Chapter 24

Chapter 24

 London, England, GBR

We love to play live and put as much energy and effort as possible into our live show. We try to keep this live sound when recording our tracks by recording them in our drummers bedroom and ensuring that they are done in 3 or less takes. DIY ethic is very important to us and we love to play LOUD.


Chapter 24 are a London based quartet fast becoming renowned for their thrilling and idiosyncratic live performances.
Claire (vox) Mel (bass) Mark (drums) and Joe (guitar) make acid garage rock; or we could call it psychedelic surf grunge, or
simply weird pop. This is a band for whom the importance of play, fun, and imagination on stage and in song are certainly
not lost on, but they’ve got the chops to back it up, as a steadily growing bank of glowing live reviews will attest.
We have recently returned from SXSW music conference and wish to return to America as soon as possible. We were recommended CMJ music marathon by various promoters, bands and bookers at SXSW as another great opportunity to play in the US.


Chapter 24 7' Single Gregory / Down in the Sea released on New Pyramid Records

Chapter 24 4 Track EP self-released on Chaps Records