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"Charles Watson & Hollow Council Announce August 9-15 Venue, Ghost Bike Builder, at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2010"

Gothage Press ~ Arizona Music Review by 6FU BREAKING NEWS
Charles Watson & Hollow Council Announce August 9-15 Venue, Ghost Bike Builder, at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2010

Charles Watson & Hollow Council is Rocking the Black Hills with Ghost Bike Builder Venue at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2010 Playing at 960 Main Street, Sturgis, SD,, August 9-15, Right Across From the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Rock On.

Apache Junction, Arizona, July 11, 2010 – Ghost Bike Builder is hosting a huge venue at the lauded Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2010, the 70th Anniversary of the Black Hills Motor Classic. Their venue is located downtown Sturgis at 960 Main Street, by the Sturgis Harley Davidson showroom and right across the street from the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. The week's events include motorcycle give-aways and special guest appearances.

Charles Watson & Hollow Council are playing the Ghost Bike Builder Main Street venue all week long, August 9 thru 15. In particular, the band will be playing evening stage shows on the 9th, 11th, 13th, and 15th along with giving away 13 brand new guitars and T-shirts.

One won't want to miss the shadowy story of the Ghost Bike Builder's 4 horsemen on "steeds of chrome and steel" who rode up from Hell, as written and told by Watson. Ghost Bike Builder theme song lyrics were written by Watson, Cummings, & White Wolf, with Watson and Cummings writing and arranging the music. Ghost Bike Builder is hard-hitting Rock 'n Roll metal mania. Way to go guys. Rock On.
For additional information on the news that is the subject of this press release (or for copy or demo), contact Charles E. Watson, Jr. via contact form at
FOR STURGIS WEBSITE EVENT LISTING go to the band website at:
- Gothage Press ~ Arizona Music Review by 6FU BREAKING NEWS

"Charles Watson and Hollow Council Announce Sturgis Rally 2010 venue"

A blog from The Guru of the music industry: "Charles Watson and Hollow Council announce their headlining the world's largest music venue at The rock band on Platinum Plus/Solid Rock had the longest running #1 rock anthem in Billboard (54 weeks AAA rock radio with Time For Change) and joins Kimberly Cash in playing the biggest biker rallies in the world of rock music." Robert Metzgar, on facebook, July 8, 2010. - Robert Metzgar Announcements on facebook

"Charles Watson & Hollow Council Press Releases & Articles 9/09"

Eric "AK" Knudtsen Joins Watson For Another Epic Announcement

Sometimes a great event can seem just too good to be true, but with Charles Watson, things always turn out better than anyone could ever imagine with legendary Eric "AK" Knudtsen, of Flotsam and Jetsam fame, coming onboard as lead vocalist for Charles Watson Band.

.Apache Junction, Arizona, September 23, 2009 – Spoiler? No way. This is more than a teaser of what is yet to come.

Virtually 'everyone', regardless of generation or genre, has heard of Flotsam and Jetsam, a Thrash Metal hit American band, and to those for whom heavy metal rock music rules, this band is on top.//

Eric "AK" Knudtsen, vocalist known for his extraordinarily strong and screaming thrash vocals has a bag of tricks soon to be legendary all over again.

Teaming up with Charles Watson, AK shows off not only his wisdom in recognizing a top-notch composer and guitarist, but also that he himself is primed with a voice to die for. Wailing the blues? Makes ya wanna lay down and cry for the sheer beauty of it. Jazz? Lots of what's just so right tight about that. Country? He's got that smooth and down-right country-lovin' style in the bag, too. Is there more? Yeah. There's Alternative Rock with a Classical Hook and a New Edge.

Add Shane Walker, drummer extraordinaire with the finesse, technique, and power that makes him one of the greatest drummers ever to hit a skin. Along with Tory Edwards screaming on his electric Zetas, violin and fiddle just haven't ever sounded as hot as this guy can make them sing. Add bottom-line bass from Josh Cummings, break out with some more electrics, please: mandolins from Charles and Tory, classical and electric guitars from Kung Fu Rosetti, a wall of sound from them keys, and along with AK, Watson's extreme classical guitar is on the move across the planet with a band and sound that just hasn't every been so good, spreading an EPIDEMIC of ... Melopoiea ... for certain.

The words of the guru himself are just so fine tuned, as Robert Metzgar so plainly reminds us all: they say success brings success. And for such as Charles Watson and his entourage of the best in the business backing him "100%" and troupe of master musicians, you can bet these are notes that ring right new.

But, don't think for a minute this isn't going to get even better. Stay tuned for more stunning musical news.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this press release (or for copy or demo), contact Charles E. Watson, Jr. or visit

Charles Watson & Hollow Council: distributed by Platinum Plus International
Contact: Charles Watson

MANAGEMENT: Robert Metzgar, Capitol Management Group, 1214 16th Avenue South Nashville, TN 37212-2902
800-767- 4984 (toll free)

"Epidemic" Breaks Out With Riveting Breakdowns by Charles Watson & Hollow Council Band

On the agenda for video production, the masterful finesse of a big band in town with an even bigger sound, has a first-class album and title-tune airborne: "EPIDEMIC"
Apache Junction, Arizona,

September 12, 2009 – Spoiler? It's an OUTBREAK OF BREAKDOWNS :: EPIDEMIC. Listen for dueling classical guitars, mandolins, and violins, world-class symphonic productions, including a few huge surprises ... this brand of EPIDEMIC, a 2009 single, OUTBREAK, a 2009 single, and 2010 album scheduled for release by Charles Watson & Hollow Council, is ushering in a new epoch in the archives of music history.

A band of Master Musicians is parley for understatement considering Watson has entirely outdone himself this time by bringing onboard a group of top-notch pro players prime for an album project with a very big and new sound.

Stay tuned for more news and details. //

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this press release (or for copy or demo), contact Charles E. Watson, Jr. or visit
Charles Watson & Hollow Council: Platinum Plus International
Charles Watson
online contact
Robert Metzgar
Capitol Management Group
1214 16th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212-2902
800-767- 4984 (toll free)

Charles Watson & Hollow Council: Another Stunning Announcement

OMG! Charles Watson has a whole new project underway, is slated for Platinum Plus Universal's 2010 Nashville artist roster, and has a line-up of pro players that are just mind boggling!

Apache Junction, Arizona, September 6, 2009 – Charles Watson announced today that he has retooled the band and they are working on another album with a new agenda. Needless to say, from messages coming in from all point of the globe who have been following Watson's career and this band, fans, friends, and family are beyond stoked. The response was unanimous. //

To quote the guru of the recording industry himself, "They say success brings success. Charles, you are a great loyal person.//" (Robert Metzgar, Legends Hall of Fame Producer)

Here's the announced lineup:

Shane Walker, master drummer, also a pro guitarist, bassist, and trombonist, joined the band in September 2008 and continues to grace the music with his great talent.

Chris Rosetti, a polished classical and electric guitarist, joined the band in August 2008 as merchandise manager, traveled to Sturgis 2008 Rally in South Dakota with the band, and accompanied Watson on tour for solo classical guitar performances to Denver and Albuquerque. Rosetti currently plays classical and electric guitars in the band.

Michael Wheeler, master vocalist and keyboard player, has been a comrade of Charles Watson in various musical extravaganzas since 2003 as keyboardist and recording engineer, and also as vocal coach for the band.

Josh Cummings, on bass, offers a plethora of talent and instruments. Also a pro guitarist, vocalist and hand drummer, Josh is a multi-genre bassist and master musician.

Troy Edwards, master violinist and fiddler extraordinaire, is also a pro guitarist and mandolin player.

Charles Watson, extreme electric and classical guitarist, composer, arranger, lyricist, bassist, keyboards, vocalist ...

Charles Watson & Hollow Council band members, the "Council Players", features a broad spectrum of genre backgrounds // teachers and music theorists, each play numerous instruments, music styles, and genres ... and as a performing group, are riveting the Phoenix valley and online airwaves with a unique brand of classically influenced Alternative Rock with intensely infectious hooks, poignant lyrics, extravagant compositions, arrangements, and instrumentations.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this press release (or for copy or demo), contact Charles E. Watson, Jr. or visit
Charles Watson & Hollow Council: Platinum Plus International
Charles Watson
online contact
Robert Metzgar
Capitol Management Group
1214 16th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212-2902
800-767- 4984 (toll free)

2008 Album "Time For Change"on Platinum Plus Records, Nashville Highlights Review For Arizona Band

Time For Change, become buzzword for 2008, is more than the slogan on everyone's lips regardless of genre, style, preferences, or groove. This is the title of an album and tune that introduced mainstream rock to the classical guitar works of a favorite son of Arizona, Charles E. Watson, Jr. With a bag of lyric and musical hooks, infectious licks, and rockin' beats, Charles Watson & Hollow Council set the bar for highlights.

Apache Junction, Arizona, September 10, 2009 – Charles Watson & Hollow Council, an Arizona based band, began as a recording project and contract between Charles E. Watson, Jr and Platinum Plus Universal in Nashville, TN. Watson's objective was to showcase his innovative classical guitar techniques and styles in mainstream rock.

He brought in a drummer, Jesse Johnson, bassist, Josh Cummings, and Chris Dunham for vocals to record in Nashville with him, having the option of hiring studio musicians or bring in his own musicians, Watson enjoined three of his AZ bros.

"Empty Man", the first song Watson wrote destined for the album, lent a private identity for the band as "Empty Men", which was replaced with the synonyms "Hollow Council". They ultimately took the music on stage for live performances to promote the resulting 2008 album, Time For Change by Charles Watson & Hollow Council.

The ongoing adventures of Watson's band have encompassed a meaningful plethora of stages, a loyal following, and many highlights including:

• Being on Platinum Plus Records, Nashville label and recording in world-class studios in Nashville, Tennessee with Legends Hall of Fame Producer Robert Metzgar, producer Tony Migliore, and engineers Chuck Haines and Spike Jones
• The album insert, an impeccable top-notch production, was the result of the cooperative efforts between Charles Watson and Ben Sams of Samsons Designs in Nashville, TN
• This 2008 album reigned No. 1 for 45 weeks straight on AAA Radio, breaking all charting records with singles "Stuffed Suits" and "Stop Wasting My Time"
• "Empty Man", another single off this album, is on two 2009 compilation series CDs, RNR Radio and 3000 Indy Records 360
• The album was picked up for international distribution by Platinum Plus/Sony/BMG Global in March 2009, however due to subsequent and ongoing changes occurring internal to Sony/BMG Global, that distribution is on hold for 2009 and will be re-initiated at a later date to be announced
• Time For Change 2008 album is domestically distributed by Platinum Plus International.
• Time For Change album is in KWSS Arizona Alternative Radio, 106.7 FM, rotation, along with improvised guitar duets recorded during a live interview with DJs D-Rock & Beef
• The band hosted Final Fridays ROCKFEST in Gilbert, AZ, sharing the stage with line-ups of the valley's hottest bands for 8 months in 2009
• They played one of the most envious of world-class venues, STURGIS 2008 RALLY in Sturgis, SD
• Have a loyal fan base locally and abroad including a band myspace with over 6000 friends and a million+ plays on their music and an active commercial band website

• "Building" band shirts, logo shirts, original gig banner, logo ballcaps, and Sturgis 2008 Souvenir shirts printed by Mesa Shirts N Things July 2008
• The band put out a music video on DVD of the 2008 album live, with a Sturgis 2008 Flaming Skull souvenir label, recorded in Scottsdale, AZ at the infamous Chaser's Lounge
• There is a poster series of 13 posters with the original artwork of Charles Watson, one for each track on the Time For Change 2008 album with song credits, first line, and CD graphics, plus a poster for the CD album cover with all credits, logos, insert, disk, and tray graphics for sale in the band's ZAZZLE online store
• Collectors will find a signed and numbered limited first run edition of the 2008 album, Time For Change, for sale in the band's online store.

This has all happened due to the cooperative and dedicated efforts of the band members, label, management, producers, artists and engineers, webmaster, publicist, sponsors, venues, and the greatest families, friends, fans, and audiences in the world ...

Charles Watson & Hollow Council thanks everyone involved for supporting this album project and music.

"We look forward to our next album, now in development, with a major line-up of pro players that'll rock yer socks off," says Watson. "We're Alternative Rock with a Classical Hook and a New Edge."

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this press release (or for copy or demo), contact Charles E. Watson, Jr. or visit
Charles Watson & Hollow Council: Platinum Plus International
Charles Watson
online contact
Robert Metzgar
Capitol Management Group
1214 16th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212-2902
800-767- 4984 (toll free)
### - Gothage Press - Arizona Music Review


DISCOGRAPHY as of 11/09

1. Charles Watson & Hollow Council 2008 album on Platinum Plus Records, Nashville, Time For Change*, is a 12 tune album released on CD August 28, 2008.

2008 album by Charles Watson & Hollow Council
Executive Producer: Robert Metzgar
Produced by Tony Migliore
Recorded at Chelsea studios and Gravity studios, Nashville, TN
Engineered and mixed by Spike Jones
Mastered by Chris Milfred at Groovelab Mastering, Nashville, TN
Additional background vocals by Spike Jones and Susie Marshall
Art Director Charles Watson
Graphic design: Ben Sams for Samson Designs, Nashville, TN
LABEL: ® Platinum Plus Records, Nashville
Domestic distribution by: ® Platinum Plus International

This album's genre is ALTERNATIVE ROCK

Singles off this album, "Stuffed Suits" and "Stop Wasting My Time" kept the album at #1 for 45 weeks straight on AAA radio in Fall of 2008 and broke all AAA Radio charting records. "Empty Man", another single on this album, was selected for two 2009 compilation CDs with RNR Radio and 3000 Indy Records 360.

Arizona Alternative Radio, KWSS, 106.7 FM, placed the album "Time For Change" plus improvised guitar jams by Charles Watson, Josh Cummings, and Shane Walker recorded in the KWSS radio studio during an interview, in rotation July 2009.

Distribution of Time For Change is with Platinum Plus International and online for Mp3 download at iTunes, Napster, and Amazon Mp3.
2. In July 2009, Charles Watson & Hollow Council produced a single by request for a product advertising campaign themed on extreme sports.

Charles Watson & Hollow Council
Music by Charles Watson, Josh Cummings, and Shane Walker. Produced, mixed and mastered by Charles Watson at Solidspace Studio in Arizona.

A rockin' single destined for our next album.
3. TIME FOR CHANGE LIVE music video on DVD

Recorded LIVE at Chaser's Crohn's Disease Benefit Show

Recorded and filmed at Chaser's in Scottsdale, AZ - June 27, 2008. Filmed by Mi15 Productions Edited by M15 and Charles E. Watson Jr. Recording band includes, Charles Watson on electric and classical guitars and vocals, Jesse Johnson on drums, Chris Dunham on vocals, Josh Cummings on bass, hand drums, and vocals; music includes songs on the 2008 Time For Change album and an improvisational jam.

Flaming Skull label has the band's Sturgis 2008 souvenir stamp. Artwork and graphic design by M. E. Kibler of Solidspace Studio, AJAZ. THis DVD was produced for the TIME FOR CHANGE TOUR 2008 merchandising, along with the Time For Change 2008 album on CD, band "buildings" shirts, Sturgis 2008 souvenir shirts, and logo ball-caps.

The TFC TOUR began August 1-8 with the band playing the Sturgis 2008 Rally in Sturgis, SD, then Charles Watson continued on to promote the album playing classical guitar venues in Denver, CO for the gathering DNC crowds, including a Special Event at Ziggies Blues Club in Denver, the oldest and most revered Blues Club in the country, then on to Albuquerque, NM, and back to Phoenix where he played a series of "The Best of Phoenix" venues, and was accompanied on tour by the band's 2008 merchandise manager and Watson's practice partner, Kung Fu Chris Rosetti.
4. LIQUID SIN music video on DVD
Filmed live, featuring a new release of "Liquid Sin" from our TIme For Change 2008 album with special effects by Spike Jones. Filmed, directed, edited, and produced by Charles E. Watson.
5. EPIDEMIC 2010, by Charles Watson & Hollow Council (The Council Players), single on Solidspace Studio private label, September 2009.
2010 single on CD by HOLLOW COUNCIL
written and produced for Ghost Bike Builder Reality show theme song
Recorded by Hollow Council : Charles Watson, guitars & vocals, Shane Walker, drums
Dave Mennig, vocals, Josh Cummings, bass
Produced by Charles Watson
Music by Charles Watson and Josh Cummings
Lyrics by Charles Watson, Josh Cummings, and White Wolf
Engineered by Charles Watson
Recorded at Arizona Music Academy, Tempe, AZ, and Solidspace Studios, AJAZ - June 2010
Mixed, Mastered, and duplicated by Charles Watson
Graphic design by M. E. Kibler for Solidspace Studio, AJAZ

This single features our working title and prototype for our next album.
Visit for individual player's discographies and more information band recordings, DVD, demos, and more.
* please note that currently there are two MP3s available on our band website for listening and free dowload. They are made so people with modem connections can play them as well as with any high-speed connection.

Go to our band's online store for ba



Hey, Hey, Hey Everybody ...

960 Main St., Sturgis, SD August 9-15

2. Hollow Council is House Band for new TV reality show series starring our bassist JOSH CUMMINGS: GHOST BIKE BUILDERS, airing this fall

3. NEW SINGLE: "Ghost Bike Builder" by Hollow Council, TV reality show theme song

4. DAVE MENNIG our lead vocalist with a voice to die for rocks the house

A New Reality TV series coming this fall
the most radical bike builder ever born
Hollow Council “Ghost Bike Builder” itinerary:
on the official Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2010 website
type the word “ghost” in search events box & check-out our page

Ghost Bike Builder with Hollow Council Rock Band
August 9-15, 2010
960 Main St., Sturgis, South Dakota
(Our venu is located across the street from Sturgis Motorcycle Museum on Main Street, right in the middle of downtown Sturgis ... we have a great map on our band website on the SHOWS page)
Ghost Bike Builder: TRIBUTE TO STURGIS
August 9, 2010
10 am: Kick Off to Sturgis
11:11 am: Induction of 2 Sturgis Museum Bikes
11:30 am: Moment of Silence for Our Fallen Vets & Vets
5pm: 1st Bike Giveaway, Leathers & T-shirts
6pm: Hollow Council Live
Ghost Bike Builder
August 11, 2010
5pm: Ghost Gurlzz Biker Pageant
6pm: 2nd Bike Giveaway, T-shirts & 2 Guitars
7pm: Hollow Council Live
Ghost Bike Builder
August 13, 2010
5pm: Ghost Bike Beer Belly Contest
6pm: 3rd Bike Giveaway & T-shirts
7pm: Hollow Council Live/13 Guitar Giveaways During Show!
Ghost Bike Builder
August 15, 2010
5pm: Leather, T-shirts & Guitar Giveaways
7:30pm: Hollow Council Live Final Bike Giveaway & T-shirt

MUSIC VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: Charles Watson & Hollow Council Liquid Sin music video featuring a previously unreleased version of Liquid Sin with special effects mix by SPIKE JONES of Chelsea studio in Nashville, TN.
Filmed live, directed, edited, and produced by Charles E. Watson.

Our channel:

Collector poster of the Liquid Sin artwork by Charles Watson is available at the band's online store and Zazzle store along with Liquid Sin shirts and coffee mugs.

Our store:

Rock with a Classical Hook and a Hard Edge
4 piece band: classical and electric guitars, bass, drums, 3 vocalists
Nashville Recording Artists on Platinum Plus Records, Nashville 2008
Time For Change album domestic digital distribution: ® Platinum Plus Global & International
Charles Watson-classical and electric guitars and vocals
Josh Cummings-bass and vocals
Shane Walker-drums
Dave Mennig-lead vocals

About Hollow Council: Extreme electric and classical guitarist, Charles E. Watson Jr, on recording contract with Universal Platinum Plus Records, put together a band to record and perform his music in 2007, taking his extraordinary classical guitar techniques into mainstream rock. Recording artist on the resulting 2008 album on Platinum Plus Records, Nashville, Time For Change, was Charles Watson & Hollow Council. The label requiring the individual artist's name, and our choosing 'Hollow Council" as a band name. This album and live shows have been retailed and booked as Charles Watson & Hollow Council. We also booked and played as "Hollow Council" at Sturgis Rally 2008 and have Hollow Council accounts on youtube and myspace. To date, we maintain our band website at

Highlights: This band has maintained a busy booking schedule since October 2007, playing mainly in Arizona, booked and played Sturgis 2008 at the Elkview Campground in Sturgis, SD, the first week of August 2008. Charles Watson subsequently toured Colorado and New Mexico in 2008, and played a "Best of Phoenix" classical guitar series of featured venues, and continues as a and highly sought after special event performer. We recorded this album live for our first music video on DVD, June 2008, in Scottsdale, AZ. Two song off this album, "Stop Wasting My Time" and "Stuffed Suits", both broke AAA Radio charting records during the last quarter of '08, ranking #1 for 45 weeks straight. “Empty Man”, another cut off our first album, was selected for RNR Radio’s compilation CD and 3000 Indy 360 in 2009. The band hosted Arizona's Crabby Don's Final Friday Rockfest from January to August 2009. We have a music video running on YouTube, "Liquid Sin", as well as some fan show videos posted on their channels. At our shows and through our