Four distinct personalities joined around common goals: to create music that unifies a variety of styles, to generate a powerful energy on stage, and to engage audiences in participatory performances.


Chaosis began a mere ten days before their first show: a set of metal classics from Slayer, Metallica, and Sabbath in front of a sold-out crowd at Middletown’s underground club, The Barn. After performing the perfect “metal karaoke” set at two venues and several house parties, close friends and NY Hardcore legends H2O invited the band to open their last show at the almost-defunct CBGB. Despite not having any original material, Chaosis immediately accepted. The band’s first challenge: write a show’s worth of material in a week.

Chaosis’ self-titled debut EP (2006) was written in the week preceding the show, and the band began to receive recognition in the New Jersey / New York area. After playing shows in support of a home demo, Chaosis entered Cove City Sound Studios in Glen Cove, NY to record six songs, the band’s first official album. The band released the record on their own and proceeded to perform a slew of shows around the New Jersey local music chain.

In the summer of 2007, Chaosis embarked on a mini US East Coast “tour," performing with a variety acts such as Black Light Burns, Weedeater, Theo and the Skyscrapers, and Rush. Afterwards, the band joined the Vans Warped Tour for two dates, accompanied on-stage by friends The Street Drum Corps for the crowd-favorite “Astronaughty.”

Following the summer of 2007, Chaosis wrote a full-length album, due Summer 2008. Material from the band’s forthcoming release has been rotated regularly through their sets. Having been compared to metal mammoths Mastodon, rock tyrants Clutch, and progressive icons Tool, the upcoming CD is a highly anticipated release for the summer of 2008.



Written By: Chaosis

I'm so sorry
Something caught my eye
In the midst of the moment
This may sound presumptuous
But how can you get any sleep at night?
With this burden on your head
With this blood on your hands
Embrace tranquility

Graveyard Satellite

Written By: Chaosis

I am the iron cape
I hang upon your bones
So cold and unforgiving
Like a nightmare, I've been told
I will not hesitate to lay you in your grave
I will not hesitate to throw your life away
I am the shadow in your dreams at night
I am the face you'll never know
The graveyard satellite that stares from down below
One look from me, you'll see that you're staring at your reflection
One look from me, you'll see that you're staring at the face of death
I am the iron cape
I hang upon your bones
Clasp your hands and pray to your god that I don't kill you where you stand


Written By: Chaosis

Enslave yourself to the one that you call Christ
And pray to him in the hope that he just might fix everything for which you blame yourself
Just to see the gates when Judgment Day comes
Lie down, listen to me
There's no one home, can't you see?
Daddy's gone, he's gone away
Not coming back, so they say
I'll hold you down, turn you around, like a queen without a crown
I'll sit tight, hope you might
Oh won't you please stay the night...
I'll push in, I'll pull out, I'll leave you with no doubt
That you'll stay here with me
Oh, baby, can't you see?
You're the one that I need
Oh, child, just hold on to me
Just stay here, near to me
And I'll show you what I mean


Chaosis EP: released June 2006
Full-length LP: Summer 2008
Tracks used for airplay: "Chaosis" and "Astronaughty"

Set List

Typical Chaosis set list (40 minutes):
Graveyard Satellite

Chaosis covers (occasionally played):
Blood and Thunder (Mastodon)
This Mortal Soil (Mastodon)
The Bit (Melvins)
Big News I (Clutch)