Charissa Johnson

Charissa Johnson


Charissa is an incredibly melodic, lyrically inventive and unique singer-songwriter. The music world will discover this with her first independently produced album, "The Comfort It Brings". Beauty, charisma & amazing songs equal remarkable un-signed talent.



Charissa has written some 200 songs, her beautiful first album was produced and arranged by an all-star Miami team led by Barry Gibbs long-time collaborator, John Merchant. She has channeled her influences Leonard Cohen and Sarah McLachlan into her own formidable songwriting talent. Charissa's personal take on love and life make each song a listening experience and musical journey. Depth is the word, and music to be taken seriously is the theme. The thoughtful listener will be moved in a way that hasn't happened since the 70's.


Felt Like Home

Written By: Charissa Johnson

I never thought I’d feel this way,
All alone, with nothing to say.
And no I don’t want to be here today,
Baby I, I wanted to stay,
Yeah I wanted to stay.

And all I have is the silent phone,
I pick it up and it echoes a drone.
And no I don’t like feeling alone
When your arms felt like home,
Yeah your arms felt like home.

And I, I want to tell you I miss you but you cannot hear.
And I, oh I want to tell you I love you but you are not here.

And I remember the touch of your skin,
Your big green eyes and your lopsided grin,
The way you could take everything in,
Oh and I want to be there again,
Yeah I want to be there again.


And no I don’t know the reason I sing,
‘Cause it doesn’t change anything.
Still a little comfort it brings,
So I’ll sing and maybe you’ll see,
That I need you here with me.

White Chevrolet

Written By: Charissa Johnson

Rosanna can’t sleep at night
She’s a good girl, got in a bitter place
He was riding and she was walking
And she’s always had a pretty face
Take a ride in my white Chevrolet, he said
Take a ride in my white Chevrolet.

And was it her fault ‘cause he smiled when he talked
And she sees the good in everything
And is it her fault that she whistles when she walks
And she’s the type of girl you’re always hearing sing
Oh take a ride in my white Chevrolet, he said
Take a ride in my white Chevrolet.

And no I don’t know, and I can’t understand
What type of world we’re living in
‘Cause she did not agree, yet she was brought to her knees
And he’s still driving around free
And they say that she should have known, she should have known
She never should have walked alone
And she’s known him since the seventh grade
And she got in that white Chevrolet that day, yes she did
She got in that white Chevrolet.

And Rosanna is like a flower
Though I fear now she’s never going to bloom
And she says her favorite place to be
Is sitting right here in this empty room
And she says I hate white Chevrolets, I really do
You know I hate white Chevrolets.

And Rosanna can’t sleep at night
She only sleeps in the day
But she’ll wake up screaming in fright saying
You know I still can hear him say
Take a ride in my white Chevrolet, oh baby
Take a ride in my white Chevrolet.

Is It Right

Written By: Charissa Johnson

You heard a song that made you cry
And it wasn’t even mine
No it wasn’t me this time
You know I didn’t even try

You and all your beautiful friends
You do nothing but pretend
It’s a story with a woeful end
That I opened then put down again

So tell me is it right?
Would you tell me is it fair?
The way you break their hearts
And you don’t care

And you act like you’re a star
In this dark and smoky bar
How’d you ever come so far
Only playing air guitar

Still the girls they flock to you
And you hold them one and two
God, if they only knew
But maybe they’ll get over you

So tell me is it right?
Would you tell me is it fair?
The way you break their hearts
And you don’t care

But in the meantime I’ll be walking
I’m trying to find a place to call my own
Oh and when will you decide
To open up your eyes
You know you miss so many things after all

I saw you the other day
And you looked just the same
Well I guess some things never change
And you’ll always be that way

You and all your beautiful friends
You do nothing but pretend
But your sure to have a lonely end
‘Cause I won’t be coming back again

So tell me is it right?
‘Cause I do not believe it’s fair
The way you break their hearts
And you don’t care

No, and you don’t care
No, you just don’t
No, you just don’t
No you just don’t care


The Comfort It Brings
Available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.
Previous Solo Demo Recordings Available:
"The Colors In You"

Set List

30 song set list of originals w/4 - 5 covers.
She Was Me - CMJ
My Life Is Red - CMJ
Never Felt This Way - CMJ
Are You Above - CMJ
They Come In 3's - CMJ
Romeo & Juliet - Dire Straits/Indigo Girls
Loved Once - CMJ
Cold - CMJ
Who Are You Who - CMJ
Make Him Stay - CMJ
Famous Blue Raincoat - Leonard Cohen
Thought I Might Try - CMJ
Wild Horses - Rolling Stones
White Chevrolet - CMJ
Don't Worry Now - CMJ
Close Your Eyes - CMJ
Felt Like Home - CMJ
Is It Right - CMJ
Write Something Different - CMJ
Letters - CMJ
Faded Gray - CMJ
Suzanne - Leonard Cohen
These Days They Are Like Water - CMJ
Nothing To Talk About - CMJ
His Only Angel - CMJ
Miss You - CMJ
Sophia Says - CMJ
These Songs - CMJ
Norweigan Wood - Lennon, McCartney