Chark is the thoughts occurring in a mind plagued by waves and space. While all over the place, ambiance is always present. Think about layers of guitar playing, combined with EDM beats, with beach soundscapes, to create a listening experience like no other. Oh yea, and our live shows are intense.


What first started out as a self-administered musical therapy, turned into an album full of random sounds that are incoherent to many, but loud and clear to some. Chark displays experimentation in tracks like Swag King Cobra, Scat Whippin, and Hurricane Sandy Cheeks, while he takes a huge turn with instrumental crunk-style rap beats such as Korean Church Ice Walk Up, Couch Potato Famine, and Dumb Mutha Trucka. He also steps into the indie realm with his ocer saturated psychedelic tracks D- Prez, Consciousness of Stream, and Euphoric Serenity. Producing solo for now, Chark is constantly putting out tracks.


Take It To The Chin (March 20,2013)