Charles Lowery

Charles Lowery

 Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

Solo Guitar, Harmonica & Vocals; orginial songs & covers, large repertoire. Folk, Blues, Lite Jazz & Lite Rock played fingerstyle on Flamenco guitar and 12 string guitar. Unique harmonica style. Charlie, the harmanica & guitar are truly one! "The Only Two", is Charlie's duo with guitarist Al Young.


Charles began playing his Grandfather’s ukulele at a very early age. Learning many of the “old time” songs, and singing was a family tradition. Charles began studying guitar at age 11, formally, for three years, then informally, ever since. Growing up in Bayonne, NJ, New York City and Washington Square was just across the river. The folk-singers and musicians who were there every weekend were a big influence.
During high school, in Rochester, NY, Charles played guitar and banjo in just about every “hootenanny”, coffee house and venue he could find. Charles was greatly influenced by “The Kingston Trio”, and all the other folk groups of this era, also of course, “Dylan” and the “Beatles”.
While in the military, Charlie performed everywhere he was stationed. Settling, in the Maryland suburbs in 1971, Charlie played banjo in all the old Shakey’s sing-along venues, and guitar and banjo in many Dixieland bands. Performing solo in restaurants, coffee houses, church, assisted living homes, private parties and street performing, Charlie has acquired a very large repertoire of songs and styles.
For approximately 15 years, Charlie has been composing music and lyrics with over 100 copyrighted songs and instrumentals to date and has been showcased by the Songwriters Association of Washington (SAW). Entertaining with Harmonica, guitar and various instruments (lap slide guitar, bottleneck, 5-string banjo, 4-string banjo and ukulele), has been his passion! Charlie's band, is the acoustic guitar duo "The Only Two" with guitarist Al Young.


"It Is What It Is", CD recorded November 2010. Live studio solo performance, no dubbing, no special effects. There are 14 original songs with plenty of solo guitar and harmonica work. The songs can be classified as blues, contemporary folk, and lite rock or lite jazz.