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"Tegan Quin Takes A Producer Role"

You may have to wait a little longer for the next album from Tegan and Sara, but I promise you, they're being productive. In between recording their follow-up to The Con, the twins have been working on a book, and both helping out fellow friend musicians. An Horse is a product of Sara Quin's own repping, as she is part of their A&R team.

So what's Tegan been up to? Besides singing a track on ex-Sparta member Jim Ward's new Jim Ward EP, she's been producing the debut EP from out artist char2d2 (née Charla McCutcheon, no relation to Shane).

The EP, Small Vampires, is poised to be a new favorite of anyone who likes any artist mentioned in the above two paragraphs. Char2d2 makes lo-fi indie pop with guitars, keyboards and sweet and light vocals that would have fit nicely on the soundtrack for But I'm a Cheerleader (seriously — what a great soundtrack).

It's only six songs, but definitely worth a download once released in the upcoming months. You can hear some music on her MySpace, but my favorites (sad goodbye track "Don't Want To" and insatiable drum-piano infused love tune about after-hours rendezvous "You Are a Small Vampire"), you'll have to wait for.

You'll be hearing more from char2d2 if you're awaiting Rachael Cantu's new full-length as well: Charla does some backing keys and vocals on a few tracks.

I know, I know — it's a lot of waiting. Until then, listen to The Con or Rearrange Beds for the 100th time. I'll keep you posted on release dates for char2d2 and Rachael's albums in the meantime. - Trish Bendix of

"Sing Along With CHAR2D2"

Sing Along with char2d2

Published: July 25, 2009

There may be small vampires but there are no small tracks on the debut album from Vancouver band char2d2. The EP, titled Small Vampires, features six charming pop melodies and soft love songs that don’t give way to tears as the strong guitars and quick underlying rhythms keep the songs up-tempo.

Officially char2d2 is Charla McCutcheon. The addition of Eric Breitenbach on drums completes the duo. No stranger to the Vancouver music scene, McCutcheon was a member of the local indie-pop band Bella before leaving for Paris and coming home again to form char2d2.

It is not surprising that Small Vampires’ stirring pop sound is reminiscent of Tegan and Sara as Tegan Quin of the famous Canadian dup produced the album. But char2d2 manages to maintain their own sound that will stimulate the listener’s senses without losing their simple indie-pop appeal.

The title track, You are a small vampire, is a mellow song, featuring sweet lyrics and the simple wish, “Can I be the one that you wake up at 6am?/And we talk to the clouds until we fall back asleep again” McCutcheon’s soft melodic vocals are complimented by compelling backing drums and her own formidable guitar playing and the result is an inspiring track that will make you want to sing along while quietly resolving to chase the love of your life to any corner of the earth.
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Whether catchy rhythms (Some Will Have to Go) or softer songs more conducive to quiet reflection (I Am Safe), the Small Vampires EP from char2d2 is full of engaging pop inflections and strong instrumentation and the band has all the makings to put an impressive dent in the Vancouver music scene before setting their sights higher.

Small Vampires is available for purchase on, or to download on itunes. For a listen visit their MySpace page and if you like what you hear char2d2 is playing live at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver this Thursday, July 30th. - Julie Christine at

"CD Reviews CHAR2D2"

Ex-Bella member Charla McCutcheon's solo debut was produced by Tegan of Tegan & Sara and features six seriously romantic songs, such as "I Am Safe" and "Some Will Have to Go." Made for new coupling and late nights. - Stuart Derdeyn of the Province (newspaper)


Small Vampires EP (2009) produced by Tegan Quin (Tegan & Sara)
"Take and Send" CBC Radio hit single



After decades of watching Punky Brewster on TV and listening to a secret radio hidden under her mattress, CHAR2D2 eventually left her home in Vancouver and flew to Paris. She returned with the hairdo of a five year old French boy and a fistful of new songs.

These songs made their way to Tegan Quin (Tegan & Sara), who fell madly in love with their sugary pop inflections and insisted on producing CHAR2D2's debut EP. Rounding out the team, John Collins (the New Pornographers) and David Carswell (the Smugglers) stepped in to engineer and mix, and in such a manner, "Small Vampires" was born.

Prior to her re-incarnation as CHAR2D2, Charla McCutcheon played in Vancouver indie pop favorite, Bella (Mint Records). She cut her teeth supporting such acts as the Breeders, Phoenix and Imperial Teen and released two critically acclaimed full length albums, 2007's "No One Will Know" and 2004's "Pretty Mess."