Charles Law

Charles Law

 Santa Paula, California, USA

2012 Intl Songwriter & 2009 MAVRIC nominee, nationwide spins on NPR/college radio hitting #1 in Brooklyn,NY, & #3 in Whittier,CA. San Fran's Union Square, NYC Bowery, Citrus & Balloon Festivals gigs;"California outlaw" alt style, lush harmonies & crazy guitar slapping make Charles Law & Jagged unique.


Great quality, great sound, great stuff Ross Emery, Raging Arb & The Redheads

"Beyond loving the sound here, the melody is good and the musicianship / production is exceptional. Very creative with a definite adventurous vision involved" Taxi

A 2012 International Songwriter and 2009 MAVRIC Music Awards nominee, Charles Law performs his own brand of "California outlaw" music and writes for others. Lush vocal harmonies, clever alternative/country songcrafting and a crazy hand-slapping guitar technique make Charles Law and Jagged unique - check it out at

Charles' songs have spun nationwide on NPR & CMJ radio stations and went to #1 in Brooklyn, NY, #3 in Whittier, CA and #6 in New Hampshire.

Performances at San Francisco's Union Square, SXSW, Citrus Festival, Balloon Festival, Burning Man and Ventura Theatre opening for Neville Brothers are highlights for this hard-working songwriter whose consistent performances have garnered enthusiasm of fans, local DJs and press.

The buzz started with Charles' unique guitar spanking technique, reminiscent of Michael Hedges. Charles Law and his band Jagged became favorites of local radio station show 95.9 Octopus Rock Revolution, and soon were teaming up with 95.1 KBBY's club promotion of 'The Drink'. Noted veteran musicians began flocking to Charles' performances to sit in and jam a tune or two. Steve DiStanislao (David Crosby, CPR, David Gilmour), Christine Ellis (Martha Davis/Motels), Jimi Christie (Lucinda Williams), Julie Christensen (k.d.lang), keyboardist Tilford Jackson & producer David Bianco have recorded or played shows with Charles Law.

"Corrupted Sophistication", Charles' 2nd release (2003) went to national radio, spinning on college/CMJ, NPR, internet & community radio stations and went to #1 in Brooklyn, NY, #3 in Whittier, CA and #6 in New Hampshire. Charles Law and Jagged's song "Darlin'" was also included on CMJ's "Certain Damage" nationwide in-store compilation CD alongside Elvis Costello, Cassandra Brown and Massive Attack.

"Choices", Charles' latest release (2013) includes guest artists Kevin McCormick (Jackson Browne, Melissa Etheridge, David Crosby) on bass and Stevie DiStanislao (David Crosby, David Gilmour) on drums, and a duet with Delaney Gibson.

The Charles Law Band video "Corin", directed by Russell Kostner, was premiered at the Hollywood International Student Film Festival, check it out here

At 13 years old, Charles would sneak into his neighbor's house to play guitar. Charles received his own guitar after agreeing to play Johnny Cash songs for his family. By 15 years of age, Charles was playing latin-style jams with the Latino 13th Street boys in Santa Paula, California. Charles is an accomplished singer/songwriter and an exciting acoustic guitar performer. In addition to the reputation for his intense vocals, guitar slapping technique and screaming electric guitar leads in his former rock band "Zero Discipline," Charles also plays a variety of stringed and percussive instruments.

"Soulful rock to melodic funk, a percussion genius and natural 'funkstress' bass that dabbles in soothing bass lines - 'soul-rock" Boris Federov, KSCU 103.3FM, Santa Clara

"Singer-songwriter-guitarist Law is best known for his intense vocals and tendency to unmercifully assault his acoustic guitar ... sounds better than the usual bar fare." Matthew Singer, The Reporter

"Monster sexy" April Theriault, Green Man


February 2013
Label: AFIRM Records

"CRAZY GIRL" - Duet single with Charles Law and Delaney Gibson
August 28, 2012
Label: AFIRM Records

"SANTA PAULA" - Single for Santa Paula Chamber of Commerce Theme
February 28, 2012
Label: AFIRM Records

"IT'S YOUR LIFE" - Single
Ventura Local Rock Picnic, February 2012
City of Ventura Music Week Compilation CD

"CORIN" - Single to Video
Released on "Corrupted Sophistication"
June, 2003
Label: AFIRM Records

CMJ "Certain Damage" Nationwide Radio/In-Store Compilation
Vol 128, February, 2003
Label: CMJ New Music Report, vol 128

"GLIDE" - Single to CMJ Radio
Released on "Corrupted Sophistication"
August, 2003
Label: AFIRM Records

"DARLIN'" - Single to CMJ Radio
Released on "Corrupted Sophistication"
May, 2003
Label: AFIRM Records

January 15, 2003
Label: AFIRM Records

July 6, 2002
Label: AFIRM Records

Set List

Originals from "Choices" release
Originals from "Corrupted Sophistication" release
Upbeat covers for drinking & dancing