Charles von Rosenberg

Charles von Rosenberg


Simple, soulful, folk and blues. Traditional style, modern sense, full of energy and soul in every note.


Born: 1982 Denver Colorado. Heavily influenced by the Texas folk revival of the 70's (Guy Clark, Townes van Zandt, Graham Parsons) Classic and Contemporary Acoustic Blues (Alvin Youngblood Hart, Ted Hawkins, Lightinin Hopkins, Sleepy John Estes) and Soul Music (Sam Cooke, Etta James) among many many others. My music is different because I make it. Anything you make is in its essence original. I've got traveling in my bones, I've played in 40 states and 3 continents, spreading my music wherever and however I may.


I remember

Written By: Charles von Rosenberg

I remember last January cold as a city street breaking dawn/ Well a man a'int nothing but a man friends, when his sky comes crumbling down

I remember the last I saw you faded wood not orange not brown/ Studded belt rusted in a concrete basement, Hear the echo as the walls fall down

I remember 1970, like I remember the civil war / Our time coming gotta get it all together, gotta steal it from the grocery store

If you can help me out friends won't you come along
If you can help me out friends won't you come along

Everything's Alright

Written By: Charles von Rosenberg

Tired bones in a sunburnt city baby, 'bout time to find a place to lay your head down / or buy a ticket on the very first train and then it's just drink it up until you leave down

Everything is just alright baby and
Everything is just fine
Everything is just alright sugar oh
the money's gotta last us all night long

So bought us tickets on that late night train, cracked leather seats to lay our bones on / Wild soul fire singin songs to darkness then it's two last beers to lay all our hope on


Build your dreams out of stone cold tablets baby, build your dreams out of rubber bands / I gotta dream flying 100 mile an hour better catch it 'fore it slips through my sweat, dirt hands


It's alright like a can't shake feeling it's gonna keep you worrying all night / It's alright like a hole in your pocket it's the sweat of the sun and it's tears in the moon light

and Everything, Everything, Everything is alright.


Written By: Charles von Rosenberg

Mary met the devil down in the southern lands it was on a simmerin summer day / oh she was caught by the shine of the shimmerin in his eye now they're dancin the night away / Oh He's a red hot lover on a midnight cruise right down the night scene by the bay / and she's a Catholic girl she been raised on the old world and you know she never forgets to pray

Mary baby don't you stay out dancing all night long / What do you think your mother'd say to you / For now Mary darling if you stay out dancing until dawn / Well you just might regret a thing or two

He said Mary take me dancin I won't do you no harm I got a pint of Whiskey that we could share / for I love your golden earrings and I love your golden eyes, yeah I dig that yellow curly hair


Now as the night winds down in this misty town, fog on the light of day / oh there's a young girl missing and that devil she been kissing, they're down there where the lights still grey


Where the Road Goes

Written By: Charles von Rosenberg

I see a dark haired girl on a lonely street / just painting up her face for a man she might never meet / and I'm upstairs in the window with my dark shades on / though I a'int seen much sun since my baby's been gone

and I'm wonderin "Why?"
and I'm thinking "How Long?"
Oh the moments fly by and the road goes on

Still you know I'm gonna love her till the day I die / till the mountain sun it sets and the rivers and the roads run dry / well it's a good luck turn on a hard luck day / 'cause I know someday soon I'm gonna fly away


Up the northwest mountains to the Puget sound / To the bay of San Francisco where the water and the waves roll round / or out 'cross the country to the Florida coast / I'm gonna sail around the world in a thirty foot boat


Baby's Diamond Shoes

Written By: Charles von Rosenberg

She call me her baby, and that's all I need

OH she was a sight, last Saturday night / just a silver shoes a spinnin, 'neath that old silver moon light
But if she were to slip
She would come up to my lips
and sing
Baby, everything would be just fine, if these old Diamond Shoes I'm wearing weren't just a little too tight

Oh she got a knack, well she knows what she lacks, alright / BUt she don't get bothered, well she's oh so much smarter than that
But if she were to stumble
if her whole world were to crumble
oh she would sing
Baby, everything would be just fine, if these old Diamond Shoes I'm wearing weren't just a little too tight

J.B. Plantin

Written By: Charles von Rosenberg

On m'appelle JB Plantin, et je suis un enfant du Bayou / et tous les soirs avec ma chere p'tite fille, nous on dancait le Zydeco

et Tous les temps en temps
Je suis la chez moi
tous les temps en temps
ma famille n'est pa si loin

Mon pere, il etait, etait un pecheur, ah dans le golfe du mexique / et avec l'accordeon de son Grand-pere, il nous jouait de la musique


They call me JB Plantin and I'm a child of the Bayou / and every night with my dear sweet 'gal, we would dance the Zydeco

and every now and then
I'm back at my home
every now and then
my family is not so far away

My father he was, was a fisherman, in the gulf of mexico / and with his grandfather's accordion he would play us some music



Los Dos and the New American Ramblers - Self Titled (3 Song E.P.) - self-released 2004
Los Dos and the New American Ramblers - E Pluribus Dos (Full Length) self-released 2008
Charles von Rosenberg - Everything's Alright (Full Length) pending release 2009
E Pluribus Dos is available on I-tunes, Rhapsody and other major online music sources

Set List

I generally play 80-90 percent original material, accompanied by relevant cover songs from a broad range of artists