earning a coveted spot in the all-girl pop group, Bardot. The group’s debut single, “Poison”, entered the ARIA Singles Chart at 1, where it spent two consecutive weeks, earning a double platinum certification. It became the sixth highest selling single in Australia in 2000, and was the highest selling single by an Australian act that year. Since leaving Australia, she’s lived in London and now resides in Los Angeles.
Chantelle, thanks so much for taking time to talk to us. It’s such a pleasure to chat with you. We know a little bit about you – we know you are Australian, you left Australia to pursue you music and acting career, stopped of in London and now you are in Southern California. Fill in the blanks a bit if you will…how and where did you start your career in music and acting?
CB: I started singing when I was 5 or 6. I sang in a lot of competitions and really loved being on stage. Acting came later. When I was in my last year of primary school my music teacher who was from California, Mr Mike Leaderbrand wrote a musical based on the C.S. Lewis novel ‘The Silver Chair’ and made me the star of it. I was like “Wait, I can act AND sing at the same time?, I’m in!!”. Mr Leaderbrand was a huge inspiration to me. He taught me how to read music and introduced me to a lot of great music like The Beatles and Pink Floyd. My dad was also a musician and an audio engineer so when I wasn’t at school I had my dad teaching me about decibels and country music. Yep, he insisted that if I wanted to be a good singer I needed to be able to sing country, so I had an eclectic style from a really young age.
I went to a performing arts high school and buried myself in theater. I just really had a passion for learning about different techniques and playwrights and loved the idea of becoming a different person to tell a story on stage. I wasn’t a ‘cool kid’ that’s for sure, but I truly believed that everything I was interested in was cool.
When I finished high school I moved to The East coast (Sydney) to study acting and that’s when I really started to get into songwriting. Then I auditioned for a TV show called POPSTARS. It was a making of the band type show, I made the final cut and the rest is a hop, step and a google click away
How do you describe you music – your sound?

CB: That’s always a tough question for me but I think I’d call it ’singer songwriter/pop’. If I had to do a pitch I’d probably say Sade meets Bruno Mars. Old school meets new school. I have a lot of musical influences and I think they all make an appearance in some song or another.
Tell us a bit about your journey from Australia to LA – were you performing along the way?

CB: And what a long journey it’s been!! I’ve always felt like there was more for me out in the world and I felt a little stunted in Australia- for lack of a better word. So I moved to London first, it was an easier transition seeing that there are so many Aussies in the UK, but after 8 months of cold and writing too many songs about being lonely I moved to sunny Los Angeles CA. I’d visited the states before and since I was a little girl I had dreams of one day living here so it seemed like the natural next step for me to take.
Your first CD, Simple Things…tell us about that…what inspired you to do the CD?
CB: Simple Things was my first album and a really big deal for me. Being in a place like LA, it’s easy to get swept away in all the excitement and

Scott Whyte and Chantelle Barry
opportunity, but on the flip side it’s just as easy to feel jaded and to personalize the daily rejections that this industry deals out. So one day I was sitting in my car thinking about my life and my (at the time) evident lack of money and out came the song Simple Things. People really took a liking to the song and it was the first time I’d written something that organic that didn’t come out of me asking “Ok, what do the labels wanna hear? Would this sound good on the radio?”. It resonated because it came from a real place. So a few years later I met a really talented actor/musician on a movie I was working on, by the name of Scott Whyte. He came out to see me perform one night and once he heard my music he wanted to produce an album for me. At the time he was a first time producer so it was a fun and bumpy ride for both of us. The thing about Scott is that he really got my music immediately. He wasn’t wanting to change my style or put beats to my songs- he just wanted to produce something really organic that showed the songs in their best light. And I think that’s exactly what he did.
Now Scott and I are writing partners and have a song that we wrote on hold for the new Footloose movie. Fingers crossed.
Let”s take a few minutes right now to watch your video, “Letting Go”…

We’ve mentioned the support you’ve gotten from Lionel Richie…tell us about how you came to know Lionel and a bit about the direction he has given you.

CB: I met Lionel years ago when I first moved to LA. His manger at the time was trying to sign me (and get into my pants, but that’s a whole other story) and mid meeting in walks Lionel Richie. I tried to play it cool given that he’s an absolute legend and I grew up listening to him on the radio but I think it was obvious that I was really star struck. We immediately clicked. He reminds me a lot of my dad in some ways so early on we established a fun relaxed relationship, and I always fee like he’s someone I can be myself around and really trust. He’s alway given me the most honest advice in regards to my music and he respects the fact that I’m still here pursuing my passion, and admittedly it’s really nice to have that kind of support from someone as like him. He’s a pioneer in the music business. He’s also one of the most generous people I know- when I told him that I was going to make my album Simple Things he bought me an Apple computer completely decked out with all the music programs that we’d need. We’ve talked about me opening for him one day,…that is definitely one of the most exciting prospects I can imagine.
Do you recall a special moment in your career – that memory that keeps you going even when it’s been a really bad day?

CB: When I was just out of high school I auditioned for big show and got really close on it. My mum flew to Sydney with me for the callback and when I didn’t get the part I was so disappointed, but my mum gave me a huge hug, told me how proud she was of me for getting that far and took me to see Showboat that night. I know that no matter what I always have my family and my friends and they love me no matter how successful i am. That is a constant in my life and that keeps me going for sure.
A lot of our young friends dream of going to LA and becoming a star…Be frank, tell us about what’s it’s like to be part of the LA music scene…the great, and maybe the not so great…?

CB: I always tell people to do it because you love it,..because there’s nothing else you wanna do. For me, when I wake up music’s the first thing on my mind and when I go to sleep it’s still there. There are so many ups and downs (welcome to life),…I get a lot of joy from performing live because I know that my music is reaching people immediately, and I love getting letters from people telling me how they could relate to my lyrics or how one of my songs helped them through a breakup. That’s really rewarding. On the not so fun side often it feels like you’re fate is in other peoples’ hands. Waiting for someone to say “yes” , which could be the one yes that changes your entire life. But I think finding a way to say “yes!” to yourself is key. Approval has to start from within, and I’m still learning that.
You seem to have your finger in a lot of different pots. Do you get much free time to pursue other passions?
CB: I try to stay really busy. Kind of like the concept of throwing a bunch into the air and seeing what sticks, ya know. I recently performed at the NAMM conference at the Sennheier booth and received an awesome endorsement deal with them . I couldn’t be happier, especially since this satisfies my microphone fetish As a result of that Scott and I made a cool making of video where that showcases my songwriting process from start to finish featuring Sennheiser gear. The company loved the video so much that they’re now going to put the video on their home page. Making the video was fun.
I also just became the face of a new skincare lone called KEVO Naturals ( I have really sensitive skin and this product is amazing. It’s made from all natural ingredients like certified organic shea butter blended with jojoba and essential oils,..and having a free life time supply isn’t a bad deal!
What’s next for you? We know you are working with Gerry Ceagle…what do you two have planned?

CB: Believe it or not I met my music manager Gerry on Facebook. (I will NEVER talk sh*#t about an online social network again!) He’s managed some really amazing artists, has an impressive career as a radio programmer for many years, and above all he’s a real fan of my music. At the moment we’re shopping to major labels. It’s been a weird time for me because I’m such a proactive person and have a difficult time not being in control of my career (ha, clearly I chose the wrong business), so I had to take a lot of my content down from websites and online stores and haven’t been pursuing the same opportunities that I usually do just because we’re waiting for labels responses. I think the biggest frustration for me is that it seems like major labels wanna find the next big ‘unique’ thing but no-one’s really willing to take the risk on someone that doesn’t sound familiar or like an artist that already on the radio. I trust Gerry though and I trust my own instincts so at this point it’s just a waiting game. Maybe I’ll try to master the art of patience in the meantime
I always have to ask my friends…who is your hero?

CB: I have a couple. Judy Garland for sure. That is a woman who took so much crap from the industry from such a young age- she wasn’t pretty enough or skinny enough or whatever, and she never quit. There was something so beautifully melancholy about her and yet everytime I listen to her singing I feel so happy. What a gift.
My other hero is hands down my mother. An amazingly strong woman who didn’t have much growing up in terms of material wealth, but she has never let her circumstances define who she is. My mum is one of those rare people that lives by example. Not to mention the fact that she made every costume of mine when I performed as a kid and has done nothing but support me and every crazy idea I’ve ever had. I’m very lucky. Oh yeah, and she cooks up a storm!
Chantelle, it’s been a real pleasure chatting with you. Please know you have friends at HorizonVU Music…five stars for you and all the best of luck! Stay in touch! - Horizon Vu Music Blog

"Q & A with Chantelle Barry"

Q & A with Chantelle Barry
October 19, 2009 by lkatulka  

You might remember Chantelle Barry as the Popstars alumn who took a very public fall from grace. These days she’s left the world of manufactured pop far behind to forge a career as an indie singer-songwriter. She’s currently in Australia to promote her debut album Simple Things. I caught up with her to talk about life in Los Angeles, the new CD, and why she still calls Australia home.

How does it feel to be home??It feels so good. I wish I could be here more and do what I’m doing over in L.A. Nothing compares to being home with family and friends.
How does life in Los Angeles compare to living in Australia??I think the biggest difference is that it’s so fast-paced. There’s something happening all the time. There’s like seven or eight lanes on a freeway all going one way.
Oh my goodness. I struggle with Sydney!?Yeah, I know! It’s crazy! It seems like there’s always traffic. It’s always peak hour. Everyone around you is in the same industry, pursuing something creative in entertainment or fashion. It’s go-go-go, really competitive. But I do love it too because I have a bit of a competitive nature, which I think is what drives me in music.
What inspired you to head to the States??Well, when I was younger I always wanted to go to America. I had some friends at a singing and dancing school that I went to as a kid and they went to America. And when they came back I was like “Oh my god, I want to go there!” It sounded so exciting and fun. And the opportunity arose in about 2000 for me to go and just visit. So I visited L.A. and I fell in love. The weather was fantastic; it’s comparable to Perth. And I knew some very good music producers over there. So I was like “I think I want to move and give it a go.” So it was just good timing I think. And I’ve been there for eight years. It’s been a slow but steady progression. Things have been happening and I’m happy there.
You’re out here to support the release of your new album Simple Things. What can you tell me about it??Simple Things is very much a story. Every song on it is something that’s happened from my life over the course of the last seven or eight years. The title track, for example, “Simple Things” is about just getting back to the simple things, you know? Where material things don’t matter so much, and I refer to being young and carefree. And being in L.A. definitely inspired that song. At the time I wrote it I was broke and down on my luck, and I was like “I just want things to be back to simple; money not to matter and not to drive things.” I wrote that song and everyone that heard it really responded to it. It was such a good feel. And I realised it was actually relatable; it’s not just me who goes through these downs. Everyone wants the simple things in life.
I wrote the album over the course of probably two years, and then I chose the best songs. Scott Whyte, he produced the album, and we built a studio pretty much, and just locked ourselves in it for four months and really got to it. And it was such a fun process. We wrote a couple of songs together. We wrote the single together which is called “You,” and I just did a music video for that.
It seems to be going pretty well. I’m really, really proud of the album. I didn’t compromise any of the sounds or styles. Hopefully everyone else will receive it that well too.??How have the local crowds responded to your new songs??Pretty well actually. It was really nice because I was a little worried. It’s important to me that Australia, and especially Perth since I’m from here, hears my stuff and goes “Oh yeah, that’s our girl. That’s Chantelle.” So I was a little nervous, but on Saturday night when I hosted the Fashion TV Diamond Model Awards I opened the show by singing two songs, “Simple Things” and “You,” and I got a really good response. A lot of people throughout the night were like “Oh my god, I loved that second song,” and “That’s really cool” and “Can I buy it?” I was really really happy and flattered, so hopefully it continues that way.
You mentioned that you were here to host the Fashion TV Diamond Model Awards. Do you have an interest in fashion? ?I absolutely do. I love fashion. I grew up watching my mum sew and design our costumes as kids, so it kind of passed on to me. I sew as well, and I make a lot of my own clothes and whatnot. It’s fun, and it gives me something to do on my downtime. I’ve actually just launched my own jewellery line. It’s called White Elephant, and our stuff is available in Australia through Style Palace, it’s an online outlet. It’s cool; I really love doing it. I love making jewellery and designing. It’s another creative outlet for me, which I love.
You released the album in the US in August. What’s the reception been like so far??It’s been good. It’s definitely a different process doing it indie. I don’t have a major distribution deal. It’s all me. So any of the results I’ve gotten are from me hustling and calling and sending out packages and stuff like that, e-mailing people. But it has been well received, and I’m really happy about that. I have a Canadian company interested in distributing it around the world, but now I’m not sure if we really need to take that deal just because we are getting interest and starting to do little tours.
My music’s playing on rotation on all the islands in Hawaii, because we use a lot of ukuleles from a big island company; they sponsored us for the album. So it has a real island feel to it, which I think places like Hawaii respond to. So it’s playing there, and at the end of the year I’m going to Hawaii to open for a really great artist, Matisyahu.
So with no major label backing us, it’s been a good response.
You first rose to fame here through the program Popstars. Your exit from the show was shrouded in controversy. How did you pick yourself up after that??It was a tough time for me because it was my first taste of any kind of fame at all. Having my name out there, and not in the best light, was tough for me, especially at 18. I was like “Oh my god, am I ruined for life?” I believe I have really good parenting. My mum is probably the strongest woman I know. And she always taught us that you have to pick yourself up, and know who you are, and if you have dreams you’ve got to go for them no matter what. There’s always a chance of failure, and you can’t let those things get in the way. I kind of used it as a lesson, and at the end of the day I’m kind of thankful that the entire experience happened because it’s part of who I am. And it’s given me a really good grasp on how to handle situations like that. There’s always going to be people talking trash about you and you just have to take it with a grain of salt and then just move on.
You’ve clearly moved on to bigger and better things. I read that Lionel Richie said you were the world’s best kept secret. How does it feel when a legend like that is so supportive of your music? ?Oh my gosh. It’s huge! Growing up, New Year’s Eve parties when you’re seven years old singing along to “All Night Long.” I was star struck. But he’s a good friend of mine. He’s become a really great mentor to me. Any time that I really need advice he’s there to give it to me, and he gives it to me with no BS. “This is how it is. You deal with it or you don’t. This is how it works for me.” I’m really appreciative of having him in my life. For him to say such flattering things like the one you just read, that means a lot to me.
How did he become aware of your music??I actually took a meeting with one of his older managers years and years ago, maybe seven years ago when I first moved to L.A. And I didn’t continue the relationship with his manager, but during the meeting Lionel walked in because he was a client of his, and we just hit it off. He’s definitely like a father figure to me. We had that kind of chemistry where he could be who he is and we could just joke and stuff, and he really got my sense of humour and vice-versa. Through becoming friends and that relationship he would always listen to my stuff and give me advice and whatnot. And now that he has my album he’s like “Oh my god, this is great.” He has a couple of plans that he wants to take the album with him in Europe, so fingers crossed that all happens.
You’ve played some amazing venues like Hotel Cafe and The Viper Room. How does it feel to step onto stages like that, where so much musical history has been made??It feels good. It’s a little surreal. When I first started doing it, it scared the hell out of me. It was like “I’m just a Perth girl, really? Can I be singing at The Viper Room right now?” But you get on stage and it’s just like any other stage, and you’ve got a bunch of people in front of you and lights on you. More than anything it feels good. That is my favourite thing in the world, being on stage with a live audience. I just love it. I get a real adrenalin rush, and it feels good. So I adapted pretty quickly I think!
Your acting career is also thriving with roles in TV shows like 90210 and How I Met Your Mother and the new Vince Vaughan movie Couples Retreat. Music it’s all about showing your true self, so does that make acting and pretending to be someone else all the more liberating? ?Well, no, for me I think it’s a really nice outlet. Because I’m so exposed in the music and I’m writing songs based on real stories and all that, when I get the chance to do acting it’s kind of like a nice relief. Because I’m still being creative, but I get to play. And I’m bringing aspects of myself into the other character, regardless of the character I’m playing. So I think they kind of go hand in hand, because I’m still being creative, I’m still performing. But it’s fun. You’re just playing. It’s like being a kid and just pretending you’re this person. You just do it and it’s great.??So after this Australian visit, what’s next for Chantelle Barry??When I get back to L.A. I’m back on doing my shows. I do shows every month, so I’m back on doing those. And then probably rehearsing for the Hawaiian gigs for the end of the year. And then next year for me I really want to be tours, so that’s the big goal for me.
So will we see you back here??I would love to. I would love to kick off the tour in Australia more than anything.

Image used with permission from Rock Solid PR & Fanbase Relations

- Oz Music Scene

"Chantelle Barry Breaking The Hollywood Mold"

?Chantelle Barry-Breaking The Hollywood Mold-??By Buddy Sampson

Chantelle Barry is the Anti-Hollywood. By that, we mean that for all the thousands of personalities that come into Hollywood with huge expectations and big dreams, there's one out of crowd that you sense is different- one that stands head and shoulders over the bunch. Barry is the personification of that ideal- unassuming, beautiful and grounded. The term "just folks" comes to mind.
However, although "just folks" sums up her character, there's a lot more to Barry than meets the eye. The immensely multi-talented actor, singer and songwriter will garner wide spread attention with a big role in a movie that will be released soon, "The House That Jack Built " and a soon to be critically acclaimed CD, "Simple Things." "I've always wanted to do my own album, to be doing my own thing and be a solo artist," said Barry. Her single, "Simple Things," the title track of the CD, was written as a product of adversity. "I was literally sitting in my car and I said, 'Shoot, I'm so broke right now, rent is due in like three days, I don't know what I'm going to do,'" she reflected. "I started writing this song and it turned out to be 'Simple Things.'" Simple Things is a song about returning to basics, a song about humanity, humility and helping others, while helping yourself. The track firmly illustrates that the best songs in entertainment come from the trials and tribulations that life offer-personal experience- "That was the catalyst for the entire album and I kept writing from personal experience and not trying to be anything," she said. "I just did it, because I loved it and I liked the sound and I started playing out more and people were just really responding to it."
Barry has the looks and persona that record executives love. However, executives often make a huge mistake-signing true artists with the intent of mass marketing them, using a  pop cookie cutter. The industry made that mistake with Jewel, a true artist, able to captivate an audience with vocal and guitar only. Chantelle Barry is an artist, like Jewel, that shouldn't be placed in the "cookie cutter." She's an original with a splendid voice in addition to being an excellent composer and songwriter. She destined for stardom.
Born in Australia, Chantelle Barry came to Los Angeles eight years ago. She started singing at the tender age of six, the product of music as a mainstay of her family. Her father and older sister are both musically inclined, so music is ingrained in her spirit. "We grew up just singing and performing all the time," she said. "It was great, my mom would make our costumes and every single weekend, without a doubt, since I was maybe ten, we'd have somewhere to perform." Her parents sent her to singing and dancing classes, which helped to mold her performance chops. She loves and has been influenced by many artists, including The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Justin Nozuka, Fleetwood Mac and Lionel Richie among others. "One of Michael Jackson's records was one of the first records that my mom bought for me," said Barry. "She'd buy me a record every Saturday, it was like a treat after singing and dancing class." Her first Jackson record was the album "Bad."        
Along the way, she attended a performance arts high school in Australia. "The next five years of high school were awesome," she said. "All I did was theater, music and dance, everything I loved. It got me through high school, since I wasn't a popular kid or anything. I was a theater kid and it was great." She attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, doing musical theater. She landed her first role, after she arrived in Los Angeles in a film, "The Company You Keep," that shot in South Africa. That experience taught her about the rigors and trials of Hollywood. "It was a character building experience," she says diplomatically. "It made me really strong." She did a recurring role in the television series Beverly Hills 90210 and has a leading role, playing the part of Madison in the film "The House That Jack Built." "That was fun, because it's the first time I'd ever seen my face that big on the screen and at times it looks pretty big," she laughed. But she doesn't have a big face. "Some would beg to differ. My dad used to call me Moon Face."   
Chantelle Barry recently appeared at the Hotel Café in Hollywood,  Saturday, August 8th, 2009. She is a terrific talent and you'd better see her now, because in the future, tickets will be hard to come by. Chantelle Barry's grace, beauty, humility, sense of humor and being the "Anti-Hollywood" make her one of the People You Should Know. ???Visit Chantelle Barry's website: - The Scoop LA

"Chantelle Barry Interview"

Chantelle Barry Interview

By Frankie Genchi

"I think I'm just an artist all round. I love being creative. I sew, I make jewellery, I sing, dance, act..."
Chantelle Barry first caught the public’s attention in 2000 when she won Australia’s version of Popstars, earning herself a place in the girlband Bardot. She’s come a long way since then, literally, now living in LA, acting and working on her music.
She has recently collaborated with Flecking favourite Scott Whyte and is fast becoming one of our favourite female solo artists.
I had a chat with Chantelle about her music, her acting and her plans for the future.

Hello Chantelle, how are you?
Hey there, I’m great!

You recently launched your album, how did the launch gig go?
It was a lot of fun. The full band and I did a show at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, took some pictures, sold some CDs. In my mind it was a success.

How would you describe your sound?
Ha, I should have this answer down by now but it somehow always manages to stump me. I’d like to think it’s a pop folk hybrid with a little bit of soul, maybe. Ultimately I’d like to call it pop but that word seems to confuse people, when really all it means is ‘popular’.

Who are you main musical influences?
I have so many influences. I grew up listening to great pop acts like Elvis Presley, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Michael Jackson. My idol is actually Judy Garland even though my music’s not at all ‘nostalgic’, I can’t help but love her.

What are you listening to and loving at the moment?
I’m really into Justin Nozuka right now- he’s another great artist who could fall into lot of different genres. Very folky with rock and soul elements. Also love Marc Brussard and Amos Lee. LOVE Amos Lee!

You worked with Scott Whyte on your music, what’s he like to work with?
Ahh! What a nightmare!! Haha! Actually he’s one of the most talented and down to earth people I’ve worked with. You’ve heard the term “Jack of all trades, master at none”? Well Scott is the master of ALL trades. Seriously. Mine was the first album he’d ever produced and it pretty much came about with him deciding he wanted to have a shot at producing my album. By that point I’d worked with so many different people, most of whom just didn’t ‘get’ the sound and direction that I could hear in my head so I really had nothing to lose. Turns out he and I had a really similar vision as to how the music should sound and it became a really rewarding project.

We’ve also seen your hilarious duet/parody! How did that come about?
Haha! That video was really just Scott and I goofing off. A friend of ours (Dave Maciel- another talented musician) emailed us this track and asked if Scott and I could maybe write something to it. I think his words were “maybe it’ll inspire something”, so cut to Scott and I playing it for the first time – I started singing the main hook “Baby boy in the back door…” and Scott started rapping and we literally decided to record it on the spot. Then we decided the next day to shoot a little video to it trying to use every rap video stereotype we could think of. It’s pretty funny how much people are loving it. We have a few other spoof projects we’re working on too. I think it’s really good to maintain balance. We might do one spoof project to every serious project, they’re all fun though.

How did the two of you meet?
We met on a movie set a few years ago. We’re both actors as well as musicians and we were shooting this comedy feature film in the middle of summer, in the middle of nowhere and a bunch of the cast just really bonded. It was a good time.

Tell us a bit about your music background?
Well my Dad was a musician and my two sisters (Charlette and Charlene) and I kinda just fell into music. It seemed like the normal thing to do. Before long the three of us were a singing group (The Barry Sisters, original, I know) and we sang at every wedding and event that there was in our home town. Our mum made all our costumes, it was awesome! We worked a lot but it was really fun. Not a bad gig for a 12 year old.
I went to a high school and had a scholarship for performing arts and spent a good 90% of that time on stage in musicals and theatre productions. After I graduated I moved to Sydney and auditioned for a reality show ‘Popstars’. I was selected for the group and everything kind of just took off from there.

Are you an actress who sings or a singer who acts?
I think I’m just an artist all round. I love being creative. I sew, I make jewellery, I sing, dance, act… and when it comes to having to choose between music and acting I’m just not prepared to. I believe it’s possible and realistic to have a successful career doing both. Elvis Presley and The Beatles did it back in the day, Alicia Keys is doing it now and I wanna be on that list too.

What will we have seen you act in?
Most people seem to recognize from an episode of ‘Entourage’ I did a few years back. I most recently did a few episodes on the new 90210 and I also have a tiny one liner in the new Vince Vaughn/Jon Favreau film ‘Couples Retreat’ (in theatres October 9th). It’s been a slow year for me on the acting side but it’s been a blessing in disguise because it’s given me a chance to really focus on the music.

What acting projects are you working on?
I’m in pre-production right now for a film called ’4Bidden’ where I play a singer in a pop group. See, I can do both!

What’s next for your music?
Well I’m really focusing on getting radio airplay. Right now I have songs playing on the radio in Canada, Hawaii and Australia. I’d love to add the UK and North America to that list.
I’m also headed to Australia mid October to promote the release of the album so I’m really looking forward to that since I’ll get to see my family while I’m there. Touring is a major goal for me.

We’ve been Googling you, and we love your outfits! Any fashion secrets?
Awww, thank you! I actually make a lot of my outfits and I really just try to dress how I feel most comfortable. How I dress day to day isn’t too different to how I dress on stage. I might pick it up a notch but I’m still very me.

Do you have any style icons?
Not really to be honest. I love colours and I love pieces that look ethnic.

Tell us a random fact about Chantelle: the person.
Two random facts. I love to bake and I’m really into gemology. My mum gave a lapis lazuli pendant when I was about 12 and ever since I’ve been fascinated with the healing properties of gem stones. Lapis is really good for the throat chakras. We all have our beliefs.

Describe yourself in 3 words…
Creative. Loving. Compassionate. If I get a fourth it’d be ‘Geek’. I’m a huge geek.
- Flecking Records UK Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.




"Long overdue,…the worlds best kept secret." LIONEL RICHIE

"As charismatic as she is talented Barry excels with addictive pop tunes custom made for radio with smooth alto vocals to match her emotional flowing words & assonance."

"Chantelle's songs have this way of connecting to you right down to your core. All in all an amazing body of work with songs repeat ready for anytime of time of day or mood that you’re in."

CHANTELLE BARRY's music is soulful and organic. With such a broad range of musical influences from Jason Mraz, The Beatles, Ingrid Michaelson, Elvis Presley and Sade (to name a few) Chantelle is undoubtedly "an old soul with a new sound".

Australian native, Chantelle Barry first caught the public's eye in 2000 when she won Australia's version of POPSTARS, earning a coveted spot in the all-girl pop group, Bardot. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Chantelle has returned to her singer/songwriter roots and independently released her debut solo album 'Simple Things' which she toured in Australia at the end of 2009, featuring a performance on Good Morning Australia. She has just released her 2nd album SONGBIRD and is already receiving positive reviews.

Chantelle was selected to be an official featured artist of the 2012 Canadian Music Festival.

Her songwriting has garnered her a 1st Place in the UK Songwriting Contest for her song 'YOU' which is currently in rotation on radio in the mid west, Top 5 Finalist in Songwriters Universe 'Song Of The Month' contest, a 1st & 3rd place in the Song of the Year songwriting contest and Top 10 in the Music Nation online music competition. Chantelle was also nominated in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for best song 'LOVE SOMEONE' & 'TAKE A WALK WITH ME' as well as having both songs placed on various films this year.

Chantelle has toured the LA music scene for 5 years including the renowned Genghis Cohen, Hotel Cafe, Harvelles, Room 5 Lounge, Tangier, Saint Rocke, The Cat Club, Hard Rock Cafe & The Mint.

When not in the studio you can find Chantelle on both the big and small screens. She has starred in several feature films including a cameo appearance in Universal Pictures 'Couples Retreat' and has most recently guest starred on Entourage (HBO), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 90210 (CW) and 'The Paul Reiser Show' (NBC). She is currently in pre-production to star in a Kevin VanHook film "Jason and The Necronauts" in which she will be starring opposite Casper VanDien.

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