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South River, New Jersey, United States

South River, New Jersey, United States
Band Pop Acoustic


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"Opening a new chapter in band music"

Chapter 2 is the name of a band that’s making its musical presence felt in our Fil-Am community. We first heard the group two months ago at the Vina Morales show in Jersey City and was taken by its refreshing sound. Though it did only three numbers, Chapter 2 showed signs of versatility by tackling a difficult Pilipino song. Its best suit, however, is of course pop/acoustic fusion and that’s where the band really shines.

The seven members of Chapter 2 are all accomplished performers. A promotional material says that the band members “sought to elevate their musical artistry by banding together and exploring the synergies of combining their wide ranging musical influences into one unique sound.”

The magnificent seven are Cutuy Herrero (vox), Dennis Sy (vox), Noel Tampac (musical director, guitarist), Bong Llanto (guitarist), Wenchie Olitan (drums), Rolando Ramos (bass) and Marla Garcia-Villacorte (keyboards).

Whenever Chapter 2 plays before a Fil-Am audience, it is always Cutuy who elicits a pleasant gasp. You see, this young lady looks anything but Filipino and audiences always assume she is either Caucasian or Latina. But when she begins speaking in Tagalog that’s when the audience lets out an amazed “ayyy, Pinay pala!”

But of course.

Notwithstanding her looks, Cutuy is Pinay and, what’s more, to show business born no less. She just happens to be the daughter of Subas Herrero, the veteran performer who we all remember as the other half of that 80s show “Champoy,” along with Noel Trinidad.

Cutuy has the loveliest voice. She made her New York debut in 1997 in Noel Gamboa’s production of “Manila Nights.” She has since showcased her talent performing as lead vocalist in various bands all over New York and New Jersey.

Dennis is a familiar name in the Fil-Am community. He was a member of the New York singing group Alibata before embarking on solo performances. He launched two solo concerts and was the front act of Banig at a concert in City Center some years back. He has performed as well with local talents Dawn Dineros and Jennifer Cuneta. He released a CD, “Colours,” in 1998.

Chapter 2 last performed at the Perlas ng Silangan restaurant in Woodside June 3. More appearances are in the offing, especially in the coming summer weeks.

- Filipino Reporter Issue Year 34, No. 30 / July 7-13, 2006

"Band's opening chapter gets good read in L.A."

Band's opening chapter gets good read in L.A.
South River man's harmonious garage band to record first album
Staff Writer

They may not look like MTV material, but if it's the music that matters a newly formed local band is already on the map.

The partly South River-based Chapter 2 won Artist of the Year earlier this month at the 16th annual International Los Angeles Music Awards in the Adult Alternative category.

Despite its excitement, the group was busy doing what it does best at the time of the awards, and could not accept in person.

"We were not able to attend, because we had to be in the city for another gig, so we had to forego the awards show," said vocalist and conga player Dennis Sy, of South River. "It is definitely something we are proud of. It is a big deal for us."

Chapter 2 is following in the footsteps of the now famous hip-hop group the Black Eyed Peas, which won for Best Artist in a previous year.

In addition to Sy, the band is made up of lead vocalist Cutuy Herrero, guitarist Noel Tampac, Marla Garcia-Villacorte on the keyboards, and drummer Wenchie Olitan, all of whom were born in the Philippines.

Chapter 2 was also chosen from thousands of bands around the world as a nominee in the adult album alternative pop single category for its first single, "Real Me."

Part of what motivated the band members to submit their song for consideration at the L.A. awards was that it gave them exposure to have industry professionals - but it was also the judges' method of selecting bands.

"They had a category for blind judging where they do not look at an image of the artist or the artist's Web site, and that is why we won," Sy said.

The band members' rather straight appearances don't exactly fit the mold of a pop star. The musicians in Chapter 2 all have day jobs, Sy said, adding that he works for a bank in New York.

Sy's parents are still in the Philippines; his sister lives in California.

"I am a Filipino Asian American. I studied in the Philippines and I came here [to New Jersey] in 1994," he said.

When asked how their culture influences their sound, Sy said it has less of an impact than one might think.

"The Philippines is essentially an American colony," he said. "So we are exposed to American music as much as our own."

Sy described the band's sound as a hybrid.

"Certainly the chord progression is very Asian in flavor, and it becomes pop."

The band's lineup was formed in New Jersey about six months ago, and had its first show at Loews Landmark Theater in Jersey City in May.

"We have known each other for over a year," Sy said, "and we played under different band names."

Sy came to New Jersey after being recruited for work here, and after six years settled in South River with his wife, Anna Kanyek, in 2000.

"We bought a house in South River, my wife and I, because it is a nice, quaint town with a lot of new developments that attracted us. And it is quite close to East Brunswick and Route 18."

The band describes itself as a pop acoustic group, and has covered songs by Bon Jovi, the Dixie Chicks and Fleetwood Mac.

"We have a lot of harmony," Sy said. "That more or less distinguishes our sound. We call ourselves a pop acoustic band, but it is the harmony, the combination of our voices when we perform that makes us distinct."

Chapter 2 is planning to record its first album by early next year at its practice location in Olitan's Somerset home.

"We are a garage band that records in somebody's basement," Sy said, "but the equipment is sufficient enough for quality recording."

The band is currently "gigging" three times a month, with a show planned in Eatontown with recording artist David Pomeranz. The show, at St. Dorothea's Church Gym, 240 Broad St., is at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Visit the band's Web site at for more information.

- East Brunswick Sentinel November 30, 2006


“POP-ACOUSTIC FUSION. HARMONIES COLLIDE.” That’s the tagline one sees when visiting the band CHAPTER 2’s website. And for those of you lucky enough to catch the band’s breakthrough performance at Vina Morales’ concert last May 13 at the Landmark Loews Jersey Theater in Jersey City, you’ll understand the hype that was generated then, and has followed the group since.

At that May 13 show, the trio of Cutuy Herrero, Dennis Sy, and Noel Tampac treated the unexpecting crowd to a 4-song pop-acoustic set that ranged from the light to the upbeat, applying their harmony-driven approach to songs like “Tuloy Pa Rin”, “King Of Pain”, “Di Bale Na Lang”, and what has become their signature tune – “Landslide”. It was clear then that Chapter 2 has hit upon a formula that distinguishes their sound from other local groups doing the band circuit, and in the process captured the attention of the concert-going public.

As it turned out, Chapter 2 is more than just a trio, as evidenced by their recent performances at Perlas Ng Silangan Restaurant in Woodside, NY. Here, the band showed their full arsenal, with drummer Wenchie Olitan, lead guitarist Beng Llanto, bass guitarist Rolly Ramos, and keyboard player Marla Garcia-Villacorte joining main vocalists Cutuy, Dennis & Noel. On those occasions, the band got the joint jumping with sets that were as diversified as the influences the shaped each individual musician and vocalist. Though various musical genres were covered, a distinct flavor remained the same – synergized vocal harmony, quickly becoming the band’s trademark sound.

In between what is fast shaping up to be a busy gigging schedule for the band in the coming months, Chapter 2 is also working on applying their harmonies to original compositions written by Dennis Sy as part of a CD project to be released later in the year. Now that is definitely something to look forward to.

Catch Chapter 2 live on August 12 as they perform in Willie “The Man With A Thousand Faces” Nepumuceno show at the Perlas Ng Silangan Restaurant.

To learn more about Chapter 2, visit their official website at
- Newstar Philippines July 1-7, 2006 Page 22


Chapter 2
By Herbert Y. Magtoto

WOODSIDE, New York. Chapter 2 was the front-liner for Willie Nep for President. When Chapter 2 peppered the first four songs ‘Black Horse and a Cherry Tree’, ‘Game of Love’, ‘Change The World’ and ‘King of Pain’, this seen-it-all acoustic band really was strikingly impressive.

And it wasn’t just the carefully chosen set list that made this show so memorable – it also was the playing and singing. CSNY, Carole King, Fleetwood Mac, Michael McDonald, Eric Clapton, and Bon Jovi alternately rocked the house hard and sang gently, including several folk songs and OPM medley.

Everything certainly clicked, with the predominantly crowd loudly singing along to many numbers especially Michael McDonald’s “Aint No Mountain High Enough” and CSNY “Love The One You’re With” – came across triumphantly. In fact, both onstage and in the audience, there was a night-out spirit. Indeed Chapter 2 performance was superb. Bon Jovi’s “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” which is being heard on the radio and “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac came together in rich harmonies. Carole King’s “It’s Too Late” and Kenny Loggins “Heart To Heart” were beautifully rendered. Chapter 2 didn’t forget their roots and delivered OPM medley like “Ale” and “Tuloy Pa Rin.”

Chapter 2 composes of talented musicians. They are Ken La Penta - Lead Guitar, Marla Garcia-Villacorte – Keyboards, Cutuy Herrero – Vocals, Wenchie Olitan – Drums, Noel Tampac - Musical Director/Guitar/Vocals, Bob Turner – Bass, Dennis Sy – Vocals.
- Newstar Philippines August 19-25, 2006


Single "REAL ME" - Nominated for SONG OF THE YEAR at the 16th Annual LA Music Awards



ARTIST OF THE YEAR (Triple A - Adult Album Alternative Category) at the 16th Annual LA MUSIC AWARDS.

Chapter 2 is one of the most in-demand party & show bands in the tri-state area, and was named Artist Of The Year at the 2006 LA Music Awards for their original song "REAL ME". Having performed as far west as the South Coast Casino in Las Vegas, to the Mohegan Sun Casino and Hotel in CT, to the Lehman Center For Performing Arts in NY, Chapter 2 promises to provide you with excellent musical entertainment tailor-fitted to your event.

Our trademark pop/acoustic harmonies, coupled with top-notched musicianship allow us to provide a variety of music genres and choices for your special event/s.

More audio and video samples available at our official band website:

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Dennis Sy
Vox - Chapter 2