Charles Elliott

Charles Elliott


There are so many performers in the music industry today, but none quite like Charles Elliott. His talent is amazing and impressive, with a voice that can ignite an audience. His stage presence is over whelming, it will bring you to your feet. "Did I mention the dance moves".


Charles Elliott has said he was born into Country Music. Every thought of his childhood was a memory of Music. He was born and raised in Michigan.
His Mother was a Choir Director, His Grandma and his Aunts both sang at the Grand ole Opry in the 40's. He has said his Ability and talent come from God. His Inspirations are His Family. He recalls as a child having a desire to perform in front of people, He adds he always wanted to stand out. His first Concert was at the age of 12 at a Local Sock Hop, He went as Elvis. Since Then He has performed at Fairs and Festivals across the Country. He even mentions performing at the Iris Fest, which is one of the top 100 festivals in North America. He has many years experience behind him in the field of music. He also adds being a Music Director at the church He attended for a few years. He even had the lead role in the Passion play as Jesus. He smiles as he mentions acting as another hobby.
He recorded an Album in Nashville which released March 1, 2006. and had received airplay on several stations across the country, and Internet Radio. He also received airplay internationally. He has also appeared on Television in the Nashville area. He lives by an old saying which says. Shoot for the moon, if you miss you'll still land among the stars. Those who have crossed his path say he is already a star.


Single release / Destination You 2005
Album Release/ Delicious Love 2006
Has had music played in 29 states, and 7 countries.
Has appeared on T.V. in Nashville.
New Release Coming in 2008

Set List

Performing about 1-2 hr show/ with or without an Opening Act.
Singing originals and some 50's music, Country, and Elvis Impersonations.
Seeking either the Grandstand, Bandshell, or opening Act for National artist.