Charles E. Vermette

Charles E. Vermette

 Norwell, Massachusetts, USA

60s rock influence with jazz and folk leanings. It may be necessary at times, but I don't like defining myself using labels.


Influences: Beatles, Dylan, Hendrix, Steely Dan, Steve Earle. Poets such as Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, T. S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens. My lyrics are also laced with scriptural references.


'Till the Time is Right

Written By: Charles E. Vermette

You have nothing to give anymore
I have nothing to say but I've been there before
and your promise not to promise me - I understand…

This a time to heal
To decide where to go
Not to trust what you feel
Time for changing and not to change - I understand…

It’s windy and rainy tonight
and I’ll toss and I’ll turn ‘till the light
Full of things I know, but can not say,
‘till the time is right…

Never easy to fight or to fall
but it’s harder for me to do nothing at all
Give me time to give you the time
That you need…


Written By: Charles E. Vermette

A sentinal's pose,
the sun is in retreat

From this outpost
you make your stand
in this daunting and haunting land

closing in, to begin
the storm before the calm

the wind lashes out
the tide is coming in

Through the winter
to stand alone
Dance, Aurora
and lead you on
Stand and wait
Davis Straight
is solid through the spring

In the last glimpse of blue and of gold
lies a story yet to be told

The Road to nowhere is closed for now
from the Apex you make your vow
Looking North
Going Forth
making straight a path

© 2003 Charles E. Vermette. All rights reserved.

Back to the End

Written By: Charles E Vermette

Back to the End ...
Circle, Line, or a Ray: The vision, my friend,
of a mind above mine.
Subsets of my memory,
rendezvous with used to be,
as I wait for a sign...

Back to the End;
Men who've lost the child and search from within
making up for lost time.
Points without an argument;
Lessons learned by accident
as I wait for a sign...

Young men leave; old men return
to find a place old and new...

Back to the End
Won the war to find I've none to defend
In the ruins, what's mine;
Don't know what I ought to feel
One man fights; another kneels
As I wait for a sign...

© 1992, 1996, 2003 Charles E. Vermette. All rights reserved.

While Louisiana Burns

Written By: Charles E Vermette

Well we knew it had to happen we’ve been saying it for years
But it wasn’t 9/11 so we had a couple beers
There’s no time for asking questions ‘bout the lessons never learned
Time for polls and finger pointing while Louisiana burns…

Before we take the no bid contract let’s do something ‘bout the stench
There’s no need to build to code because they’re poor or black or French
On the air in 120 minutes, let’s review the phrase we’ve turned
“Patience, faith in God and country” - while Louisiana burns

Interrupted by the critic: “not a fire but a flood
In the Ivory Tower I’m knee deep in sewage trash and blood
It’s the reason for the tragedy, the culture that we’ve spurned
Time for voice and fiddle lessons while Louisiana burns.”

Now they’re plundering and raping and they’re coming after me
From the east side the west side and from all sides of D.C.
Nicodemus and my posse waiting for the tide to turn
Trying to stop the crucifixion while Louisiana burns…

© 2005 Charles E. Vermette. All rights reserved.


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