Somewhere between Led Zeppelin and Lenny Kravitz.


I started playing the guitar when I was about 13 years old. Originally I started playing piano/keys because we had a piano in our home that no one played, but once I picked up the guitar that was it. I knew that what I held in my hands was a gift that I could never thank God enough for.

Throughout High School I played in Jazz band, at church, and in plenty of rock bands with my peers, Paradox Trend, Freezer Burn, Ground Zero (aka Psychoanalysis) just to name a few.

During the summer between my junior and senior year in high school, I attended a 5 week learning session at Berklee College of Music in Boston Mass. An amazing time with amazing musicians, learning something new 24/7. Toward the end of my senior year in high school with no plan, an opportunity came up to travel with a group called 'UP WITH PEOPLE'. Basically a traveling musical production/educational program. Kind of like AmeriCorps but add in a musical show.

I toured for one year doing over 100 shows in the Usa, Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. About 6 months after that tour ended I was asked by 'UWP' to be the Band Instructor for one of the touring casts for another year long tour. The second year Tour took us across the Usa and Canada again, as well as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Liechtenstein.

In April/May of 2000 I auditioned and was hired to play guitar, zither, and the chapman stick with the Blueman Group in Las Vegas.

My debut album 'Sugar ... a collection of sweet songs' will be available on February 6th 07'.Check the shows page or sign up for my mailing list. I will be in a city near you soon.
Peace, Love, God Bless.


Can’t get up from being down


I’ve been walking the streets
tryin’ to find you
I’ve been losing sleep
wonderin’ where you are
I’ve been losing my mind
tryin’ to please you
don’t you think that it’s time
to find something new

‘Cause I can’t get up
from being down

You’ve been wonderin’ for days
if I really love you
girl I think that it’s time
to realize it’s true
you’re drivin’ me crazy with
your paranoia
maybe you will find
there’s nothing for you
don’t give up on me now
don’t give up until there’s nothing left
maybe we’ll make it somehow
just stop and take a breath

‘Cause I can’t get up
from being down



When I’m with you
you make me lose my mind
I never believed that
a girl like you I would find
so beautiful and true
my love I cannot hide
can’t take my eyes off of you
I’ll never leave your side

I just wanna tell you girl
that you’re out of this world
And I wanna know what planet you came from
‘cause it sure ain’t here
did I tell you girl
that you’re out of this world
I’d buy a one way ticket for a space shuttle ride
Just to be with you

When I’m not near you
I feel incomplete
I don’t know what I’d do
if another man you were to meet
it would be a tragedy
I don’t know if I could live
I’d give anything
to let this not happen

You’re just a space girl
take me to another place girl
you’re such a pretty faced girl
you’d make me lose my grace girl
so beautiful and true
can’t take my eyes off of you

True Love


Please don’t go girl away from me
I like the way you make me feel
you know I’d give you anything
just to let you know that this love is real

don’t give no excuses
don’t tell me you’ll be fine
‘cause I know how you really feel inside
your reasons aren’t good enough
‘cause girl I believe
that one day I’ll make you mine

‘Cause you’re my one true love
sent from above
that’s you
you’re my one true love
yes it’s true

Girl please give your heart to me
we could lock ourselves up and throw away the key
we could make crazy love for all eternity
just give yourself to me and let our bodies be…free

don’t give me no excuses
don’t tell me I’ll be fine
lets just have one last good time
your reasons aren’t good enough
‘cause girl I believe
that one day I’ll make you mine


My Debut album will be released on February 6th 2007

Set List

My Baby
Can’t get up from being down
Betterthan Life
Got tha’ Blues
Whine - Wine
True Love
The Wait