CharacterFlaw stands out amongst every band in the way that the music is written and performed. The band focus is on touring the country and gaining as many fans and supporters as possible. Newly recorded "Dear Life" has been making an impact across the country.


CharacterFlaw is a Spokane, Washington based rock band that strives to
make an impact on the Active Rock / Alternative Rock radio charts. The
band consists of five members with singer Wyatt Wood, lead guitarist
Quinn Tanzer, second guitarist Brandon Boffin, drummer Jason Stephens,
along with bassist Andrew Thorson. Most recently CharacterFlaw
completed a six song EP with Portland, Oregon's own Rob Daiker and
have been impressing fans and critics with the level of
proffesionalism and song writing abilities highlighted throughout the
disc. "Freak" was chosen to go through PromoSquad's Hit Predictor at
the request of EMI and scored very well with a "Close To Top 15" score
for Alternative and "At Least Top 15" for Active Rock. With the
efforts of local and regional radio play, CharacterFlaw is utilizing
the momentum of the record in the best ways possible, by pursuing
radio and by performing along the west coast and mid west gaining fans
and support wherever the band goes.


Freak (Recieving Regional Airplay)
Dear Life (Recieving Regional Airplay)
Fire From Sparks

Set List

Sets vary from
45 min to An hour and a half