Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings
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Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | INDIE

Baltimore, Maryland, United States | INDIE
Band Blues Soul


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"Review - "Blues Party""

The wonderfully named 'Charles 'Big Daddy' Stallings has appeared on these pages in the past. He has three albums to his name, which appeared in 2004, 2007, and now this release on the independent Tai Jeria Record Company label. Although a lot of folks out there knock the Internet, with it's pastuerisation and homogenisation of the musical genre, one great string to it's technological bow, is it does bring folks together. The label is based in Baltimore in Maryland, and would have, probably, never made it to the U.K. shores had it been released 30 years ago. Thesedays, although in my books vinyl is still king. I have just about been won over by CD, and the PR folks at Tai Jeria Music kindly sent me over this album, which has some liner notes, which all go to help the listener get to know the artist a little more. It's here where mp3 is left wanting, although that format has it's place I guess. Big Daddy's albums don't always appear to be what is on sale to the customer. A shelf stacker in the music department at your local store, would put this album (just by looking at it) on the same shelf alongside Muddy Waters and the real Blues guys. In many ways, this album has more in common with the likes of the late Bill Coday and Johnnie Taylor. Going straight for the jugular, the song 'I Wanna Dance' is an absolute Southern Soul classic. If the aforementioned Bill Coday's tune 'I'm In A Midnight Mood, In The Middle Of The Day' did it for you, then so will this cracker of a song. Almost distracted me from a very fine album, and an improvement on the last Big Daddy release. Charles' delivery is best described as 'charming'. There is an almost innocence about his music, which is completely unpretentious. It is what it is. The man delivers 18 slices of Southern Soul at it's finest. 'James' brought a real smile to my face, as this is the man paying homage to the Soul Brother No.1. Charles dips into Jazz and the real Blues genres throughout an album which really was a refreshing set, juxtaposing the larger label converyor belted-out output. Check 'I Wanna Dance' at Amazon. It won't disappoint. With reference to Peter Young at Jazz FM's excellent Soul Cellar, this is Cellar with modern Soul sensibilities. Nice album Charles.
- Soul Walkin' - U.K.

"Review - "Blues Party""

Charles ‘Big Daddy’ Stallings “Blues Party”. Tai Jeria Music 2009. Estamos frente a un auténtico bombazo. Big Daddy es un bluesman de la vieja escuela, pero con la pulsación y la chispa de los creadores contemporáneos. Cantante vistoso, elegante pero a la vez duro, áspero, eficiente y muy efectivo, nuestro hombre tiene todo lo que se debe pedir a a un auténtico exponente del blues sureño. Stallings despide feeling y energía por todos los poros de su piel, para mi ha sido toda una sorpresa encontrar a un tipo de este calibre, sobre todo en estos tiempos que corren, donde la música es en su mayoría prefabricada. De cualquier forma nuestro hombre no es un novato pues, si no estoy equivocado, este es su tercer disco editado en el mercado Sin duda alguna debemos referirnos a él como uno de los grandes baluartes que todavía conservan la esencia del blues primigenio. Un gran disco donde el blues se expande contagiando al oyente en todas y cada una de las notas musicales que van sonando a lo largo de los diecinueve temas que se incluyen. Blues de arriba abajo, contundente y sin concesiones, a cargo de un cantante y unos músicos que responden perfectamente entregando lo mejor de sí mismos. MUY BUENO. This cd is a real hit. Big Daddy is an old school bluesman with the beat and wittiness of contemporary artists. Colorful, elegant but at the same time hard rough singer with an efficient effective displaying, our man has all what should be asked to a genuine Southern blues artist. Stallings oozes energy and feeling by every skin pore and it has been a surprise for me to find a musician like him, especially in these days where music is largely manufactured. Anyway, our man is not a new comer, because if I'm not wrong, this is his third album already published. We should certainly consider him as one of the greatest strongholds that still keep the genuine blues essence. A great album where blues expands to catch listeners with every single note of the nineteen songs included. You will only find true powerful effective blues, performed by a singer and a bunch of musicians who give the best of themselves. GREAT.
- La Hora del Blues - Barcelona, Spain

"Review - "Blues Party""

Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings describes his music as "Good Times Blues With A Twist." This South Carolina - born singer/ songwriter/ guitarist was raised in North Carolina and settled in Baltimore, Maryland. His music is highlighted by ultra catchy rhythms and a magnificent guitar tone. Exuberant horns are a staple of his urbane band and provide the pulse for the songs. This CD, his third, was recorded with the six core members of his Bluez Evolution Band.

The 80-minute all -original disc plays like a radio program, with spoken introductions and smooth transitions connecting songs, just as you'd expect to hear from an experienced disc jockey. On the lead-off title song, Stallings enthusiastically declares, "there is gonna be a thrill on the hill," and you know this is going to be a serious electric blues bash.

The multipurpose band performs more than electric blues. The infectious "Swing 2010" is an R&B instrumental featuring Clarence Ward III blasting his trumpet into the stratosphere along side Carlos Johnson's killer sax solo which is also classy and sexy while Jacky Harriston's organ whirls on "The Lucky Number." These brass-touting artists give the famed New Orleans brass bands a run for the money.

Sexual innuendo arises more than once, as in "Horny Bee" where a gun shoots honey. Here Leroy Flowers Jr.'s sweet lead guitar stings with penetrating notes that permeate the main melody. The lyrics are graphic enough on "Old Dogs" to convey that Grandpa needs Viagra.

Stallings' vocals are the most expressive on the rockin' "She's Gone". It's good to hear them being stretched and challenged because overall they do not receive the same workout as his guitar receives. Russell Hayward has better sounding and better played drums, with Bill Pratt's drum cymbal crashes suffering from a tinny sound.

Stallings and his band of revelers know how to play off each other while improvising. They all prove themselves to be professional and experienced musicians. Whether by intent or accident, the variations in the songs seem natural. Yes, the blues songs are basic, and their melodies are repeated too many times, but the CD is what good independent music should be. Stallings will cause you to open your ears, sit up, and take notice. Many bands claim to combine soul, blues and funk; Stallings prefers to perform them separately. Best of all, he performs all styles equally well.
- Living Blues Magazine

"Review - "Blues Party""

"Big Daddy" Stallings is back on the bandstand with another set of good time tunes with his latest release "Blues Party." Charles Stallings is the real deal blues man brought up on a farm in Hobbsville, North Carolina with 10 brothers and sisters before moving to Baltimore, Maryland. Charles Stallings has remade himself as "Big Daddy" singer, guitarist and bandleader, releasing the CDs "One Night Lover" in 2004 and the "Blues Evolution" in 2007. The national spotlight came his way at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee, where he's represented both he Baltimore and the D.C. Blues Societies.

Now living in Baltimore, Maryland, "Big Daddy" has brought us another party platter of 19 tunes he's written and produced with the small band of Gail Parrish or LeRoy Flowers on bass, Russell HaywardII or Bill Pratt beating the drums, and occasionally Steve Levine blowing harp. As the party cranks up, a big band of horn joins the ruckus. Joe "E Flat" Thomas plays alto sax and writes the arrangements with "Big Daddy", Clarence Ward and Kelvin O'Neal blows trumpets and Jacky Harriston or Bill Pratt play keyboards.

You don't need an invitation for this "Blues Party"; just hit "play." Big Daddy introduces himself, backed up by Mark Wenner from the Nighthawks on harp, as the big band jumps in for the title tune with Steve Levine's harp blowing along with the horns. The horns take a breather as we go "Down on the Farm" with Mark Wenner's harp and Big Daddy's guitar telling this tale. The salacious "Horny Bee" spreads his honey around till all the young girls are "Knocked Up!" - sadly true in many communities. It's a "Doggone Shame" features Steve Levine's harp.

The horns come back for the remainder of the party to play "I Wanna Dance" with some "Latin Girls" put some "Blues in Your Funk" and play a "James" Brown tribute. Even the "Old Folks" are feeling frisky and Grandma is after "The Lucky Number." Those "Fine Lady"are dancing doing the "Swing 2010" till the sun comes up and then "She's Gone"and the "Old Dog" is left sitting on the porch. This "Big Daddy" isn't just about a good time. When he wakes up in the morning, gets the kids off to school, goes to work everyday to pay the bill, but he may end up being "In Love By Yourself." Stalling is a gentleman to the end, finishing this recording with a "Thank You" to all the players that made this possible.

Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings is a rare find in these times, a man who's comes up from the cotton field to the big city and his "Blues Party" qualifies as the real thing. Some people can wear a fancy hat and talk the talk but Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings has the blues to back it up. -
- Big City Rhythm & Blues Magazine

"CD Review-"Blues Evolution""

"Big Daddy" has a New CD with A Big Sound!!"-Dirk Wissbaum - Big City Rhythm&Blues Magazine

"CD Review-"Blues Evolution""

"Big Daddy"Stallings' Eccentric Style seems to Create a Genre of it's own...!!!"-Peter"Blewzzman Lauro - The Blues Foundation

"CD Review-"Blues Evolution""

"If you're looking for some Blues to get the Party started, Get With'Big Daddy'Stallings!!!"-Tom Cullen III - Baltimore Blues Society

"CD Review-"Blues Evolution""

"Great Stuff!!!"-Jim Hamel - Western PA.Blues Society

"Single Review-"Blues Evolution""

"BluesTrainExpress comes out of the Speakers like a Real Steam Engine...Unstoppable Boogie Rhythm!!!!" - Roots Radio-Belgium

"CD Review-"Blues Evolution""

"....Big Band Urban Blues and Boogie!!!"-David L. Fox - Bluessource

"CD Review-"Blues Evolution""

"Stallings and company deliver Excellent Musiciansip and Songwriting with a Sense of Humor and Lots of Energy...!!!"-Michael Macey - Chesapeake Music Guide

"Live Performance-Review"

"Big Blues Orchestra..Band creates a Wall of Sound!!"-Wayne Andrews - International Blues Competetion

"CD Review-"One Night Lover""

"Wonderful...sound of Jimmy Reed seasoned with a little B.B. King!!" - 'Ramblin' Rose - Afro-American

"CD Review-"Blues Evolution""

"Big Daddy" provides Danceable Grooves,Solid Vocals and a Mix of Horns and'Down-Home' Harp..!!" - Ron Weinstock-D.C.Blues Society


"One Night Lover"-"4x4Woman,Gettin'Old," "Blues Evolution"-"Bluestrain,Goin'DownSouth,Let'sBoogie" "BluesParty"-"Old Folks,"Doggone Shame,Blues Party"



Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings

Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings really knows the essence of the Blues. Born in Columbia, SC and raised on a farm in Hobbsville, NC, with ten brothers and sisters, he lived the Blues everyday. Music became his escape and the first song he learned to play was “Big Boss Man” by Jimmy Reed. After migrating to Baltimore, MD, “Big Daddy” continued to develop as a musician, performing in local R&B and Jazz bands, all the while dreaming of recording his own Blues project
His Debut CD"OneNightLover" Reached#1 at XMRadio(Bluesville) and also Peaked at#1 on Midnite Special Blues Radio in Paris,France and continues to Generate Worldwide Sales and Airplay.The Single"4x4Woman" also Received An Honorable Mention Distinction in The 16th Annual Billboard World Song Contest from over 1500 entries. His Second CD"Blues Evolution" Received National Attention with Reviews in Living Blues,Blues Review and Downbeat Magazines while also Reaching The Living Blues and Roots Music radio Charts."Big Daddy" has shared the stage with The Holmes Bros;Magic Slim,Hubert Sumlin,Michael Burks,Mark Hummeland Candye Kane and"Mesmerized" the crowd with his Powerful Downhome Performances on The Main stage at Artscape's 25th Anniversay in 2006,in 2008 and again in2011.
His music can be Heard Globally in The U.K;Belgium,New Zealand,Italy,Spain and Australia and"Big Daddy" has Represented both The Baltimore and D.C. Blues Societies at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis,TN. His Current CD"Blues Party" Continues to Expand Musical Boundaries and Spread his Message of"Good time Blues With a Twist" to music lovers everywhere.

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