Picture Feist and Joni Mitchell jamming in a Brooklyn warehouse. But caution! Chantilly can go from calm as a cucumber to rip-roaring soulful in .02 seconds. Her smooth melodies and roller coaster-like vocal style may get stuck in your head for hours (days?) Hold this one at arms length.


The person you see and hear is but a travelin', fool-hearted girl named Chantilly. Born in Rhode Island and schooled in New York, creative tendencies were practically in her DNA. Her mother was (and still is) a painter, and her uncle the brains behind a successful local band. Earliest memories include being glammed up in her sparkly 80's best, standing on the living room coffee table to perform impromptu concerts for the family.

After college, and earning the prestigious Patricia Kerr Ross Award for songwriting and performance, where else could she possibly go but New York City? Like many souls seeking the spotlight, Chantilly was determined to grind it out with the best of 'em. Once her feet were firmly planted, she performed at open mics and worked a string of jobs, while recording preliminary tracks for her debut album, "caught light."

But during the time it took to make the record, she got bored. So she created, curated, and produced the first-ever Bushwick Open Studios Music Festival, and arranged around 50 tour dates along the northeast in her spare time. And while traveling, sold 250 copies of a handmade demo cd in cities such as Philadelphia, Washington DC, Providence, Portland, and Burlington.

So now, after two long years of touring with only a guitar on her back and a demo in her pocket, Chantilly is the proud mama of "caught light." A new album with contributors who have worked with everyone from Ingrid Michaelson, to Alicia Keys, to Kid Cudi. And it certainly made a splash, as she was recently #1 on The Deli Magazine's songwriter charts. She oversaw each step of the process, and managed to come out with a gorgeous collection of sounds, each song distinctly different and completely their own.

Chantilly's attitude and pluck have helped gain show dates with talented artists like Rachael Sage, Jenny Owen Youngs, Gregory and the Hawk, and Anthony DaCosta. Her persistence is evident, and the girl takes her work seriously- Carefully choosing the choicest snippets of melody and lyrics for maximum aural satisfaction. After all, it's her job to create the kind of ear candy that dedicated listeners deserve to hear. She bounces around, hangs out, and exchanges good vibes with everyone she meets- all while pushing aggressively towards her goals.

Currently she is focusing on arranging more dates for a more extensive tour, cracking open the New York songwriter scene, and getting the release of her album under way.


birthday wish

Written By: chantilly

make a wish upon a shooting star
birthday candles flicker in the dark
and when you blow
the light goes
vanished in the wind
for you i wished i could fly
for you i wished i could fly

year goes by and everything's the same
even birthday wishes never change
it's the same one for you
it's the same one
as the year before
but all we have is goodbye
and all we have is goodnight


Written By: chantilly

a.m. goddess
i rule the night
sun comes up, coffee in hand
this is right
i think with my mind closed sometimes
i'm wide awake but the sun dont' shine

i think you're something special
but it won't play
tear your pretty eyes away from me
walk the other way
meanwhile i'll just sit and stare at you
if you only knew the truth
try to act casual i try to be cool
it's perfectly normal to feel this way, they say

what did i think
you'd leave her for me?
i'm a delusion i'm deluded
i can't see

caught your light put it in a jar so it could keep me warm
i've made progress i'm through the storm
in my lifetime i've been so low
pain doesn't hurt anymore
that's where i'm at
as a matter of fact
that's that so take your crap walk away


windows are rattling now
the wind is angry
what does it take to be worth it to you?
guess i'm not worth it to me
i'm scared of being alone
even though that's how i spend most of my days
i just want you to know
i see you

if your body was an instrument i'd play it
beautiful complicated
jump in bed all in haste
just to dream of how you taste
it's written all over my face
i'm a smug little kitten and you're a waste
of my time


infomercial song

Written By: chantilly

no sleep
all i ever get is no sleep
and i always end up waiting for the waking day
i await patiently
then i give up and think
"sleep is overrated anyway"

i could do what you want me to
and pop those pills
you can talk till your face is blue
but i won't take them
that's why i choose to stay up

all night
drinking coffee watching bullfights
anything to entertain
you do these
kinds of things when you get no sleep
i guess there's nothing better
to waste the night away

i sleep till one in the afternoon
cuz i was up till five
dreamt of water on the sandy dunes
but now it's over
and now again tonight i'm gonna

stay up all night
drinkin' coffee watching bullfights
anything to keep me up until day
no sleep
all i ever get is no sleep
cuz i guess there's nothing better
to waste the night away

springtime travels

Written By: chantilly

i wake up in the early morn'
gotta start that engine
gotta make it turn over
i'm up and out
ain't nothing gonna stop me
nothing's gonna stand in my way
nothing's gonna hurt today
no nothing's gonna bring me down

it's a long way home
and i feel so alone
traveling all along this highway
i'm going home

i've been gone so very long
i don't know up from down
right from wrong
and that's a fact
i'm weary from all this traveling
i just gotta sing
gotta get my spirit back


don't think about tomorrow
reside in this day
in this beautiful morning
where the grass is green
the birds all sing
and everything's okay

now that i'm on my way
i intend to stay all my days
still i know
i got work to do
it's not a free ride at all



demo ep - 2006
"caught light" - december, 2009

Set List

Can perform up to 2 hours of mostly original material.

A sparse smattering of covers may include the Beatles, Neil Young, and Radiohead.