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"Album Review"

Released: 14th April 2006Label: Levelsound
In rock there have always been maverick acts that have mixed differing musical genres to great effect; The funk rock of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers before they got all grown up on us, the crazed ska rock of Fishbone and of course the incendiary Faith No More a band that inspired an entire genre Nu Metal [although you won’t find them taking the credit for it] and it’s the later that Bristol’s Chapter XIII are clearly emulating. The catchy keyboard lines back up chunky riffs and slap bass action that Flea would be proud of on opening salvo “Lucky Day” an infectious track with its electronic drum beginning and “Real Thing” style melody and former single “The Last Time” a strong number but without the spirit of reckless abandonment that their predecessors so epitomised. Able though they may be Chapter XIII aren’t going to win any prizes for originality and on tracks like “Lately” they delve into bad Chilli Peppers pastiche with too many cliqued guitar parts that while well written sound contrived. The band also start to jump genre too frequently such as on “Hit Me” when the ghost of Eddie Vedder rears its head, sure taking from the best is one thing and will get you so far but when your merely recreating parts of other people’s work [even if they are the finer ones] you’re still going to sound like your trying too hard, something the aforementioned acts never had to do. This album is immaculately produced and they manage to structure their material well even though the keyboards occasionally make a nod to late nineties house music in places but where the music is accessible and catchy it’s got as much danger to it as a H.I.M. record. The main problem with this release is that for all its any good points Chapter XIII really need to find their own voice in order to progress to the next level and without the charisma of a Mike Patton or Anthony Kiedis the band lack the potential to breakthrough into the mainstream rock market instead of merely highlighting how great this bands’ influences are. Ross Baker For more information you can visit: Review by: Rose Baker Disagree with this review? Want to add your own comments or opinions? Use the comments box below, or start a discussion in the FORUM

- Glasswerk

"Album Review"

Chapter XIII - Dream Salvation (Level Sound) Reviewed By Steve Rudd

The debut single from this here Bristol quintet in the undeniably cool cut The Last Time understandably caught the attention of both aficionados of great music and A&R men in high places. Well, in theory such a single should have done, as should this full-length release that stunningly bears testament to just what this band is trying to achieve. Fronted by Gareth Marshall, Chapter XIII (that's Chapter 13 for those poor souls not familiar with their Roman Numerals), it's obvious from the off that this band is all for attempting to be as innovative and forward-thinking as possible.
Their album-opening Lucky Day anthem, for starters, is quite unlike anything doing the rounds in the rock world right now, being both breathtaking and uplifting in one fell swoop.
Metal influences stylishly clash with Electro impulses, so that the title track itself - the so-called Dream Salvation - succeeds in being an intensely exciting marriage of hard-driving metal riffage and Electronic beeps and bleeps. The net effect is naturally mesmerising. All thirteen tracks manage to be fiercely unique, with other highlights including Miss Me When I'm Dead (that starts as a relatively chilled-out acoustic-driven number before progressing into a ballsy rocker) and the melody-rich Welcome To The Real World.
So, if you liked the dark, HIM-like haunting Metal vibes of The Last Time single release, you might be surprised by the variety of influences that pepper this album at large.If, alternatively, you've never heard Chapter XIII before, then now's the time to hear what you've been missing... Email for more info.

- This is Ull

"Album Review"

Chapter XIII - Dream Salvation
Bristol Boys Chapter XIII release their debut album Dream Salvation and, my, what an eclectic mix it is! With influences ranging from The Beatles to Cypress Hill it’s virtually impossible to pigeon hole the boys. In there own words they play ‘progressive, eclectic rock’ and that’s a good enough summing up for me! With an American sound, the boys sound a lot like Faith No More while, in places, lead singer Gareth sounds not dissimilar to Anthony Keidis in his early days (on ‘Don’t break me down’ it could be the Chillies front man himself!)The Pearl jam influence is also pretty clear on tracks like “Hit me” where Gareth wanders into Eddie Vedder territory. For me the best song is the opener ‘Lucky Days’, a mish mash of synths and electronic drums and a sign of the diverse delights to come. The lasts song ‘Cold Black Tea’ is not great but c’mon everyone’s allowed to make mistakes!Perhaps comparisons to some of the greatest rock bands to grace the earth will hinder the boy’s success but then if you’re going to be influenced by someone you may as well learn from the best eh? Christine Toner
4M Music
- 4M Music

"Album Review"

Chapter XIII - Dream Salvation
Chapter XIII are a five piece from Bristol and their album “Dream Salvation” is released on April 10th. I think this is a wonderful album that mostly defies compartmentalisation. It’s an eclectic mixture of trance, pop, metal and hip hop. It’s great to hear something so fresh, something that melds so many different styles of music and still manages to sound fantastic.
From the escalating “Happening Now” to the tinkling piano in “Dust To Dust”, all the tracks have one thing in common, terrific bass lines. And a lot of the tracks borrow from metal genres. “The Last Time” manages to mix strings with hip hop and metallic vibes and “Lately” mixes metal with rap. It’s got a big fat chorus and just a hint of Rammstein.
Electronic music also features in the tracks “Lucky Day”, a blend of harmonies and electronic metal with soft melodic vocal, and “Dream Salvation” where trance trips over the underlying electronica. “Miss Me When I’m Dead” is an excellent rock pop, great vocal hooks, very catchy.
There are a few tracks that have hints of established artists such as Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers in “I’m Alive” and “Cold Black Tea” respectively. “I’m Alive” has a beautiful riff, fabulous melodic hook. It’s awesome, gorgeous; I can visualise a video with someone standing on clifftops playing guitar. One of my favourite tracks is “Don’t Break Me Down” which has a bouncy, stomping, steady beat. It’s also very easy to get into the lyrics on this album, a good example of which would be “Welcome To The Real World” and “Cold Black Tea” with it’s indignant rhythm, and chorus of “I need my space, get out of my face, yes it’s true, yes I do”.
This is an arena filling cheerful album with a great new take on some very old school genres.

- Jukebox

"Album Review"

Chapter XIII - Dream Salvation (Levelsound)
UK release date:

track listing1. Lucky Day2. The Last Time3. Miss Me When I'm Dead4. Lately5. I'm Alive6. Don't Break Me Down7. Dream Salvation8. Hit Me9. Dust To Dust10. Happening Now11. Fall12. Welcome To The Real World13. Cold Black Tea There's a reason why rock records can't be marked or scored like job applications. Let's imagine, for a moment, that a form was produced to do just that, with lots of tick-boxes and sections to be marked loosely out of three or five. Expertly played funky slap bass? Get a point. Confident vocal delivery in an American style? Two points. Efficient plucking of numerous musical nostalgia strings from well-loved rock anthems? Maybe ten points - it's a big winner with the punters, after all. The thing is, such a score-sheet would likely mark out Dream Salvation as one of the rock albums of the year. It ticks all the right boxes, and does so with professionalism and vigour. That score would be wrong, though. This is a very good album, don't get me wrong, but there's something missing here, and it's stopping Chapter XIII realising the awesome potential they clearly have.Let's get back to those good bits, though, as there are many. Chapter XIII may be from Bristol, but they've clearly got their hearts in California funk-rock. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and especially Faith No More are clear influences throughout, along with a dash of West Coast progressive house music to boot. Like Faith No More, they throw a huge variety of genres into the mix, and similarly pull most of them together with controlled precision and flair. Opener Lucky Day kicks off with a spiky synth intro and electronic drums before introducing all the ingredients that swim in the Chapter XIII stew - spiky slap bass ala Billy Gould, epic guitar breaks and absurdly infectious keyboard flurries. Previous single The Last Time goes one better on all of these. It almost stands up to Faith No More in their Real Thing period, although minus Patton (which is a big minus).On Lately and I'm Alive, Chapter XIII drift firmly into Chili Peppers territory, and the worry signs start to appear. Both are good tracks, and verge on greatness at times, but there's that niggling something hidden amongst the cheesy guitar breaks. Then on Don't Break Me Down it hits - vocalist Mark Nelmes is sounding just that bit too much like Anthony Kiedis. Except that's just when he's in Kiedis Territory. Check out Hit Me, with its oh-so Pearl Jam riff and all of a sudden he sounds more like Eddie Vedder. He never sounds like Mike Patton, but in fairness no-one but Patton himself has ever managed that. You never get the feeling that you know what Nelmes' own vocal style is - it just sounds like a collage of his influences.The myriad of ideas and sources that have gone into Dream Salvation have been well glued together, but (despite great production throughout) the edges still show. There's some really bizarre keyboard moments here too, especially on the Robert Miles style piano motif to Dust To Dust which, just like the rest, is still a really good song. Go figure.Also, given the comparisons above, it's all very safe. Where the Chili's had Kiedis' libido, Faith No More had the insanity of Patton and Fishbone had the insanity of the whole band, there's just no rock 'n' roll danger here. In this aspect Dream Salvation is almost like the Rasmus' second album - often superb, but much derided as it's just not all that rock'n'roll. Get to the absurdly poppy closing track - which is almost boy-band material - and you can't help feel that this must be intentional. Maybe that's where we need to put the all these concerns aside. As a pop-rock album, Dream Salvation is superb, and, given the right exposure, it's got hit potential written all over it. It's a great rock album too, but in this respect they're setting themselves a much tougher goal.Dream Salvation has a habit, in its best moments, of reminding us of even better moments from bands that came before. This can only make them seem second best. They've got the chops, they just need the attitude. After all, if they want to be kings of the pond, they're going to have to make like Yertle the Turtle and climb up on top to assert their glory.- Chris Ingold



Chapter XIII
Firstly, how did you guys get together? Probably a question you’re getting really bored of now, but it has to be asked!Tadpole - EJ and Mark had always been in various bands together at school whilst Chris and I met working in an an advertising agency in Bristol. After eventually playing with the worst musicians in the area we found each other on a hill for sad and needy rock bands. Gareth saw us one day and thought...mmmm.Where does the name come from?Tadpole - I was reading a book one day, got to Chapter 13 and thought “ I can read !“ and the name was born. No seriously it means something different to everyone who sees it. It's pretty dark and seems to convey something of our musical personality.I read somewhere that you’re influences ranged form The Beatles to Snoop Dogg, that’s pretty eclectic! And, from listening to your album, I think it’s actually pretty difficult to pigeon hole you but how would you describe your sound to people who’ve not yet heard your stuff?Mark - We don’t really aim to have a particular sound. We all bring our own influences (which are really varied) and ideas when we write and as long as it rocks and works, it sticks. Chris – Essentially, we are a rock band but with a whole lot more.I have heard you described as “a lost prophets style act with a grungier edge”? Is that an insult or a compliment to you? (For the record, it wasn’t my comparison!)Gareth -To be honest, we don’t really mind who people compare us to as long as the music makes them want to stop and take the time to listen.Do you write all your own music?Yes!You recently supported the Stranglers, what was that like?Tadpole – I was choked.EJ - It was an awesome experience and we got so much out of it. Chris – We could do that every night.Tadpole – I'm still choked.How did the crowds take to you? Mark - We had an excellent response considering we were new on the scene. We had loads of great feedback – people were saying that we were the best support they have ever seen.Tadpole – One of the Stranglers fans told us that he'd seen the Stranglers 120 times and had never stayed around to watch the support act, but he watched us and bought an album.Any plans to tour again soon?We are on the road most of the summer doing the festival circuit and other gigs. If you could support anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?Gareth – David Lee RothChris – PILMark- FishboneTadpole – Julian CopeEJ - NWAWhich new bands do you rate? How do you think the British rock scene is at the moment?Mark - Even though there are some good bands around like Cohead and Canbria, Trivium, The Arctic Monkeys, overall, the scene seems a bit lame - lacking in energy and conviction.Tadpole – Give us more guitar!What’s your been your career highlight so far?Tadpole - Supporting the Stranglers. In fact every time we play it makes us better as a band, it helps us to form a cohesive link between the music and our personalities. This makes every gig the highlight of our career so far.What’s next for the band? When is your next single?Chris - A summer of festivals and the single “Miss Me When I’m Dead” being released in July.Finally where do you see Chapter XIII in ten years time?Gareth - Playing music. Toner
4M Music
- 4m Music

"Raglan Music Festival"

Hi Wendy
I've got to keep this brief as I'm due back at the venue in 5 mins, but can I just say what an absolute delight
it was to have Chapter XIII open the festival. They truly are 'the dog's bollocks' and we loved them. The band are extremely
professional and have a great attitude.. There are at least 3 big singles off the last album, Richard and I (husband and sound engineer) can't
stop playing it. We very much look forward to the next album and the band deserve massive success and recognition.
Please could you let me know when the band are gigging next, we've got to see them!

Thanks for all your help in getting this together.
Very best wishes.

Stage Manager

- Stage Manager

"Help For Charity"


08:00 - 28 March 2007

Elements nightclub at Bath University hosted a live music event in aid of The Forever Friends Appeal.Money is still coming in, but it's hoped that the evening will have raised more than £100 from its student audience.

It was organised by six students from the University of Bath who wanted to bring something different to the local students, as live music is in great shortage on campus. Sponsored by Domino Pizza's, the show included rock, funk, ska and punk.

Opening the evening were Chapterxiii from Bristol, who have supported The Stranglers on tour with their own brand of rock, and although they're from Bristol they've clearly got their hearts in California funk-rock.

We have seen this band live on a number of occasions and each show is individual and with an increased level of energy. This gig was no different and brought with it a plethora of new material from the boys and the crowd saw and heard something really special, an innovative and diverse sound. These guys have graduated from a struggling rock band to something more in keeping with the likes of Muse and RHCP.

Chapterxiii have only one way to go and that is up. Signed to Levelsound Music Limited, and with their debut single Miss Me When I'm Dead released last November, the boys are back in the studio in April to record new tracks for a follow up EP.

They have a busy summer of festivals and are appearing on the main stage at Keynsham Music Festival on July 8.

The night was a great success with all of the bands generating an immense atmosphere and during the change over periods of the bands some funky beats were provided by one of the University's resident DJs Olly Whittal.

We are now hoping that the university will provide more nights where music is performed live and break the mould of cheesy pop and dingy clubs. All three bands hope to be back at Elements in the near future. Thank you once again to Domino Pizzas for their support.

Jan Harte and Alan Connolly

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- Bath Evening Chronicle


First single, “MISS ME WHEN I’M DEAD” released on 6th November 06. This is the first offering from the album …………
“DREAM SALVATION” - Local and National Radio in UK. Also Student Fan Radio plays. New material will be recorded in during the summer of 07.



Chapter Xiii have been together for two years writing and performing their own material in the last year their success been amplified with the introduction of Gareth. The Band provid their fans with one hell of a show and a sound completely unique to them.
Since Gareth joined the interest in Chapter Xiii has rocketed with an impressive gigging record that speaks for itself, recently supporting "The Stranglers" on their UK tour, Main Support to Wishbone Ash at Raglan Music Festival and also gaining a support slot for Midge Ure at The West Wilshire Show, the largest Free Music Festival in the South West of Uk, They have headlinied the Barfly, Camden not once but three separate occasions and much more…………...
Chapter Xiii are also a favourite of "Wild Plum Promotions" and "Up all night" two of the major players in the original music scene in the UK due to the bands electrifying show.
Signed to "Levelsound " , Chapter Xiii set about recording their first album "Dream Salvation" Taken from this album is their debut single "Miss me when I'm dead" which is hit the stores on 6th November 2006 via RTD/Universal Music Operations.
Chapter Xiii are followed this up with gigs around the UK to promote the release and are constantly writing new material, so no Chapter Xiii gig is ever the same. Major festivals have been poaching their time, with appearances in the summer of 2006 at GLASTONBUGET, THE GREAT DORSET STEAM FAIR, ROCKINBEERFEST and COMPASS POINT (Wales), Bournemouth Live and in 2007 Raglan Music Festival, Keynsham Music Festival, Yellow Chopper Festival (Wales) The West Wilshire Show, A38 Bikers Rally. Chapter Xiii have a great Internet presence with 100s of hits to the home site every day -
Chapter Xiii also maintain a excellent myspace site. A force to be reckoned with - they are as intimidating to play with as invigorating to listen to.