Cool ass rock from the heart!


Who the heck is CHAPLIN?

I am just an ordinary girl. A new singer/songwriter who began playing the guitar about 3 years ago. When I learned to put chords together the songs just started coming to me. I had no idea I could write a song but I just kept at it and enjoy playing music so much! One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was recording my songs and making a c.d.!!!

Growing up with musical parents, my father was a classically trained pianist. They created a very loving and creative environment. I enjoyed listening and hanging out with my father while he composed music. His favorite genre was old school jazz. My mother has a lovely voice. She was always singing around the house.

At a young age, I enjoyed the music of Sonny Stitt, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Astrud Gilberto, Sarah Vaughn, Oscar Peterson, the list goes on and on.

I remember one Christmas at the age of eight, I received a miniature grand piano. I demanded my father play "The Shadow Of Your Smile" on this tiny piano while I sang along! My Father only wanted his children listening to jazz. So...I would sneak rock albums into the house and play them when he was not around. Thus, starting my love for rock music...

Recording my c.d. was such a great experience. All the songs came from a real place in my heart thus the title "REAL". I hope you enjoy it! Peace.


Hold On (I Believe)

Written By: CHAPLIN

There was a time in my life
all of my dreams just passed me by
I was a wreck in misery
with nothing much left of me

There was a time in my life
I was ashamed and in so much pain
I was alone and so afraid
of all the foolish mistakes that I made

You know you got hold on just hold on
I've found the strength now I believe in me

I believe

There was a time in my life
I realized that you gotta fight
I came out of the dark into the light now that light shines so bright before me


You see, I was so lost
but at any cost I had to find my happiness
To my suprise you were right here by my side
You made me believe


I believe