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You have made it to the final round of The Best New Song In The World Contest 2009. There are still 14 great songs left. Everyone can still win the title of TBNS, since the difference between the amount of the votes is not very high. Again we want to emphasize that it would important to wake up also your fans and to get somehow in touch with the media. It's very difficult for us to contact the media elsewhere than here in our homecountry. The biggest newspaper here in Finland has written allready two times about this contest, but if we look at the future it's much more important to get puplicity elsewhere than here.

We had 392 songs from 56 countries in the contest. The amount of countries was more than we expected, but we hoped for more songs and artists. Still the quality was very good and this was the first time and we also have much to learn. The final started yesterday, we hope it's going to be good one and that all of you will also enjoy listening to the other songs, which are in final. If the contest doesn't achieve this year big media visibility, we have enjoyded this experience. We hope to be back soon.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reply.

We all here at Contestium wish you GOOD LUCK! - Contestium

"Angelface Review"


(Self Release) Reviewed 25th November 2009

Don’t panic, this is not a hip hop act, but a new rock band from Switzerland, Natalie Chandra is also an artiste in her own right. Founders guitarist James Ender and drummer Fred Wiederkehr met in a rock covers band called ‘Time Bandits’, and the music they produce is a big melting pot of classic rock, bits of Purple, Metallica, Queen, G&R, Lizzy, The Runaways, Lacuna, Nightwish, Paramore, Banshees, and goodness knows what else, all brought bang up to date. The songs career along like a runaway train, and are catchier than the bout of flu I’ve just had, but a damn site more fun. If this doesn’t get you dancing, then check your pulse. They also put lots of fun and interesting bits in the songs, folk singing, new age, bagpipes, guitar solos, electronica, orchestra, all sorts, which really bring a smile to your face, there’s always a surprise around the corner. There’s also plenty of variety, the hip beat of ‘Scorned’ , the strut of ‘Stupefy Myself’, and the Purplish boogie of ‘Synchronicity’ complete with a rollicking ‘Jon Lord’ organ solo. Two songs really stand out, the truly epic symphonic stomping metal of ‘Sukhmet’s Summoning’, and the jaw dropping final cut, ‘Slumber With the Bogeyman’ which I am struggling to describe, I’ll have a bash at symphonic, hip hop, rock, metal. In Natalie they have a major talent, she could sing the telephone directory and make it sound good. Her passion, power, lyrics and sheer presence leap out of the speakers, forget the X Factor, this lady has it by the bucket load. This is a truly outstanding debut, available at CD Baby (just search for Angelface), and well worthy of 9.5/10 (Reviewed by Phil) - Ravenheart Music UK


The Best New Song in the World Contest 2009 has reached the stage when the finalists from 56 countries which entered are known.  The representant of our country is Chapter II feat. Natalie Chandra. The votes cast in the preliminary rounds are valid for the duration of the contest. At this time our song is in the position 1. The differences between the votes are very small, so every single vote is important and that is why the positions vary from day to day. At the end of January the number of songs will decrease to twelve based on public votes and at the end of February the winner will be determined.  For further information <>  and Karin Pessi,  - Contestium


Angelface LP release 2009
Heavy Metal Nation LP Compilation release 2009
Sin Eater LP Natalie Chandra
release 2008



The Seven Pages of Chapter II
The Story Of Swiss Rock Band Chapter II

A great book is made up of well written chapters and pages. In this case, Chapter II has seven “pages” that make the perfect “chapter.” However, this is not a book - this is a band. The seven “pages” of this “chapter” are all professional musicians bound together with talent and creativity to form the bookends to the new Swiss rock band, Chapter II.

The story of Chapter II begins with a trip back in time to a rock cover band named Time Bandits. It was in this cover band in 2003 that guitarist and bassist James Ender met drummer Freddy Wiederkehr and sound engineer Peter Krattiger. The experiences these three professionals would share while performing with Time Bandits was vitally important. Ender explains, “The three of us developing our relationships and talents would be integral to the formation of Chapter II later on. Each of us brought something to the table, especially the technical expertise of Peter.”

By 2007, Ender, Wiederkehr and Krattiger had evolved beyond Time Bandits and began to experiment with new styles and compositions. In early 2008, the three took a new direction and a new name; Chapter II. “We thought the name reflected the fact that this would be the second chapter of our careers as professional musicians,” says Ender. Initially, Chapter II was an instrumental and studio-only band with a styled mix of classic rock, symphonic rock and folk. The compositions had hints of Metallica and Guns N’ Roses blended with influences from Finnish metal band Nightwish and the symphonic sounds of German medieval band Inextremo.

Chapter II continued to evolve in 2009 as the band began to lay demos in the studio for their debut album. They added additional experienced musicians with the same passion and professionalism for music. These members were Jürg Burkhard on keyboard who was from the well-known duet Piano Twins. Also they tapped the skills of guitarist Thomas Kesenheimer who had in depth experience both on stage and in the studio. Urs Haller, the gifted bassist from Time Bandits was also brought in as the band formed.

It seemed the “pages” of Chapter II were almost complete, but they were missing one central part – a vocalist. The band members began a search for the perfect lead singer for their unique style. They needed the final seventh “page” to complete the Chapter II lineup. It wasn’t easy to task to find a match but their search would pay off. In February, 2009 they discovered the talents of Natalie Chandra, who was already a well accomplished vocalist. Natalie would be an essential addition to the band, bringing with her the talents of operatic-range vocals and lyric writing skills.

In early 2009, with all seven “pages” of Chapter II in place, it was time to realize the goal of the first studio album, entitled Angel Face. Containing twelve original tracks with lyrics written by Chandra, Angel Face displayed a plethora of styles forged into one. The album was a multi-faceted musical milieu that reflected the synergy of each member’s musical input. Angel Face was a full fury of blazing hard rock sounds. It was filled with the thunderous collisions of orchestral compositions, hooky synthesizer melodies and throbbing and pulsating bass lines. With the addition of Chandra’s physically powerful vocals and Joan Jett/Patt Benatar style, Angel Face became a twelve track aural assault of filled with shock and awe.

Chapter II began live performances in August of 2009 in support of the Angel Face release in November, 2009. The positive reviews followed quickly. “On Angel Face the rock comes fast and furious as blasts of roaring guitars punctuate swirls of synthesizer in an all-out attack of goth-influenced and hook-filled hard rock.” - Angel Face continued the musical assault with awards and recognition as well, featuring Chapter II as Artist of the Week on in April, 2009. Recognition for the singles off the album were apparent when Platinum Auddy Awards were given on for four of the band’s singles; “Sulphur Anemia,” “Stop Looking Away,” “Sometimes,” and “Scorned.”

The seven “pages” in Chapter II have only just begun their journey with their first album. Their tour dates continue to increase as new fans discover their unique sound. All of the members are highly motivated when performing their compositions live, and they enjoy spending time with each other on the road. Ender states, “Each gig has is a profound moment in itself … each performance brings all of us closer together, both musically and creatively.” The fans definitely can feel the power and energy from the live sets, and all the band members live to rock it out on stage. “It’s easy, we just can’t be without rock n’ roll, and we live for the energy when we connect with the audience,” says Ender.

Chapter II looks forward to their sophomore release in 2011 and continued gigs and live sets.