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Charles Thomas The WordSmith is a distinctly unique artist blending classically soulful vocals, surprisingly elite lyricism, and effortless delivery to paint pictures of the culture that birthed him. Images of love, life, growth, and reflection displayed through the art of story telling.


Fresh off of the release of his highly-anticipated album The Art of W.A.R., The WordSmith is a singer/rapper from St. Louis, MO who now calls Dallas, TX home. His unique blend of neo-soul and hip-hop can be heard on his four previous solo projects: Lyircal Exercise, Lyrical Exercise Vol. 2: Mass Appeal, Lyrical Exercise Vol. 3, and The Art of Words & Sounds. The WordSmith is also a member of the group Dope Lounge and contributed heavily to their 2010 release, The Moon’s a Balloon. Performing since the age of 4, the WordSmith first began to attract attention singing at campus events while attending the University of North Texas. He has since performed at venues across Texas and Oklahoma and had songs such as Ain’t No Way and Fear receive radio airplay. Videos for Feelin’ It and A Celebration have been featured on numerous blogs and websites. His latest project, The Art of War, features production by DJ Space City and The WordSmith himself. With this release, The WordSmith is sure to further set himself apart as one of Texas’ greatest unsigned talents.


A Celebration

Written By: Charles Thomas The WordSmith

Good morning,
I do appreciate your patience,
Please understand I understand just how long you waited,
But now that I have you all gathered up,
I encourage you to all raise your fuckin' glasses up,
We're toasting to success here,
Even though it hasn't come yet,
I understand it's near,
On last call I heard she's three blocks away,
So kill the lights,
Keep your voices down,
And draw the shades,
Cause this is a surprise party,
For everyone who said there's no room in the ride for me,
Hell, I guess I'm riding in the trunk then,
Cause when we touch down I'm in the same place as them,
Ain't have no cushy seat so the rides a little rougher,
Bumped my head a few times so I'm a little tougher,
But every scar I ever had can tell a story,
If I forget one,
Fuck it I got another 40,
Some good,
Some hood,
Some right,
Some wrong,
But all spoken in truth,
And I'll give them to the youth,
At least mine when the time comes,
Cause they'll just be repeated if they ain't learned from,
So we'll drink to lessons learned and never looking back,
Smoke to the occasion,
Ain't nothing wrong with that,
But nothing ever gets me higher than the feeling of,
Knowing that I'm headed to the top with all the folks I love,
So bring more bottles and extra glasses over,
And get my man pimpin' Will another vodka soda,
Matter fact another round of patron shots,
We hardly get to party so tonight we gonna do it up,

We gon' celebrate

Verse 2:
We live fast because they said we couldn't make it long,
But look at me,
Seen 23 without no kids at home,
Never seen a cell from the inside,
And through the grace of God never been strapped with no fed time,
Probably should have watched my lil brother a lil closer,
Taught him all the right moves,
And not to play with vultures,
But truth be told,
When you 19 you rather be out chasing them hoes,
Give chase I did,
And somewhere along the way I just lost track of the kid,
Beyond that, I wish I called Willa-Dean more,
Told her when I was doing good,
Maybe sing for her,
I can't forget the last time that we spoke,
Said she'd seen me on the TV and she wanna hit the boat,
Take a ride round town,
With no destination,
Through the city,
And she wrapped it up by saying that she love me most,
But she ain't coming back,
It hurts to remember,
Lil brother tho,
He only gone until november,
So from this day forth,
We celebrating each relationship like gifts from the lord,

Verse 3:
Champagne taste with budgets built for bud light,
But it's cool,
Bet I'm still gon get my buzz right,
That's gon' lead me to them nice whips and chartered flights,
Bad exotic women who I'm only loving for the night,
Outward signs of inner hustle,
Getting good returns,
Double down on my investments,
Good money earned,
And I'm glad cause I remember mamma told me this,
"go hustle hard but it ain't coming with no scholarship"
If you must be given much,
The same will be required,
And if you love the melodies,
The words will come in time,
You just gotta pull the words from your soul,
Go and be great,
We'll throw a party soon as you get home,
Cause we got you,
So we toasting now to days we know will surely come,
And giving thanks for all the storms that we were sheltered from,
We been fleeing death from our first breath,
So we celebrate the life in every one we get,
Cause I got this awkward feeling in my chest constantly reminding me that maybe I'm the one that could be next,
Finger pointed high to the sky,
As I close my eyes,
And and once again thank God I'm alive,
A celebration.


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