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Unexploded Bombshell - forthcoming (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Chapman’s debut solo album, ‘Unexploded Bombshell’ is a musical triumph. Simple arrangements and beautiful melodies are delivered by a truly unique vocal.
Drawing deeply on Folk and Soul roots, most of ‘Unexploded Bombshell’ is built from just Vocal and Piano or Guitar, boosted with warm orchestration.
This is a solo album in the truest sense of the word, not only did Dom write, record and produce the album himself, he even designed the sleeve artwork and his website

The youngest of six children, Dom was influenced by the records and tapes he borrowed from his older siblings, whose musical tastes ranged from James Brown to The Fall, Cat Stevens and The Jam. Dom wrote his first song on the inside of a shoebox lid aged 5, and he’s had ‘sole’ ever since! Often isolated at school, Dom found refuge in his family, his songwriting and the Essex countryside. As soon as he was old enough, Dom started tagging along with his brothers to local live venues, and it wasn’t long before he was performing there himself.

A move to London saw Dom Djing at clubs and singing with underground dance act Scope. After a friend who worked in casting persuaded Dom to audition, he landed a film role starring alongside Dame Judi Dench in an all-star BBC/HBO production. Soon afterwards, Dom’s band MacArthur were signed to Dave Stewart’s Artist Network label and recorded their eponymous debut, working with Funkadelic’s Gary ’Mudbone’ Cooper, top producer Ash Howes and other great session players.
With the collapse of Artist Network, instead of hitting the streets, the album landed on the desk of the official receivers and has been the subject of a 3-year rights battle due to end on Dom’s birthday August 24th 2006, when he and fellow bandmate Dan Turner take back control of the rights.
Never one to wallow in what might have been, Dom set out to write an album of songs that he truly believed in. Halfway through the process Dom lost an old friend. Two weeks later he and his wife lost a much-wanted baby, unbelievably the next day his father died leaving Dom and his siblings to cope with his mother’s alzheimers. This series of events had a profound effect on the album and on Dom’s outlook as he faced the inevitable change in his life. Remarkably he came through this difficult time with a renewed energy and optimism, determined to do everything he could to share his music with the world.