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Charles B.

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The era of Holy Hip Hop has begun, and I'm here to inform you about what Jesus Christ says.


Church Affiliation: Shiloh Baptist Church, Rockville Centre, New York
Pastor: Rev. Herman Washington

Mission Statement:
Phillippians 4:13, "I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthen Me".

Bio: Da' Alternative
Da Alternative for a Blessed Generation

"Da Alternative", an upcoming Holy Hip Hop artist, has progressed his urban lyrical mastery to a level that can only be obtained by a love and honor of Christ.

With a crystal clear delivery and rhymes that spark both imagination and praise, up and coming Gospel hip-hop artist and New York native Da' Alternative is leading the way for a blessed generation who want the truth in both music and ministry. Dubbed 'Da Alternative' for a reason, Da' Alternative offers a fresh sound and message to the growing community of hip-hop fans and supporters.

Those that are young in age or just young at heart can't escape the musical appeal of Da' Alternative's beats and the spiritual appeal of his lyrics. While most of his hip-hop influences are mainstream, which helped to perfect his use of symbolism and metaphor in his rhymes, Da' Alternative sites gospel greats such as Fred Hammond, Yolanda Adams, and Tonex as being most influential in his style of ministry. "I love Tonex because he allows the world to experience all of him, the good, the bad, everything. He doesn't mind putting himself out there or speaking about his past."

And Da' Alternative's past didn't always include gospel music. After spending a few years as a mainstream artist, Da' Alternative began his Gospel hip-hop career after writing and performing the lead song in the Billy Holiday Theater production of the hit play, "He's Here" in 2001. Enthused by the spiritual response he received from combining his love of God with his love of hip-hop, Da' Alternative continued on the path of developing his ministry as a Gospel hip-hop artist.

"I don't pretend to be "holier than though". I'm still the same laid back, fun loving crazy dude, with more knowledge about Christ and his meaning in my life. Its time for me to share what he's been to me with the world, especially the youth,"? stated Da' Alternative And share he does - at venues ranging from churches to community colleges to resorts.

Da' Alternative is currently working on a double CD project with LTC Music label mate and Linda B. Scheduled for released in 2007, the project represents the best of both worlds. Wanting to capture an audience that spans generations, the joint venture will feature the Praise & Worship & R&B style gospel harmonies of Linda B. Da' Alternative's portion will focus on communicating the importance of repentance, redemption, and rejuvenation - all in his characteristic imaginative style.

Already creating buzz, Da' Alternative's singles "Opportunity Taken"? and "Da Rapture" are catching on. Da' Alternative will showcase at the 2007 Holy Hip Hop Music Awards in Altanta, GA. He has received national recognition for his song writing capabilities - placing 1st in the "2005 Bump My Song Live"? competition and also receiving an Honorable Mention Certificate from the 11th Annual Billboard Song Contest.

Whatever praise he receives for his talent, it is the gift of being able to uplift, encourage, and entertain the next generation that Da' Alternative finds most important. "I am very passionate about enlightening the Youth. I feel that it's my job to show them that walking in the path of righteousness doesn't mean your fun life ends and you become this stagnant being - instead your life becomes more fulfilling."

Da Alternative's current singles, "Da Rapture", "Opportunity Taken", "I Can Do All Things Through Christ", and "Since I Met You Jesus" is receiving a wide recognition in the industry due to it's unique style and production.

With upcoming performances, you can expect to see more national performances by "Da Alternative". It's no surprise that "Da Alteranative" is a star on the rise while looking into the eyes of Christ!


Opportunity Taken

Written By: Charles Bessellieu (aka Da' Alternative)

Chorus: Repeat 2x

I was born in this world I didn't make it
But it's my opportunity and I'ma change it
I thought I told you that you can't stop me
But I guess you wasn't listening so now you'll see

Verse 1:I walked in screaming [Attention] like Bone Crusha There's a war going on outside we under pressure
Hamas and Al Quadia striking all the time
Bin Laden running around like he lost his mind
And I'm tired of all this bickering wasting all this time
Arguing who's religion better yours or mines
It doesn't matter if your Methodist, Protestant or Catholic, Lutheran or Baptist man this world is tragic
I thought we played for the same team
And I sworn we all chased after the same dream
We don't need no Kobe or Shaq beef
All we need is Christian to rise up
And take over the Streets
But not just scream and preach but teach
The principles of Christianity, block the insanity
That's being fed into there brains
It's our jobs to keep em sane and help them maintain.

Repeat Chorus 2x

Verse 2:They say the future of the world is bleak
But before you judge, just understand how it became weak
First of all should have never took prayer out of schools
Now kids running around breaking all the rules
Raising a youth that didn't know prayer was the truth and the answer
Breeding a cancer
And the trend of having a child at a young age
Is as common as seeing a brother with braids and waves
Economy's bad parents working all the time
Depending on TV to enhance their child's mind
Family values are completely lost
No more Sunday dinners, spilling juice on the table cloth
Marriage on a steady decline
Like Martha Stewart's freedom in her prime before she does time
Heres the moral to the story and lesson
You can't have success in life unless Jesus is present

Repeat Verse 2x

Verse 3:
So I hear they starting to discuss
Moving in "God We Trust" off our monetary value Man whats wrong with us
The only way I'll approve that change
Is if the new dollar says that Jesus Saves
And it's cool if everybody in church is saved
But what about those running the streets ending in graves
Looking for guidance from the voice of the under boss
And I thought we pose to save the world at all cost
Spreading the gospel like cold from Jack Frost
Kudos to Mel Gibson for making "The Passion"And passing the torch to me in orderly fashionAnd with this messaging I'ma keep thrashing The words of the truth that I spit in the booth
And keep pushing to my dreams come true
What you want me to do
Cause if they getting it from me, they not getting it from you.

Repeat Verse 2x

Song Ends

I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Written By: Charles & Linda Bessellieu

I can do all things through Christ, I can do all things through Christ

I know your wondering why. No matter what u do or how hard u try U try to stop my plans and wish I would die. But u can't stop me! U can't stop me! U had my back to the wall. U kept on pushing till u thought I would fall. I got back up and now I'm standing real tall. But u can't stop me! U can't stop me!

Yeah, It's crazy the way the world is insane. Nobody wants to understand my pain. Listen have a seat and take heed. The devil not trying 2 let us succeed. He wants to watch us fall crumble to our knees. Hit the floor and start praising him please. But I'm not bout to let it happen. Christ anointed me the captain change the world through rappin'. Using my gift to take u higher. Showing the world he's not ur friend the devil is a liar. Christ gave u a gift use it. Whether it's rapping, dancing, singing, like Nike Just Do It! But use it all to his glory. Sanctify his holy name put no man before thee. And If that road gets too tuff. Look the devil in the eye and say ur out of luck. I know Christ walks right beside me. Put one foot in front of the other the Lord he will guide me. Keep me on the path to success. Close my eyes, let the Lord do all the rest.

(Chorus): Repeat

U thought u had me in your grips. Holding me down trying to ruin my plans with ur monkey wrench. Every time I try to succeed, U want to stop
me! Every time I try to make plans, U want to block me! I'm ready for this battle come on Satan bring it. It's time for a change and I know u not with it. Now I'm focused man, u better get ready. Take the industry by storm cause Gods gonna let me. I'm on a mission to prove it once and for all. With God by ur side u can accomplish it all. And if he's not by ur side, ur not nothing at all. And if he's not by ur side u have no choice so fall. But it's never too late to try to seek him. Fall on ur knees repent ur sins and then u will see him. But now I know no matter what u try or what u do. The lords got your back he'll see me through. So if u ever get discouraged man, remember this song. Let this be the message that u lean on. Come on know say it with me. Devil u can't stop me! U can't stop me!



Currently working on a CD project.

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Set List:

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