Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory

 Warren, Michigan, USA

The perfect blend of hard rock and metal. A group of guys that loves music and gives it everything they have every time they perform. Dedicated to their craft and committed until the end, Chaos Theory is here for the long haul !!



“There’s no way that this band is going to remain Michigan’s little secret for long”
Scott Ward – Sea of Tranquility (Online album reviews, concert reviews and updates)

“One of my favorite local bands without a doubt”
Alan “Slayer” Beck – WRIF Radio – Detroit

“A really great band that’s making a name and doing it the right way”
Brian Thomas – Lead singer for the legendary Detroit metal band Halloween

“Holy shit man, what about that band Chaos Theory...awesome band”
Stephen Richards - Lead singer for national recording artist Taproot

“Damn good band, I was impressed with the songs and the stage presence”
Spider One - Lead singer for national recording artist Powerman 5000

“A band that really makes me proud of the Detroit music scene, these guys are the real deal”
Jim Doyon – Ink Addict Apparel (

“These guys tear it up, they make me want to change the style of music I’m doing”
Lance Arny – guitarist for national recording artist Flaw

These are just some of the things being said about the band Chaos Theory…..

Chaos Theory is a five piece band from Detroit, Michigan. They have been together almost 3 years and since then have become one of the biggest and most popular hard rock/metal bands in the Metro Detroit area. Chaos Theory has been getting airplay on the local rock stations (WRIF – 101.1fm and 89X - 88.7fm), as well as other stations in Northern Michigan and several well known internet radio stations. The hype about the band keeps growing and word is starting to spread. The message is clear for all who have seen them live: THIS BAND ROCKS.

The members of this band supply all the crucial elements that a hard rock/metal band needs to become something that people take notice of and support. The talented vocals with the perfect mix of singing and screaming energy, the loud and powerful guitars, the booming bass guitar and a nice backbone of thumping drums all make up the Chaos Theory sound. Combine that with an amazing stage presence and attitude and you’ve got a winning combination. A typical show consists of mostly originals with a cover song thrown in here and there. A Chaos Theory show is always entertaining. Fan favorites like “Misery”, “Deadbeat” or "Creation Divine" have the crowds singing all the words. Those who don’t know the words, or those that just prefer not to sing can be seen head banging along with fists in the air or bouncing around in a crowd pit of energy. They have a versatile fan base including fans of rock, alternative, hard rock, metal and even some hardcore and punk. This band is marketable to many different genres of music fans. This is one of the main things that so many other bands fail to have going for them. Everyone that attends a Chaos Theory show has a great time. That’s a guarantee. That’s what makes this band so interesting and unique.

Since that day in December 2007 when these five guys got together and decided to take this thing serious and take it as far as the powers at be would let them, the band has achieved many great things that are so important to continuously keep taking things to the next level. They released a much talked about debut EP in late 2008 and were offered a development deal with DBM Records. They have a new full length album that was just released in the spring of 2010 and are getting radio play on several fm and internet radio stations. The band was also nominated for the Detroit Music Awards twice, both in 2009 and 2010. They've played all of the best clubs and theaters around the metro area and state of Michigan and have been fortunate enough to have shared the stage with some of the best national touring acts on the scene.

As they head full force into 2011, they are excited for the future, excited about the new album and look forward to branching out even further and taking this whole thing nationwide. Check out Chaos Theory and see what the hype is all about !!


The members of Chaos Theory are:

Vocals – Johnny (Rockstar) Mascioli
Johnny has been singing for 9 years.
His favorite vocalists include: Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust), Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage)
and Rob Thomas (Matchbox 20).

Lead Guitar – Scotty (2 Hottie) Lushka
Scotty has been playing guitar for 15 years.
His favorite guitar players include: Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)
and Ty Tabor (Kings X).

Rhythm Guitar – Joe (Fucko) Bryne
Joe has been playing guitar for 10 years.
His favorite guitar players include: Zack Wylde (Ozzy, BLS), Dimebag Darrell (Pantera)
and James Hetfield (Metallica).

Bass Guitar – Tommy (Two Fingers) Koppmann
Tommy has been playing bass for 13 years.
His favorite bass players include: Cliff Burton (Metallica), Geddy Lee (Rush) and Les Claypool (Primus)

Drums – Rick (Prick) Williams
Rick has been playing drums for


6 song EP - Chaos Theory - The Art of War - 2008

Full Length CD - Chaos Theory - Retaliation - 2010

Set List

Typical set list, not in any real order:
Misery, God's Hand, Callow, Deadbeat, Collapse, Fake, Tragedy, The Show, Means to an End, Broken Picture, Creation Divine, Warsaw Ghetto, Warfare, S.A.D. Most set's we play are 40 minutes or 45 minutes. We can play over an hour and we have a few cover songs that we throw in from time to time as well.