ChArLeS tiLdeN

ChArLeS tiLdeN


"Pop songs, rock emphasis, folk aethetics. Charles is a gentleman, a scholar, yet also extremely cunning and pornographic". - Ryan MacLean, This Note. "As if Bob Dylan, Jean Leloup, and Thom Yorke made a baby" -Jordan Lambie, The Emancipator.


Drawing from his penchant for folk, alt-country and indie rock, Charles Tilden has just recorded his first record as a solo artist: FICTION/FRICTION. The EP features songs about some of Charles' favourite narratives (e.g. Animal Farm, Denys Arcand's Jesus de Montreal) and others exploring good ol' heartbreak and philosophical struggles.

As a live performer, Charles' syncopated guitar style and tenor voice are in constant flux. His solo performances are intimate conversations and his full-band shows (with the Phantom Limbs) are a party.

booking contact: 647-686-6517


Smashing Crowns

Written By: ChArLeS tiLdEN

“for peace on our heads
and stories to tell
lets revolt”
said the pig to the sheep

the sheep spread the news
and it was agreed
it was time
to overthrow Tyrant Man’s stomping

and when it fell apart
“oh my comrade! the pigs weren’t kind”
yeah when it fell apart
“we were pawns once again”
breaking free
smashing crowns
wasn’t easy as planned

always want
something more
it’s this nature we’re holding inside

hey soldier Thom!
why did you go?
did you know
that you’d have to obey on command

when sympathy and pride
start to collide
does the sweat on your finger and trigger
make you think twice?

and when it fell apart
“oh lieutenant, the sergeant’s gone mad”
yeah when it fell apart
it fell apart, on the scene

yeah when we fall apart
floor space shrinks and the walls grow like vines
yeah when it fell apart
we forget, how to breathe

breaking free
smashing crowns
wasn’t easy as planned

always want
something more
it’s this nature i don’t understand

After the Fall

Written By: Charles Tilden

I just don’t know where I should draw the line
where to start anew
I’m fresh off of trampling on this heart of mine
and I cross paths with you

These nights will be beacons of a better time
in my disarray
but not even the stars up on my ceiling know
just what I would say
if you asked me to stay

I told you we have to meet and work it out
then I wrote a song
the message is changing every time I sing
it’s right then it’s wrong…
can’t have you wait long

After the Fall
After the Fall
After the Fall
And we’re breaking hearts again

I’ve been drawing boundaries between lust and love
Been building a wall
You step on the scene, an angel from above
Construction has stalled
Wasn’t gonna let nobody
step inside
‘til after the fall
‘til after the fall
‘til after the fall

This Place

Written By: ChArLeS tiLdEN

there is this place
I used to go
to get high
on the street life
back at home
alone and bored
stuck inside
can't help thinking

we had a fling
and you won
me over
your dirty streets
and late night feats
bring me back
for my groceries

and when i jet
accross my country
i am free
to vancouver, montreal or toronto

saint laurent
ton coeur est grand
sur ta pente
on fait la fete
tes barrières
me font fier
d'etre pédestre

et quand je flane
à travers mon pays
je suis libre
mais plein de nostalgie
commercial drive
little costal hive
you're always late
yet hustling
sky train defies
the mountain highs
when you steal the front seat


quand je flane
à travers
my country

holden goes to nyc

Written By: Charlest Tilden

the most terrific liar you may ever get to meet
simulatneously bored and nervous in his seat
on account of never coming back
he tried to say goodbye
he thought old Spencer'd wish him well but instead he left him
high and dry

hold on, hold on
There's reason yet for you to carry on

back at the dorm
Stradlater pushed him for a composition
bored as he was he tried instead
to give him a half-nelson
alone again and craving answers
Holden wants to know
does Jane still keep all of her kings stacked up in the back row?

equiped with his red hunting hat
he packed and left for town
but New York City's careless to the fact that he may drown


riddle me this
have you ever pondered in the dark
about where the ducks go when ponds freeze in Central Park
i know this may not be of your primary concern
but for our desperate heroine this question it still burns

your baby sister's love will carry on
your brother's passing's anger is strong
yet there reasons yet for you to carry on


Fiction Friction EP (2008)

Set List

Setlists are usually all original + 1 or 2 covers

Lake Michigan
Flesh of Light
These Words Will Build a Ship
Lay of the Land
Of a Different Kind
Heart in Hand
Empires & Moral Codes
New Tides

How to Tame a Fox
Smashing Crowns
Jesus of Montreal
Don River Juan
Le bonhomme 7 heures
Holden Goes to NYC

Belle and Sebastian - The State I am In
Radiohead - Faust Arp
Bob Dylan - Simple Twist of Fate
Jean Leloup - Je Joue de la Guitare
Van Morisson - To Be Born Again