Chantelle Tibbs

Chantelle Tibbs


“I’ll reserve any and all overcooked, nominally hybridized assessments here (like, “So And So meets What’s Her Such with a touch of Superbadass Lady”) to tell it to you plainly, and again: she’s got pipes.”

-SF. Bay Bridged (Chris De Mento)


Chantelle Tibbs started writing music at the age of 13. She became intrigued by vocal harmonies around the same time, and used finding harmony parts as a meditation and a way to escape loud family arguments.

At age 14 Chantelle was put in an R&B group that was meant to be signed to University Records. She was replaced because she was too tall. After that, she let music go for a while.

At age 20 she picked up a guitar and discovered her raw, ambient sound.
"I stopped trying to sing the way I looked like I was supposed to sing, and just started telling the kind of stories I wanted to tell."

Tibbs has had the opportunity to play with many amazing artists including Deer Tick, Chuck Prophet, and Chris Pureka to name a few. Her music can be listened to in the soundtrack of feature film, "Pyramid Highway," she has released two albums, "No One's Believer" and "Bicycle."


No One's Believer