Chariots of Tuna

Chariots of Tuna


Timeless pop gems played by kind, gentle musicians and sung by ben to the best of his abilities. Ben played with bands like Cake and Wheatus! He's even written musicals. But these indie pop nuggets are really wondrous, and they're already getting reviews, airplay, and spaces on comps.


What is this new group which has so quickly earned such glowing reviews on blogs around the world, which is suddenly being played on radio stations and web stations in countries as diverse as Greece and Brazil?

In fact, Chariots of Tuna is not entirely new. In 1999, in Sacramento, Ben Morss began recording songs under the name “Chariots of Tuna” for indie-pop compilations such as I Made It out of Clay (Little Shirley Beans Records) and Candycore! (Asaurus Records). Then, looking for a change of pace, he moved to New York City. And the band was no more.

Then, in 2008, Ben, Dan Davine, Shawn Setaro, and Rus Wimbish were all playing together in the theatrical classical-pop hybrid group, the Infinite Orchestra. But the urge to create beautiful, intricate pop cannot long be suppressed. And in their small practice space in Brooklyn, these skilled musicians hatched a plan to restart Chariots of Tuna. They recorded three songs in that same practice space. Ben sang layers of vocals and overdubbed keyboards late at night while holding his sleeping baby son. And Dan engineered and produced the result. And thus Chariots of Tuna returned to life.

It may be worth noting that Ben has also played keyboard on albums by bands like Cake and Wheatus, that he played with California acid-jazz kings 11:11 at festivals like SXSW and NXNW, that his poppy punk band, The Pilgrims, made the charts of college radio stations nationwide, and that his two children’s musicals have been published by Samuel French. Or that the band features Rus Wimbish (Scurvy) on bass, Shawn Setaro (Martin Bisi, Dresden Dolls) on guitar, and Dan Davine (Avenue Q) on drums.

Ben’s carefully constructed tunes, delicate falsetto harmonies, loungey vibe, and groovy beats recall pop from Of Montreal to Belle and Sebastian, the Shins, and the Decembrists. Songs tell of the ache of long-distance love affairs, the faith and confusion of a woman waiting for her husband to return from World War II, and the simple self-pity of an unloved songwriter.

Chariots of Tuna are on a mission to bring great music to the world. Won’t you join them?

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War Hero

Written By: Ben Morss

In the distance there is thunder
As you come down out of the clouds.
Four long years I have been waiting.
The sky is dark but there is light.
The rushing fills my ears.
The wind, it carries away tears.
Now the world is filled by the sound as you come.

Every day you lived with danger.
It was your friend, like a warm bath.
Back at home, I darned my stockings,
Watched Mickey Mouse, saved chicken fat.
While you were killing men, I planted a Victory Garden.
Now the world is filled by the sound as you come.

Oh, faith is all you have when you lead a love by letters.
Is it everything you need?
If love is all you have, and love is all you need,
Then why are all us people living lives of misery?

Every day in things around me
I could catch hints that you were there,
Something in the crowded places,
Flash of a voice, shine of a hair.
I hope you still love me.
I wonder what I will see.
Now at least the veils are falling away.

I met men every day,
And they all had things to offer,
And they thought they could fill my needs.
But you are my hero.
I hold your memory,
A rope that I grab on to when I fear I’m falling free.

Oh, you are my war hero,
You rise above the crowd,
A note of peace when everything is loud.
You’re everything I hoped for,
The light that fills my sky.
And you put the tears here in my eye.


"fondness makes the heart grow distant" -- self-released, spring 2009

but "War Hero" will be on a compilation put out by Tweefort in august

and it is being played on radio stations and web radio from brazil to greece

and we will also be on a compilation put out by eardrumsmusic in norway.

we also placed tracks on:
"I Made It out of Clay" -- Little Shirley Beans Records
"Candycore!" -- Asaurus Records)

Set List

typically, in a show, we will play songs.

our songs are not too long.

but we do try to pack every moment with something memorable, making the whole more than the sum of its itty bitty parts.