Los Angeles, California, USA

Chapa, a Los Angeles-based musical collective, represents the fusion of intelligent and individualistic talents into a collective that explores the less-worn paths of music, discovering new sounds and aural ideas for the public’s consumption.


Chapa's music has been called a "beautifully blended mixture of classical instrumentation, modern grooves, and timeless stories" and is, according to Russell Chapa, most succinctly summed up as "orchestral folk."

"Music is something that makes you feel jovial, warm, sad, hopeful, vibrant, understood and loved all at once," Chapa says, describing his passion for creating evocative, fresh sounds that defy convention. In regard to the group's experimentation, he offers this thought: "Play the music that you love to play." It's a simple secret, he believes, to creating music that sets itself apart and offers something exciting for a jaded listening community. And to keep things fun, he shares this advice: "Treat life with a smile."

At the end of 2008, Chapa released its second full-length effort, A Look to the West. Previous releases include the Believing EP from 2006 and 2004’s debut full-length, A Buyer's Ride. Chapa sounds include a multitude of instruments, such as cello, oboe, english horn, guitar, vibes, bass clarinet, melodica, flutes, saxes, piano, talking drum, glasses, sulings, and more.


A Look To The West - 2008
Believing EP - 2007
A Buyers Ride - 2005

Set List

Sets are normally 45 mins with no covers.
A Look to the West
This World Around You
The Hope Part
Edna's Thrill