Chantelle Tibbs

Chantelle Tibbs


A little folk with a dash of soul never hurt nobody;)


Take the honesty of Death Cab, the angelic voice of say Sarah Mc Lachlan and the raw sublty of Damien Rice and you've got Chantelle Tibbs. Throw a little soul in there while you're at it. She views the world as we know it from an interesting and memorable perspective making for some seriously revolutionary material.

Chantelle is also the owner of WEAR ME NAKED (hand painted t-shirts) She continues to find ways to serve her community with music and fashion. She is a current volunteer for SFWAR (San Francisco Women Against Rape) She has performed for Caltrans in Oakland, CA and for PRESENTE! (Mission Cultural Center)

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Traitor (the not so single) 2006
Take Me Now 2007

Set List

Sets are anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour

1.) Take Me Now
3) Tailored
4) Prescriptions
5) Statistics
6) Kingdom
7) Traitor
8) Slapped
9) Cry
10) Dealer Count Me In
12) Bad Girls
13) Wife Material
14) Jenny
15) Versatile Bottom
16) The Alice Paul Song
17) Gravy Train
18) Untitled
19) The 5 Year Mistake

Favorite Covers:

Howie Day-She Says
Rilo Kiley-Does He Love you?
Oasis-Live Forever
The Decemberists-On The Bus Mall
Neil Young-Cortez the Killer
Elliot Smith-Twighlight
Depeche Mode-Behind the Wheel (acoustic style)
PJ Harvey- C'mon Billy