Charles Cushman

Charles Cushman


I love dance music. Up, down, right, left, house, techno, progressive let me have some more. EDM is the soundtrack to my life and I want to share that with the world.


Many people, when you ask them what kind of music they like, say “Everything, well except Country.” But in reality, they don’t. A person might further define their tastes by saying they listen to Rap, Hip-Hop, and R ‘n B (which in most cases is the same now days) or Rock, Indie and Hip-Hop (umm, top 40?).

But I do listen to all kinds of music. If it is good, give me some more. From the classical that my father in-law always has going, to hip-hop jams on the local radio; Indie rock to Mississippi Delta Blues, love it. When I was introduced to dance music in 1999-2000 it was a whole new world opening up and I dove right in.

Now days I still listen to everything, but EDM is my passion. From the sweet sounds of Dimitri from Paris through the dark sounds emanating from Berlin to bouncy American house music I love it all and my DJ sets reflect that. I feel just as comfortable playing a lounge as I do the main room of a nightclub, and I have the music for both. I have been lucky enough to play clubs in San Diego, Raves in the LA desert, and Lounges in San Francisco.

What does the future have in store for me? Who knows, but currently I am trying to spend more time in the studio on the production side of things. I have also started an interesting partnership with Scottie Kaotik. With his energy, and my precision we are an exciting duo on stage taking things to the next level using two laptops linked through Ableton Live. Lastly, with my recent move to San Diego from San Francisco I am trying to establish myself here.


DJ mixes are available for download at:

Set List

My music is extremely varied based on the venue and my time slot. The best to understand it is to download a mix at: