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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



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"A-Game Magizine "Next to Blow" interview"

Hailing from the birthplace of hip hop, Charles Herron is living proof that the Bronx still delivers lyrical beasts. Recognized mostly for his verse on ’89 of Crime’ by legendary duo Camp Lo; Herron proved to the hip hop world that he can lyrically hang with the best of them. With his new LP entitled “HERRONs Melody” (set to drop this fall), the beat driven poet sat down with A-GAME Magazine to explain why he hates ‘NEW’ New York rap and also how he plans to clean up the game!

A-GAME: Hi Charles, how are you?

Charles Herron: What’s good B, Hello world and all that!

A-GAME: For those that aren’t familiar please introduce yourself

Charles Herron: Name is Charles HERRON aka Chucky Ratchet, iRhyme , iProduce & iEngineer , but I’m not a Mac person [laugh].

A-GAME: [laugh] Ok, well where are you from?

Charles Herron: The South BRONX, the South, South BRONX! East 174th where the Wops go off… [Laugh] I lived in Bronx River Housing PJ’s & Academy Gardens (across the street from Sound View). I also stayed in a small ass town in Florida called Spring Hill (a lot of peeps from NY moved there to get us youth outta trouble na’mean but it just ended up being a small NY with dumber police [laugh]

A-GAME: How did you get your start in music? How did you get your name?

Charles Herron: Well My Family IS music , my Grandfather was a percussionist from Cuba who came over during 1930’s aka the Harlem Renaissance era and played at places like The Cotton Club where he met my grandmother ( who was a singer/ burlesque dancer at the time. (Couldn’t make this up if I tried … laugh) Moms was a Dancer…The list goes on and on, long story short I was born into music. As far as my name, well according to my Bronx Lebanon birth certificate it’s … Charles R Herron

A-GAME: What’s the music scene like in your part of town?

Charles Herron: Well a lot of bullshit on the air waves (as usual) I don’t fucks wit Drake, Wayne , Gucci, Wiz none of that wack shit.. I don’t do that “NEW” New York shit either… like cats trying to sound like they from ATL but they from Harlem USA na’mean… C’mon SON! Anyway, currently I stay in Charlotte, NC, and there is a growing Hip-Hop community that is loyal not to mention for whatever reason some of the BEST “Hip-Hop” is coming out of the Carolinas right now , true story!

A-GAME: Are you currently signed or are you doing the independent thing?

Charles Herron: Like a lot of artist on my level I’m in constant talks with several labels major and independent and that’s cool, but ultimately… who cares? I do this for the people, I’m a realist. I may see wild chips off of my music but the stats say probably not (online downloading has killed the gold record) so then you have to ask, what are you really doing it for?

A-GAME: Tell us about your latest project?

Charles Herron: Well currently I’ve started work on my LP due to drop November 11th 2011 ( 11-11-11 remember the date ) it will be my first ‘REAL’ commercial release entitled “HERRONs Melody” The title reflects my life; HERRON, which is my last name and Melody who is my mother who passed from cancer some years ago. The words “cellar door” are commonly used to illustrate phonaesthetics or beauty of sound in the English language. HERRONs Melody is my “Cellar Door” This LP will be the culmination of my years of networking and handshaking. Surprise features and production…it will be my life force replicated thru sound… Pause… my soul on wax

A-GAME: I first heard you on Camp Lo’s ‘Stone and Rob’ mix tape. Tell me about your affiliation with the legendary artists and are you currently still working with them?

Charles Herron: 1st off shout out to Suede and Cheeba, nuff respect… And yeah we still work together those are Fam-a-lam… I learned “WILD” shit from them brothers (BX Love) but whatever I’m involved in I always involve them and vice versa .Those cats showed me love when a lot of people wrote me off and I’m forever grateful. Me and Cheeba put together a “Two Thousand 88“ project a few months ago and that will be dropping on the net for the people mid-summer (it’s like futuristic 80’s “HARD” hip-hop ) be on the lookout for that

A-GAME: Does your music have an old school Blaxploitation feel to it too?

Charles Herron: Yeah, I guess you can say that. I tell people my voice sounds like a “1965 Gang Fight” I grew up heavily influenced by stories of my hometowns gang culture, the black spades, The Savage Skulls, the Savage nomads and all the music of the era, na’mean! I mean I can write to and make anything sound Dope, but I tend to lean toward that “pre-rumble” amp a nigga up music… [Laugh]

A-GAME: Do you target your music more toward the ladies? Or do you feel your music is geared toward the streets?

Charles Herron: Well considering the fact I literally know more female hustlers and trigger women in the streets I guess it’s geared toward them ladies… [Laugh] Yo, but real talk I got a lil something for everybody, but my main chamber is good ole South BX Stick up kid music … pause …clack clack … bang

A-GAME: In your opinion, what key factor must any great artist possess in order to be considered GREAT? (I.e. writing, vocal, musical skills)

Charles Herron: Well a couple things #1 you MUST be able to take all opinions with a grain of salt… #2 you must possess the ability to (stay true to) but reinvent yourself at will, music is dynamic so you must learn to move with the prevailing winds grasshopper. But NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER become something you’re not to please others .# 3 keep an open mind #4 you must first have total confidence that you are “already GREAT” before others follow suit.

A-GAME: Who are your favorite artists to listen to? Why?

Charles Herron: Here is what is in my mp3 playa now… System of a Down, Big Treal, Kil Ripkin, The Streets, Rick Ross, Kam Moye, Ike Turner, JJ Bass , Black Sabbath , Camp Lo ( of course ) Joel Ortiz, Mr . Invisible, Mattic , V.I.B’s , SuperCat, Bobby Brown ( I’m a HUGE Fan ) Buju Banton , Sizzla, Raekwon Shaolin vs Wu-Tang, Ghost face’s Apollo kids, Dead Prez, Some Nas .. Some Lord Finesse, Big L. Fat Joe ( Ole fat Joe not that “new” NEW York B.S), Canibus , Torae ,Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas, M.O.P, Mobb Deep , Black Milk, Bishop Lamont … .man we can be here forever .. I like a lot of people for a lot of reasons.

A-GAME: Over time we’ve seen many talented rappers join forces to create power groups (i.e. The Firm, The Fugees, and Slaughterhouse). If you could create your own power group, what other artists would you choose? Why?

Charles Herron: Pause I’ve done the group thing before. I’m good … some people play well with others on a “constant” level such as a group, that ain’t me! We can collab all day, shit maybe even a EP… but it’s hard working with some artists and I know my strengths and weaknesses and a group situation ain’t me jack .

A-GAME: Are you excited about coming into the hip hop game in the state that it’s currently in? What do you think can be done to improve it?

Charles Herron: Yeah I’m amped , because right now I feel like artists such as myself are a part of the “Clean-up Crew “ for Hip-Hop there is a lot of Ultra Wackness right now being passed off as good music. It’s time for that shit to stop … word up! I deals with the boom bap Famz, no auto tune, no over produced tracks, just hip-hop. I spent the early part of my career hating on niggaz like ‘they wack why are they on?’ so on and so forth but now I don’t care, I’m on some turrets shit in 2011. I’m saying the first thing that comes to mind and I’m spazzing on niggaz. I have a great team around me and for the first time I’m actually having FUN with this music shit. Finally people are starting to act like YO… this kid is Dope [laugh]. I think my main contribution to the improvement of the hip-hop game is that I’m flipping the board over, hiding the dice and slapping the shit outta the cheaters, in other words these so called MC’s and producers need to call they moms or a cop or something because when I get on my BX Bully shit I ain’t even leaving the bus pass after I see these niggaz

A-GAME: Being as though this is A-GAME Magazine, we always ask our artists, how they’re on their A-GAME….. So, how is Charles Herron on his A-GAME?

Charles Herron: I have a plan B, C, D, E and F. While most see 1 or 2 moves ahead I see 1,000. I cannot be stopped so as you stated in the 1st question “Get Familiar B”… HERRONs MELODY 11-11-11. On a side note, thanks to all the folks at A-Game Magazine for all the Love and Support… Salute!

- A-Game Magizine


On my mans and Dem Equipment ( mixtpae 1998 )
Unworthy ( LP 1999 )
At8iest ( LP 2001 )
Mainline Vol. 1 ( Mixtape 2004 )
Mainline Vol. 2 ( Mixtape 2005 )
Mainline Vol. 3 ( Mixtape 2006 )
Childs Play ( Mixtape 2007 )
The system ( LP 2008 )
HERRON/DILLA ( Mix EP 2009 )
DJ greenlanturn&Black Flag records"Tha take over"(Mixtape 2010)
"89 of crime" ( Camp Lo Feat charles HERRON - single 2010)
Two thousand 88 ( LP unreleased late summer 2011)
HERRON&Vinny Knuckles EP ( unreleased summer 2011 )
The moor Project HERRON & Kil Ripkin ( LP 2011 )
HERRONs Melody ( unreleased LP Late 2011 )



Charles HERRON (born Charles Herron) Was born and Raised in South Bronx NY and has always been surrounded by the "4 Elements” of hip-hop since a child. He comes from a musical family (grandfather was a Cuban percussionist at the cotton club in the 30's ) and a musical place , Bronx River housing projects a youth he witnessed the birth of Hip-Hop in his own neighborhood. His mother was involved in the same community outreach program that sent "Africa Bambatta" to Africa where upon his return he formed "Zulu Nation" , that combined with several uncle DJ's that were constantly involved in the community , Charles literally learned from the greats without even knowing. Fast foreword to Adolescence , charles and his Family ( His mother Sister and Brother ) to avoid further troubles in NY , his mother relocated his family to a town in Florida called "spring hill" and there is where charles really locked in , There he honed his skill set 1st DJ'ing then as a Graph Artist & Breaker then finally as an a teen he opened for EVERY major act at the time from the wu-tang forever tour to Redman you name it He opened . During that time he got the opportunity to become a Blaze battle MC and found moderate success with that appearing on HBO once for a semi final. Unfortunately things did not turn out as far as "Blowing up" as his young mind quickly found out and his thoughts quickly returned to another passion of his Charles Joined R.O.T.C and was on his way to Uncle Sam , but ultimately he could not let his MC dreams go and upon finding out about a college geared toward what he was doing and could get a actual degree he was all over it .So upon graduation off to Orlando Florida he went to study at "Full Sail Center for recording Arts" once there he gaining the basis for his engineer skills and also Honed in on his hustling skills ( hey some one had to pay for school ) this was supposed to be the greatest time of his life but the next few months would prove life altering . 1st he got shot and upon the emergency surgery he found out he has "inflammatory bowel disorder " aka Crones disease and had a section of his lower intestine removed and had to wear a colostomy bag for a year ( and he still managed to graduate college ) #2 upon graduation his mother ( who had been diagnosed but beat cancer several times ) finally passed away in their family home under hospice care surrounded by family .According to charles he last breath was spent leaving instructions to take care of your brother and sister and follow my dreams charles has been involved in some shit ( this is public record ) but nothing prepared him for that trauma ..and this is where the dark period begins ...the culmination of life at that point was too much for charles and he effectively "lost it " for 3-4 years ..but after , bad drug deals , shootings , robberies and a bunch of other stuff we cant go into ..he made it out alive with the help of his family ( and good lawyers ) after bouncing around from place to place he finally landed in charlotte NC , where he has mixed, worked with & performed with people such as , Camp Lo , EPMD , Kil Ripkin , Torae , Redman & Method man , Big Treal ,Ike Turnah the list is endless ..Now Married and settled in life with all his dreams vanquished he is ready to tell his story and the lessons he has learned..Charles HERRON is BX Hip-Hop, His brand of "Conscious stick up kid " music is new and fresh with a new angle on things ..We could not fill all the holes in this Bio..but trust me when i say this Kid has some tales and views on certain subjects that would blow your mind ..Charles HERRON aka Chucky Ratchet aka the Republican Atheist, is here...Get familiar