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Chapta is hip hop's solution to positive social change. His music is current,relevent and caters to the wide spectrum of rap fans. His music is influenced by his Brooklyn and Miami roots which helps him to fuse lyrical content with party anthems.


Chapta was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and fell in love with music at an early age. The east coast flava of hip-hop really helped shape and influence his style of music. Chapta grew up the youngest of 3 children and was raised by a single parent since his father died when he was only 5. His mothers... sides of the family was and still are very spiritually inclined and instilled in him a strong love for the Bible and taught him to draw strength from the word. Chapta's fathers... side of the family were a very different story. They were heavily inclined to destructive behavior, such as drinking and smoking, crime, violence etc. daily. Chapta migrated to Miami, FL at the age of 11, where his love for music continued to develop and grow. In his early teens, he was introduced to a producer who had a studio in the back of his house and entered a recording booth for the first time. He soon joined forces with a group of 4 talented individuals and formed...Landmark Entertainment Committee, which is the mother company of ICONZ Music Group, Drummajorz Productions and Falcon Films, to which he co-stared in a movie titled...Real Hustler ...He spent the next several years with the Committee in the studio and touring worldwide as part CEO and also a feature artist of the company. Chapta s... most notorious accomplishment with the ICONZ was the club banger...Get Crunked Up... He helped to write and produce the single as well as performing the single on MTV, Rap City, The Basement and Soul Train. After several years in the industry and becoming a national and international celebrity, Chapta began to go through a transition in his life, a spiritual battle. This battle and struggle stemmed from his experiences in life and the music industry and he began to fall into the booby traps of the world designed to make people want to give in to the excess of drinking, illegal drugs, lust, anger, and violence. This started to take a toll on him and affected his performance and creativity. This led Chapta to take some time off and revitalize his way of being and to do some soul searching to now answer his calling. Starting in 2007, Chapta hopes to influence the masses through his music with mix tapes, solo albums, documentaries and through the launch of up and coming clothing line A.D.O.R.


Album:Street Money
Get Crunked up by the Iconz, Get crunked up (remix) feat. Lil Kim, We Thuggin Iconz feat. Trick Daddy Dollars.