Charles Lavaigne

Charles Lavaigne

 Madrid, Madrid, ESP

Crazy dominican songwriter playing psychedelic folk rock, or art rock, at heart. And then... a bunch of other styles.


Charles Lavaigne is a singer songwriter from the Dominican Republic. His music is pretty diverse, passionate and fearless. You could say there is some folk and psychedelic rock, but there is also world music, flamenco, merengue, funk, ranchera or whatever depending on the song you hear. Some say his best weapon is his voice which has been described as compelling and intense.

He lived many years in Madrid where he recorded three albums: "The Birdfish"(2013), "Songs of Carlos Aguinaldo"(2014) and "Tales of image and imagination"(2015). Each album being completely different from the last one. His records have been on the top 10 and top 5 local albums of the Dominican Republic by alternative music blog La Casetera.

A raw version of his song "Wandering song" from his second album has been featured in the award winning spanish film "Me Too"(2009).

His live shows range from crazy intense rock and pyschedelia to intimate acoustic folk or just a little bit of everything depending on the format hes working with.

Lavaigne has played in many venues in Spain and Dominican Republic including music festival Festimad in Madrid and also in Estrella Galicia concert cicle of international artists as an opening act for canadian artist Barzin and LA songwriter Dorian Wood.

This is the way some people describe him:
"This is folk/rock as you remember it from the good old days: daring, ecclectic and powerful. Charles Lavaigne is a kind Dominican that turns into a beast on the stage. His passion is only matched by his skill and intuition; he sings and plays guitar like there's no tomorrow. All his songs are reminiscent of music that your brain identifies as "vaguely familiar" and "extremely good". He has no fear of mixing styles or letting a theme develop. A mind bending experience." - Germán Ponte, record producer.

"No matter where you come from or what your native language, Charles Lavaigne will make you feel culturally and musically compelled... that's guaranteed."- Pure Grain Audio


The Birdfish (2013)
Songs of Carlos Aguinaldo (2014)
Tales of Image and Imagination (2015)