Chapter 6

Chapter 6

 Utica, Michigan, USA


Chapter 6 is a professional a cappella band from Illinois: Comprised of six vocalists and one arranger, Chapter 6 is the only vocal ensemble to win both the International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella and the prestigious National Harmony Sweepstakes. Among subsequent honors, Chapter 6 has appeared with the National Symphony Orchestra at The Kennedy Center and was featured on American Idol: Season 7 in conjunction with bandmate, Luke Menard. The group was also voted Entertainer of the Year and Music Artist of the Year by both APCA and Campus Activities Magazine Readers Choice Awards.

The family-friendly Chapter 6 show features a light-hearted blend of intricate pop/jazz harmonies that brings spontaneous bursts of applause and laughter. The group's versatility and appeal knows no bounds, capturing audiences of all ages and musical tastes with their repertoire ranging from American popular to original songs to clever medleys, including their signature six-minute version of The Wizard of Oz which earned a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award. In season, their Christmastime Concert is a favorite among venues offering holiday programming. Their reputation has resulted in one of the most diverse touring schedules in the music industry.

Prior to winning their first competition in 2000, Chapter 6 came together in the Millikin University School of Music in Decatur, Illinois. Upon the graduation of a majority of its members, the group took a leap of faith as they entered the professional market in January 2002. Since then, Chapter 6 has received numerous awards for their technique, performance and original arrangements.

Conveying their unique sound and irrepressible charisma in the studio as well as on stage, Chapter 6 has appeared on numerous regional, national and international television and radio programs including ABC Televisions Good Morning America and The Kathy & Judy Show (WGN Radio, Chicago). Their 5 self-distributed albums have sold over 50,000 copies worldwide. More recently, Chapter 6 arranged and recorded jingles for XMG Corporation's "Winning Colors Multi-Cleaner."

Having performed in 44 of the United States and 3 countries, this ensemble has proven its universal appeal. Whether for an audience of 3 or 30,000, these young men stand ready to sing for anyone who's ready to smile!

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It's About Time

Written By: Mark Grizzard

It's about time that we finally did something
It's about time,
instead of just wasting the days
'cause we're not promised tomorrow
so it's about that time
we got this underway

I know you think you got another couple years or so
to sit around and make up your mind
about whatever it is that you're probably gonna wanna do
But if instead you're getting used to sleeping in and hanging out
I think you're likely to find
that a few of those decisions are beginning to be made for you

So it's about time . . .
it's about that time . . .
And we'd better get started--
oh, it's about that time

God's Love

Written By: Jarrett Johnson

In this world full of
chaos and combat
It's a blessing to serve a God that
sees beyond all that I do wrong
He forgives,
I repent and then move on
Never taking for granted His mercy
or the gifts and talents
He's given me
Lay all my burdens on Him to bear
through everything
He's always there

(And that's why)
I thank Him for all that He's done
(He didn't have to do it)
Sacrificing His only Son
(He's everything to me)
He is the beginning and end
(The Alpha and Omega)
My Savior, my Lord, and my friend

God's love is a wondrous thing
(He's always giving)
as water from a flowing stream
(it's never-ending)
Agape love, unconditional
(I don't deserve it)
Because of grace, He loves me
more than I'll ever know

Growing up I learned a lesson
treat your enemy
as your best friend
Forgive and forget and
turn the other cheek
for a child of God is
humble and meek
It's the way you have to live
to know Him
to ensure your place in Heaven
Just spread love in all you do
'cause He does the same for you

Love is patient, love is kind
It's never late, it's right on time
It's the test of a man
who's obeying God's will
It doesn't envy, it doesn't boast
It's the thing that matters most
God's love will never fail

Lost In Canada

Written By: A.D. Stonecipher & Nathan Pufall

Somewhere out in Canada,
lost out here in Canada
What's a kilometer?
How much is a litre?
How'd I get in Canada?

We're on our way to sing
in Buffalo
I knew that we should have
turned right in Ohio
'Cause now we're in the
strangest place I've ever seen
Where people are polite
and all the streets are clean

Somewhere out in Canada,
lost out here in Canada
What is the exchange rate?
Time zones make it feel late.
Why am I in Canada?

The customs had us thinking
the trip was a failure
They brought out the dogs
to sniff our van and trailer
The vending machines
won't take my five
Will someone be offended
if I order french fries?

Somewhere out in Canada,
lost out here in Canada
Where is a red mountie?
I'm lost in rural county!
What am I in Canada?

Are there any black Canadians?
Will I ever find some friends?
Hockey-- I can't play it,
"Eh?"-- I just won't say it
Whoa, get me out of Canada

O Canada, to us you are so dear
We're sure the Expos
will win it all next year
From your fields of wheat
to your fields of wheat
So glorious and free
O Canada,
we stand on guard for thee

The healthcare system
can't be beat
And I can have
all the flapjacks I can eat
So many northern women
to try and flatter
We're somewhere in Ontario
our troubles do not matter!

Take me back to Canada,
anywhere in Canada
Never any wars,
lots of lovely shores
Take me back to Canada!

Rendre-moi au Canada,
quelque part dans Canada
Ne jamais de guerre,
beaucoup de l'eau et terre,
Rendre-moi au Canada!

The 7th Wheel

Written By: Mark Grizzard

Just have a seat,
hope you enjoy the show
Behind you in the shadows
is someone you'll never know
I'm that extra face
on the CD cover,
the one without star appeal
I make it Chapter 6 plus 1,
I'm just the 7th wheel

I used to sing in choir;
they put me in the back row
They said it's 'cause I was tall,
but I think it's 'cause
I wasn't a very good singer
So, I began arranging songs to be
part of the team, but still,
I am unseen behind the scenes,
I'm just the 7th wheel

So, I will sit at this soundboard
until the show is through
And pretend that I know what
all these knobs and buttons do

If somebody gets sick,
I take their spot onstage
So, I think I'll make Luke
a turkey sandwich
with four-year-old mayonnaise
I bet Andreas Carlsson knows
exactly how I feel
(He's the guy who wrote
"Bye, bye, bye")
I'm just the 7th wheel

Oh, I could get upset,
but I guess I'll have to deal
And write this song
and give the solo to the 7th wheel


Written By: lyrics by Mark Grizzard

Whenever you're playing some music
and you want a fancier tone,
Just put a little reverb on it--
It's like a Glamour Shot for microphones.

So give me reverb
on my solo,
Reverb makes it sound allright.
Reverb in the morning,
Reverb all through the night.

If I don't get the words right,
If I'm singing out of key,
All you'll hear is bunches of slurred stuff
and that'll be fine with me.

So give me reverb
on my solo,
Reverb makes it sound allright.
Reverb in the morning,
Reverb all through the night.

Now we're really getting somewhere,
Now we're really sounding cool;
But now let's make it seem like I'm singing
in an empty swimming pool.

How about a bit of a break from
all the reverb in the sound?
Kinda hard to hear all these jazz chords
with that echo bouncing around.

Now give me reverb
on the chorus,
Reverb makes this part outta sight.
Reverb in the morning,
reverb all through the night.

Give me reverb
at the end, now,
Reverb makes us sound pretty tight.
Oh, reverb in the morning,
Reverb all through the night.
Reverb all through the night . . .
Reverb . . .

Parody of "Fever" by John Davenport and Eddie Cooley

Half A Conversation

Written By: Mark Grizzard

Before you say that I haven’t been noticing
That we got ourselves in quite a mess,
You ought to know that I notice entirely
But don’t see why I should be depressed.
Now I know that this is no laughing matter
And things don’t look so good,
So I want to tell you that I’m taking it seriously
But only just as much as I think I should.

And if you’re focused on our problems
And if that’s all you’ve thought about;
I hope you take the time to notice
The way it all seems to work out.

Now if what you said was that it isn’t a good thing
That I just shrugged and said, “Oh, we’ll be fine,”
Then even if this ends in catastrophe,
I’m pretty sure I’m right this time.

And if you’re stressing on the details
And if your confidence is doubt;
I hope you take the time to notice
The way it all seems to work out.

Fear can keep us in control,
But maybe faith is the way to go.

And if you’re stressing on the details
And if your confidence is doubt;
I hope you take the time to notice
The way it all seems to work out.


With the Windows Down -- latest CD release puts a Chapter 6 spin on songs by the Beatles, Coldplay, Steely Dan and more, and features four original songs.

Chapter 6 In Concert -- the much-anticipated live concert DVD recorded in January 2005-- includes Chapter 6 standards and favorites as well as selections not previously recorded by the group. Also included: behind the scenes footage-- interviews, fun & antics on the road.

Swingshift - CD release including audience favorites "The Wizard of Oz" (received 2005 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award for Best Humor Song) and "Lost in Canada"

Christmastime - First holiday recording including "Christmas Time Is Here" and exciting arrangements of "Sleigh Ride" and "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"

Chapter 6: Live - Live performance recording featuring "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Pick Up the Pieces"

A Cappella 101 - Debut album during college years featuring "Istanbul" and "Jump, Jive 'n Wail"

Set List

Chapter 6 typically performs a 65 - 75 minute set which includes selections from the following repertoire:

Bohemian Rhapsody
Change the World
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy/James Bond Theme
Don’t You Worry ’Bout A Thing
Eleanor Rigby
Go Tell It On the Mountain
God's Love
How Deep Is Your Love
I Wanted to Say
I've Known You All My Life
It’s About Time
Jump, Jive & Wail
Lost In Canada
Mercy, Mercy Me
My Tribute
Ode To Krispy Kreme
Penny Lane
Pick Up the Pieces
Pinball Number Count
Pure Imagination
Rhapsody in Blue
Sweet, Sweet Spirit
The Root Beer Song
The 7th Wheel
There I Go
Theme and Variations on
It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing
Viva La Vida
What A Wonderful World
When In Our Music God Is Glorified
The Wizard Of Oz
Your Smiling Face

Seasonal Selections:
Away In A Manger
Carol Of the Bells
Christmas Time Is Here
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy/James Bond Theme
Gabriel’s Message
Hark! The Hera