Charles McPhatter

Charles McPhatter

 Temple Hills, Maryland, USA

Charles McPhatter is one of today's most gifted artists. Known in the D.C. area, McPhatter is a talented singer and songwriter. In November 2009, he released his sophomore release, "Life Songs" to rave reviews.


Charles McPhatter is naturally shy young man with an amazing gift. Although many are gifted musically with a talent for singing or playing, God seems to have double-dipped him in musical anointing. Singer, songwriter, producer and recording artist, Charles McPhatter is on the verge of greatness in gospel music. Just having released his sophomore gospel project, Life Songs, he’s a breath of fresh air in the sacred genre.

Born in Washington, D.C. and growing up in Southern Maryland, he is the older of two boys raised by his parents. Only in 2009 did he come to find out that they were really his adoptive parents. “Even though my brother and I were adopted, we could see the hand of God on our lives,” explains Charles. “The home environment we grew up in was a loving one, but from what I heard, my birth parents lives were not good and, if we had stayed there, we would have been in an abusive and unhealthy environment. God knew what He was doing by allowing us to be nurtured by our adoptive parents.”

Although he had a good upbringing, church only became a part of his life at the prompting of his grandmother who took him to Sunday School. He wasn’t involved in church much, but it was enough to lay the spiritual foundation for him. In junior high school, he fell away from the church, but found instead a love for music. His burgeoning love for music became his focus and he ended up joining, interestingly enough, a gospel group. “At the time, I don’t think I really cared about what I was singing, just as long as I was singing,” says Charles. “It just became an outlet for me.”

Simultaneously, he was singing R&B at local clubs as his music career grew. Rehearsals for the gospel group took place in church and soon he found himself a member, finally realizing a need for the Lord in his life. Shortly after receiving salvation, he was convicted about singing secular music and joined another gospel group called Devotion. The trio included McPhatter, Lionel Green and A.J. Johnson. They recorded a CD, produced by Isaiah Thomas, and hit the road; the singing aggregation gave him the opportunity to get a real taste of the music industry. Green ended up securing a Stellar Award nomination and Thomas won a Stellar while McPhatter continued working recording with artists such as GRAMMY Award winner Delious Kennedy of All For One and Stellar Award nominee Dave “Davey Boy” Lindsey of Seven Sons of Soul. McPhatter eventually became a member of the Church of the Living God in Suitland, MD, where he shared duties as Minister of Music.

Although he was with Devotion for less than a year, the time with them was one of growth for Charles and both of the other members poured into him. While attending University of Maryland, College Park, where he studied music, he joined the school’s renowned gospel choir as well as another gospel group, Stellar Award nominee Christopher Page & The Dream Keeper’s Ensemble. Music continued to become a true passion for him and he felt the calling to step out on his own for a solo career. “Music became a dream of mine, singing, writing and even producing,” says McPhatter. “As a member of a group, I felt like I was putting my dreams in the hands of another person. I didn’t want to ride on the coattails of others. I eventually realized that I needed to do the work and I was the only one to make my own dreams come true.”

He began writing which would ultimately become his first CD, Blessed. “Expression of Love”, the project’s single, saw support from local radio and the song catapulted him into the gospel music industry. He received positive reviews on the recording which set the stage for project number two. As he began working on Life Songs, he felt the pull from others about what the project should sound like. “I was hearing from a lot of people about what the CD should be,” says Charles. “Also, I met my future wife and we eventually had a child, so for a while, I ended up stepping back from the recording process. It was good because it gave me time to seek God’s direction for me and the CD.”

What came out of his respite was a phenomenal, 11-track project, called Life Songs. Released on November 14, 2009, the CD is a collection of musical inspiration and devotion and showcases this talented man in his element. The title “Life Songs” is reflective of the theme of the project; each song expresses a different experience, a different life happening. A true lover of God, McPhatter includes some powerful worship songs on the CD. “’With The Rest Of My Life (All I Wanna Do)’ and ‘Can’t Live With You’ are songs I wrote shortly after the first project,” says Charles. “They are songs of worship and adoration to the Lord.”

Although much of the CD contains mellow and thoughtful tracks, he includes some memorable up-tempo and mid-tempo tracks like the festive “Trouble Don’t Last Always” and “He Will Draw Nigh”. The sole songwriter and main instrumentalist on Life Song


Life Songs

Charles McPhatter's sophomore album, "Life Songs", features 11 smooth and thought-provoking tracks designed to encourage and offer Godly perspective on life and the victories and trials that come along with it. All songs are written, composed and produced by the artist himself. The album features two intimate pieces with just acoustic piano, an uptempo track to get your head bopping and feet moving, several tracks to listen to while in your car, in the house or while at work as well as tear jerkers.

1. Can’t Live (Without You)
2. How Could I Ask For More
3. Trouble Don’t Last Always
4. Never Gave Up On Me
5. There I Find You
6. He Will Draw Nigh
7. Remember Me
8. With The Rest Of My Life (All I Wanna Do)
9. Why Do You Run
10. Morning Light
11. Thank You


With a silky smooth voice, and jazzy, hip hop sounds, Charles adds intimacy and honesty to the Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music industry. "Blessed", his first album, is a collection of 11 self-written and produced tracks showcasing a mixture of jazz, folk, and hip hop, targeted to the Christian as a healthy alternative to their collection of choir and ensemble CDs. As stated by Music Monthly, "... you will truly enjoy what this CD has to offer."

1. Blessed
2. You Are My Light
3. Always There
4. All My Praise (Intro)
5. All My Praise
6. Wait On The Lord
7. Expression of Love
8. Give Your Life
9. No More Tears
10. Bridge
11. Always There (Reprise)