Huntington Beach, California, USA

Charles Mansion dwells somewhere in between a sock-hop and a mosh pit... If you are as dissatisfied with every day mundanity as we are, enjoy a pleasant evening among the rowdy, sweat-soaked, beer drinking good folks that make up our crowds. These are the ones we strive to please. You are one of us.


Upon first hearing the name Charles Mansion, one might assume the band is full of gimmicks, but Charles Mansion is a very real band and is not easily forgotten. Blending roots rock n' roll, anger and oddity with pop sensibility, their sound and energy is raw and exciting. Although they are a relatively new group and hail from Southern California, a place bands go to die, Charles Mansion has made a considerable dent in the local music scene and aim for longevity. You'll leave their live performances feeling like you're part of the mansion it.
"haaaaaaaaaaaaaa" - CROWD
Charles Mansion are the telepathic twins, Corey Kaiser - Vox/Gtr and Jason Kaiser - Drums/Vox, Tim Gray - Bass/Vox and Xak Mishler - Gtr/Vox


- Forthcoming 7"
(Killing Machine, All That Chicken, Worried Sick)

Set List

*Dig 'Em Up
*I Don't Work For Free
*Bone To Pick
*Killing Machine
*The Gallows
*All That Chicken
*Just Want You To Myself
*Piss On Your Ashes
*Worried Sick