charles atlas

charles atlas

BandAlternativeNew Age

post-chamber and ambient


Charles Atlas is an instrumental quartet who utilize effected guitar, piano, synthesizer, melodica, trumpet, drum loops, samples, and other instrumentation. Members of Charles Atlas have recorded or performed with Low, Piano Magic, Bright, Glen Kotche, Zoe Keating and John Vanderslice just to name a few. Over the years the band has toured the States and Europe sharing bills with Bright Eyes, Tunng, Pram, M. Ward, The Radar Bros. and many others.

Charles Atlas are master handlers of their instruments - The Big Takeover

Gorgeous, Absolutely essential - XLR8R

Some of the most rewarding music is worth being patient for, and Charles Atlas is one of the most patient and disciplined contemporary bands - Brainwashed


Charles Atlas / Textile Ranch Split CDEP (Static Caravan), Audraglint Silverware Compilation (exclusive track - Audraglint Records), Fabricate: Remixes of the Album 'Worsted Weight' (Audraglint Records), To The Dust: From Man You Came And To Man You Shall Return (Ochre), The Deadest Bar / Stone(d) in Brackish Pool 12" vinyl (Audraglint Records), Felt Cover (Static Caravan), Charles Atlas/Alan Sparhawk split 7" (Star Star Stereo) Out of Print, Play The Spaces (Star Star Stereo) Out of Print, Two More Hours (Star Star Stereo). Out of Print

Set List

sets tend to be around 45 minutes. what we play is usually dictated by the environment..the venue, people, the weather, etc