Power Rock meets Power Pop meets Power Blues. This band crosses boundaries musically, lyrically and vocally with My Girlfriend is a Reptile, Vroom Vroom and When They're Bleeding.


The band reflects a convergence of many musical styles from the blues to pop to rock. Not content to be typecast, the band uses an array of different singers and instrumentalists to augmnet its sounds whenever necessary. the songs are what sets us apart from other bands as they cross many boundaries - musciallly, lyrically, and vocally.


Albums - Made In America: Under Construction: BluePrint: Way Station: Kid Antrim's Favorites: Taut, Tense and Angular (UK only) and our latest CD - From Under A Rock. Selections from Under A Rock are available on our record company's website -

Set List

My Girlfriend is a Reptile
Just Another Working Day
Secret Agent Man
Am I Speaking English
When They're Bleeding
What I like About You
Nasty Plan
Blah Blah
Insider's Job on My Heart
Please Don't Take My Guitar
Time Zone
One Hit wonder
Born To Be wild
Ghetto Rock
Vroom Vroom
The Game of Love
Suburban Safari
Kiss the Moon
I Want To Tell You
The Rising
I Bet You'll Be At My funeral
Apple Pie
the Answer Is Yes
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry Over You