Charles Parker

Charles Parker


We play everything from Classic/Modern Rock to 80's to Beach Music to Oldies and Top 40 Dance. Also do a Kiss tribute Show anda Beatlemania show.


The band is made up of veteran musicians from the Baltimore area. First we have the Classic and Modern Rock Band. Try to stump the band. We claim to know every rock song ever written.

Then add a couple flowered shirts and a few beach tunes and you have the Beach Bumz. Complete with hula hoop and limbo contests.The Beach Bumz are now new and improved. 3 horn players, GO GO Dancers upon Request. What more would you need for a beach party?

And with our Wonder Twin powers we take shape of a Flock of Segualls wig! Form of a skinny tie and lots of Aqua Net. You get "That 80s Band" Playing all your favorite new wave and metal songs.

The newest addition to the CPB roster is? You guessed it , A Kiss tribute band "Cold Gin". Complete with costumes, makeup, fire ,blood. Everything you could want from a Kiss Show.

Not another Tribute? Yes "BeatleMania Returns" The newest tribute to the collection. Featuring members of the "Original Cast of BeatleMania" Flashback to 1964 with the Beatles. Available now for your corporate function.

Just in!!! A Partridge Family/70's Teen Idol band. More info coming soon.


Bring Back the Sun

Written By: Charles Parker

Bring back the Sun


Slowly fading your face runs away
from the place I use to be
Time's erasing the traces of you
in my thoughts, my memories

Pre chorus

Living life without you is why they
put me in this world
Your'e the closest thing I had to
my own little girl
And I want you to


Bring back the sun Bring back the stars
No matter where you are
You bring back the sea cause your'e all I 'll
ever need

Verse 2

Softly whisper the words that you heard in a dream
So long ago
Dry the tears in your eyes that you cried in the night
we said hello

Pre Chorus



Pre Chorus


The Closest Thing to Heaven

Written By: Charles Parker

Closest thing to Heaven

Verse 1
I want to know why
You could make me feel this way
In you I will confide
The love I have for you today

pre chorus

But I can't find the answer
And if I could I'd let you know
So you shine above me
The brightest star that I will ever know


Your the closest thing to heaven that I've ever seen
The Closest thing to heaven you must be a dream
I said it before but now I know that it's true
That the closest thing to Heaven is you

Verse 2

If you say to me
That I could never hold you down
You would be set free
Everytime and time we turn around

Pre chorus 2

But I don't know where I'm going
I can only tell you where I've been
But if you trust and believe in
You'll walk with me the road that never ends

Pre Chorus

Set List

Usually play 2-3 50 minute sets. Huge Variety

Charles Parker Band
Song List

80s/ New Wave
Just Like Heaven The Cure
Don’t Change INXS
This Time INXS
Cuts Like a Knife Bryan Adams
Summer of ’69 Bryan Adams
I Want Candy Bow Wow Wow
I Got You SplitEnz
I Ran Flock of Seagulls
Jenny Jenny Tommy Tutone
Centerfold J. Geils Band
Jesse’s Girl Rick Springfield
How Soon is Now The Smiths
Big Mouth Strikes Again The Smiths
Melt With You Modern English
Blister in the Sun Violent Femmes
Rock this Town Stray Cats
Best Friend’s Girlfriend The Cars
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen
Billie Jean Michael Jackson
Rio Duran Duran
Save a Prayer Duran Duran
Easy The Commodores
Spirits in the Material World The Police
Message in a Bottle The Police
The One I Love REM
Superman REM
Train in Vain The Clash