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"Their sound has gone out to all the earth. And their words to the ends of the world." -Romans 10:18. We speak the truth. A lot of what people don't want to hear. Our lyrics are sensitive to the ear and piercing to the heart. The heavy guitars and heavy drums MAKE you listen to God's truth.


Our influences are P.O.D, Rage Against The Machine, Disturbed, Thrice, Limp Bizkit. What makes us different is the passion behind the making and ability to improv on the spot. making something completely made up sound like a fully written song! We came together at an Exit Fest that P.O.D was playing at in June 2008. My brother and I were looking for a singer at the time. I ran into Erik at the the concert because he was helping the church he was going to (Golden Springs Calvary Chapel) with the Exit Fest. We started talking at the show and he told me his Life story in 45 seconds... i just remember thinking.."This guy talks fast." He told me he was serious about starting a band and i told him we were looking for a singer, so we traded numbers and he called me the minute i got home, which was around 12:00am. i told my brother about Erik and we all talked about scheduling a practice the following Saturday. We wrote three songs and recorded in September 2008. We wrote more songs after that, played a couple of clubs and went back into the studio in January 2009 to record an album. during this process we were looking for a bass player. We prayed and prayed and everyone we auditioned just wasn't fitting the part. Recently we auditioned a bass player we've had on the list for about a month. The minute he set up his equipment we new this was going to be good. He didn't even have to rehearse the songs and he picked up the songs on the first try. His Heart was on fire for God and we all felt that he was the one. Since then everything has been aiming up. God has so much to show us in life!

A Charism: Plural: CHARIZMATA- From the Greek, charis meaning grace; the divine influence on the receiver's heart, and its reflection in his or her life. It is a power, generally of a spiritual nature, believed to be a freely given gift by the grace of God. ... DESTINY- Power which foreordains; course of events or person's fate; etc. regarded as fixed by this power. ... Now that you have an idea of what CHRAIZMATA truly is, you can better understand this DESTINY. ... Three chosen few of many called, plucked from the cities of Los Angeles, CA. Three boys being molded into men by the Refiner's fire with the sole purpose of becoming WARRIORS to break down the barriers through their music. What once started as a dream, becomes reality: Three specific talents coming together by Divine Appointment. Walking in Faith and taking hell by the throat, forcing it to look at God's Glorious Being. A sleeping giant has awakened by God's grace and with the sound of his war cry, THE BATTLE Begins. ARE YOU READY?


The Battle

Written By: Charizmata

By faith and faith alone
You won’t believe the things I’ve seen
I was standing all alone when the devil tried to steal my dreams
You crushed him with your blood
And now he’s under your feet
Victory’s been won,
I’ve never been so free
I’ll follow you, I’ll follow you wherever you go
I run to you
Without you I’d be here all alone,
I’ll follow you, I’ll follow you in to the son,
I’ll follow you and you’re the only one.


As time fades away
Hours turned into days
Jesus I love your grace
You made a way
To turn sinners from the error of their ways
Surely your goodness and mercy will follow me all my days
Since I gave my life to you, my heart cries out each day
I’m not worthy but you’re worthy to be praised
Times pass, you haven’t changed
You look at me when no one else will see my face


The truth is the rock I stand on (2x)

In this world of things we taste, touch, and see
We’ve numbed our hearts so that we won’t believe
If you don’t see it, the odds are I believe it.
If you don’t see it , the odds are I believe it.

I believe in reachin’ dreams knowing what impossible means
In awe of your mystery in a world of constant change.
It’s your love that stays the same
Still remains
Alive today…

Better for he who doesn’t have to see and believes (4x)


Spread Like Wings

Written By: Charizmata

I wanna bounce from this place
Spread like wings fly away to another day
The waves crashin’ on my face
So much pain inside
The eye of the storm, the law of gravity
Had me now, falling down in the puddles of doubt
I needed help to get me out
I called my friends, my family
But no one was around

He’s down for me, down for you
You got my back, I got yours too
And You never leave my side
When I’m standing in the battle zone
I’m not alone, I know You’re in control
The bullets pass me by

You’re in control, Lover of my soul
You make me whole, Lover of my soul

I wanna bounce from this place
Spread like wings fly away…(echo)
Now I’m livin’ good
But I was livin’ wicked
Did some evil things got my life twisted
Had it all set up like dominoes
When the wind blows
Yo it all falls down
As tears fill up my eyes, roll down my face
I wondered if my life ever changed

Thick and thin, through and through
You got my back, I got yours too
And He never leaves my side
When I’m standing in the battle zone
I’m not alone, I know You’re in control
The bullets pass me by

You’re in control, Lover of my soul
You make me whole, Lover of my soul

Lover of my soul

And You never leave my side
And the bullets pass me by

You’re in control, Lover of my soul
You make me whole, Lover of my soul

You’re the lover of my soul
I know Your’re in control
You never let me go.


We have one LP out. It's called "Unmerited Favor". it has 8 tracks.

Set List

We never play covers. We don't have a specific set list. We always mix it up. Our sets differ. Sometimes half of an hour or an hour, depending on how long we are allowed to play.