Chapman James

Chapman James


Chapman James definition of a Folk Writer: not necessarily one that shouts 'Hear Me!', but one that listens and seems to whisper 'I heard you'.


Chapman's roots have always been buried in folk music where he offers vignettes of the world around us and questions our own priorities within. If his bio seems vague, it's only because he finds so many other lives far more interesting than his own so, don't be surprised if you hear a new song that strangely sounds like your life within days of describing some personal experience to a complete stranger in a pub off the beaten track...

Born James Chapman Polhemus in Stuttgart Germany and brought up nicknmed 'Buddy' in the deep southeast, Chapman has had unique insights into the development of a Folk musician.

Whether it's the sound of water running over river rocks, the lonesomeness of a sandwiche rather than leftovers for lunch or the view of war thru the eyes of a 4 year old boy, Chapman's songs are honest and simple. He admits: "Choosing among frames for artwork has never been my passion, that's for the talented producers & cover artists"


Ode to Ethan Schuyler

Written By: Chapman James

I had the occasion to play Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, GA in June of 06. Here's a number (By the way, Ethan is a Tree):

Ethan Schuyler fell upon a cliffside
Clinging to a mountain all alone
Wicked winds cut thru, the sun he scarcely knew
Kneeling like achild without a home

Ethan Schuyler bowed to every winter
At times his limbs sheered clean beneath the ice
Many of his peers lay down in frozen tears
Ethan helped them bury up their lives
Ethan Sky

(CH) When hopes are deeply sown
Faith makes roots of stone
There's more than meets the eye... to Ethan Sky

Ethan Schuyler spent the spring in motion
Dancing just to prove he was alive
Storms would twirl him round but he never hit the ground
The only joy he knew was to survive

Ethan Schuyler thirsted in the summers
He drew his deepest breath in desert breeze
Scorched from day to day, he whithered not away
Nothing could drive Ethan to his knees
Ethan Sky


Ethan Schuyler saw 500 autumns
He thanked the earth and sky for all the pain
The shadow that he casts brings refuge from the past
He's standing like a castle in the rain
Ethan Sky

Lonesome Cavalry

Written By: Chapman James

Riding on my human
Heaven knows whereto
Trotting down intention laden paths
Ive got to pull his reins in
So He'll go straight ahead
Instead of wandering off for sweeter smelling grass

Humans brand each other
By color, shape and size
And follow those of favored skin and birth
Breeds may run together but one by one as they go by
The touch of every rider shows their worth

Move along... my human
Get along... my trusty steed
Here's a song... for my human
We're a lonesome cavalry

Sometimes on my human
I meet a kindred soul
I wonder if she recognizes me
Cause she's up on her human
Distracted and misled
She wants a friend, her human wants a steed

When Human's get much older
Their eyes grow very tired
And they wander off to pastures of their own
Grazing in the twilight has it's moments in the sun
Like when they help a passerby to get back home


I ride up to a Cliffside
And look out on the world
Every human herded to and fro
Some stampede the masses
Others hold their ground
So much to learn, they've got so far to go

At night when things are quiet
And my human's fast asleep
I gaze up at the stars and think of home
I'd like to get back someday
But this journey makes me feel
Without my human I'd go back alone


Copyright 2005 Polhemusic

Blowin' Sunshine

Written By: Chapman James

Words and Music by Chapman James

Sometimes we just misagree
Thinkin' we're not meant to be
There's one rule when blues set in
Blowin' Sunshine is a sin

Oh, feeling bad's its own reward
Keeps us safe at home
Far away from giddy folk
And mindless garden gnomes

Blowin' sunshine is a sin
Thru my window rain falls in
Don't you dare mop up my floor
Pools of wisdom show me more

Pools of wisdom show me more
Deep reflections, shallow shores
It takes these blurry eyes to see
Sometimes we just misagree

Copyright 2005 Polhemusic


Dyin Man - 1991 (out of Print) Polhemusic Publishing

Set List

Roulette Wheel*
Dyin Man
Ode to Ethan Schuyler
Blowin Sunshine
Lonesome Cavalry
Nothing Lasts Forever
It's Snowin
Arroyo (instrumental)
Poppa Flew Away
Deli Day
I'm Just in Your Way
The Embers
Second Son
Broken Little Man
So He Left You
Sunny Day
Nobody Cares
Run Baby Run
Jonathan's Mother
I Pitch a Good Tent
At Times Like These
I Won't Be Grounded

About 3 sets usually. 45 minutes