Chaos In Fiction

Chaos In Fiction


We ae mostly metal with a bit of a raprock feel. We don't do genre. We'd rather you listen to us and make an assumption for yourself.


"People miss opportunities because they come disguised as hard work." Already we've had some great doors open up to us with Straight Edge, Darklight, Darkheart Studios, and all the great bands in the MS, TN, AL area. Those doors have been opened by the hard work we are putting into our music and the music "business" as well. We try to be persistant and stay true to the vision and follow it relentlessly.

Chaos In Fiction is a band project that takes Northeast Mississippi out of the norm. We are not alternative rock, we are not necessarily metal, and are not punk rock. We blend a unique sound made up from influences from Rage Against The Machine, to Korn, to POD, to System of a Down. Though the music and lyrics themselves may get a bit "angry" at some point, we have fun playing them, and we honestly believe YOU will enjoy listening to them.

You can tell that Chaos In Fiction are having an absolute stratospheric blast every time they’re on stage together and they transfer that feeling of unrestrained joy to the audience. But make no mistake; Chaos In Fiction are working overtime to generate that joy, and the work shows through every bit as clearly as the play. If you come to a show and you're not having fun, check yourself for a toe tag. Your autopsy may already be in progress.