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Ferndale, Michigan, United States

Ferndale, Michigan, United States
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Chapstik - Barnburner"

"Hillbilly heavy metal art stoner cockfight music." That's how Chapstik (notice the lawsuite-proof spelling) characterizes their music, and I'm tempted to just leave my review at that. Because it's damned accurate. But then I wouldn't be able to tell you about how great it is to review music in the stoner/doom genre, because there are so many local masterpieces lurking out there in the hinterlands, and how Chapstik has already managed to carve out their own demented place in music on their very first album, something most bands never do.

Which is all true. Thanks to Arz and Hochi, I'm now turned on to one of the year's best rockin' platters, 'Barnburner.' Brothers! Sisters! It's just a review away, just a review away.....Any fan of heavy rawkin' needs to hear this. It's hard to believe that there is still unclaimed musical territory in genres like doom and/or stoner and/or riffrock or whatever, but like many a fine band Chapstik has found their own turf. From the 'Animal Farm-' style barnyard rebellion artwork on the cover, you're in for a tasty treat from the get-go. 'Cream of Everything' starts things off with rolling drums , feedback, and furious stoner riffing that sets a high bar for quality, a bar that only the best bands can jump over with ease. No problem for these guys. 'It's 8:05' sounds like the MC5 if they would have spent more time on opiates and hallucinogens and less time at the dragstrip. 'Man-Hyman Bulldozer' (har har) starts off all jazzy, with guitars and some retro organ doing a slow build to southern dementia, and 'Slo OJ' begins quietly, gradually transforming into a 'Dirt-' era Stooges or early Mudhoney stomper with a superb guit solo. 'Retrocution' shows some hardcore roots, while ' Black Opium Fermata' cools things off with a slow Melvins/Men of Porn plod.

This is heroin riffrock for the masses. Does it seem as if it's all over the map, stylistically? Well, add in Hank III, 500 Feet of Pipe, Greatdayforup, Speedealer, Honky, Heroin Sheiks, Super Heavy Goatass, and Ironboss, all held together with a roll-your-eyes (check the songtitles) sense of humor. But believe it or not, although you may hear bits and pieces of all of the above, Chapstik are remarkably coherent. The quality songwriting, treated vocals, guitar tone, and most of all the consistent allegiance to The Riff work together to make for a most satisfying Heavy Music Experience. A left-field bull's-eye. Recommended. - Hellride Music (Kevin McHugh)

"Thund and Speed"

You can’t extol the virtues of stoner rock enough, that underappreciated subgenre of rock ’n’ roll. In fact, by hurling fistfuls of thund-and-speed, bands like Chapstik appeal to the baser self, the self that cannot resist the power of the head band and the flashing of the metal sign - the self that knows why it feels so good to be bad. Chapstik is pure adrenaline. - Metrotimes Detroit (Eve Doster)


1998 - Whiskey Time (Reptilian Records)
1999 - V/A - Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be: A Tribute to AC/DC (Reptilian)
2002 - Chimingo (Speed Records)
2006 - Barnburner (Unfortunate Miracle Release)
2009 - Fire, Die In It (coming 4/11/09)



Detroit is home to a fifty-megaton nuclear warhead. It’s name? Chapstik.

Chapstik is a wasteland for mastermind/guitarist/vocalist Leighton Mann. It’s where his art-damaged mind and sarcastic wit collide with the demons of doom metal. Where a three guitar sonic attack, led by Mann (Glori5, FistFuck USA), Erin-Elvis (BONK!,Glori5) and HoChi (MotorCityBurgers) is paired with low end bass wrangling from Dan G (Paradise, Novadriver) and V8 powered skin bashing from John Lehl (Diegrinder). It’s where the balls of tortured souls are rocked into oblivion.

Chapstik began in the mid ’90s in San Antonio and cycled through eight members before Mann got a case of wanderlust and decided to move his base of operations west of Detroit to Ypsilanti, MI. While in Ypsilanti, the band cycled through another eight members and released its first full-length, "Whiskey Time" on Baltimore’s Reptilian Records in 1998.

A second disc, "Chimingo" was quietly released to friends and supporters in 2002 and a permanent line-up was settled in 2005, taking the band through eleven years, twenty-three members and a musical evolution from the garage type punk of its humble beginnings to its current status as the world’s angriest party band.

Armed with an album of newly recorded material, the warhead of a band finds itself on the verge of detonation. With their third release "Barnburner" now complete, do they choose to keep the uneasy peace of mutually assured destruction intact, or let the prophesy of Armageddon fulfill itself? Only the bowels of the Motor City know the answer.