Epic / Metal / Rock We have a Kick you in the Balls style of Screamo Metal Rock, that we blend in with all types of metal. Our interest range form Motley Crue - As I lay Dying. Our style incorporates all of that and in between!


Chapter Fifty is a band that hails from a small town in Southern New Hampshire who has grown significantly since they started in the summer of 2005 as a garage band. It was not until there current line-up established in June of 2007 when they played to a packed house they realized the reins had been pulled off, and nothing was going to hold them back.

Finally having a new found Brother hood, and all wanting the same thing as a band, Along with being more skilled, they have been able to start writing more complicating music that kicks you right in the balls.

They released there first EP titled (Re-Writing Forgotten Words) in August of 2007. It has received air play on the National syndicated show "THE BIG ROCK SHOW"! With a Mini Tour of the East Coast, along with the energy they brought on stage, they were able to generate much interest through - out. They will continue to work hard and make the year 2008 for them and all there fans a year they will never forget!

Also, after Playing the world renowned "Bodog National Battle of the Bands" contest, and making it three rounds through the semi finals it was written by there executive Christian Henderson, "Chapter Fifty", who despite their youth brought a well-rounded Metal / Rock sound to the stage; an example of fine instrumental talent throughout! A force and great prospect for the future.

With there dedication to practice and playing many shows the future holds great happenings for them. As they been told if they keep there mind in the band, with no distractions, in the end they will have accomplished all there goals! They hope to see you all real soon.

Bands we've shared the stage with and got to know!

Cattle Decapitation (Metal Blade Records)
Kittie (Metal Blade Records)
Cellador (Metal Blade Records)
Light This City (Prosthetic Records)
Trail Of Tears (napalm records)
Into Eternity (Century Media Records)
ED GUY (Nuclear Blast Records)
PowerMan 5000 (Dreamworks Records)
DieCast (Century Media Records)
In This Moment (Century Media Records)
Echos Of Eternity (Unknown)
Across Five Aprils (Indianola Records)
Emmure (Victory Records)
Vanna (Epitaph Records)
Our Last Night (Epitaph Records)
Till We Die (Locomotive/Ryko Records)
Means (Facedown Records)
It Prevails (Rise Records)
Trophy Scars
(The Death Scene / Small Town Records U.K.)
Mercury Switch (Indianola Records)
Mindset X (Rat Pack Records)
Hell With-In (Lifeforce Records)
And Then There Were None (13 Star Records)
Last Chance To Reason (Tribunal Records)
Since The Flood (Metal Blade Records)
Beyond The Embrace (Metal Blade Records)
Armor For The Broken (City Is Burning Records)
XQuickSilver (FightTheScene/Norotek/ADAM Worldwide/Sony Records)
The Jonah Veil (13 Star Records)
Dead Legend (Masquerade Records)
(The End Records -Galy Records - Ascendance Records)


Rewritting Forgotten Words (7) Song EP
(for Streaming of songs)Vist

Set List

No Covers all originals:
Set usally lasy about 40 - 60 mins.